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Peace, love and happiness depends on one thing, being able to see the beauty of life. Live simple, expect little and live with a light heart. 
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Happiness, peace and love can be cultivated by  being aware that nobody can guarantee you all these three essentials but yourself. If you wait for another man to provide them for you, you would be disappointed.

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I make it a constant attempt to be happy everyday. In reality, sometimes we come across very terrible situations that tend to chance in the way of our happiness. I learn to solve the problem and block out all the negativity. It has to be a conscious attempt to stay happy because our hearts work with emotions.

I don't let myself worry about things I can't handle. I leave it to fate and move on. I only understood the saying that "worries are interest paid in full for a debt that you do not even owe" when I stopped worrying about things I can't handle. It only alters our mood and does nothing to help the situation. So why not be happy when it is a choice.

I also surround myself with the best of people, I read good books, I stay out of trouble and mind my own business. I try to help people the best way I can and I always do the things that make me happy and not at the expense of others.
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Peace , love and happiness are like the elixirs for living a positive life. When you turn back at your life curve , the sorrows, ego, jealousy, hatred, enmity all these wont even matter. Your beautiful journey in this world called life needs continuous dosages of peace, love and happiness. And to have unhampered access to these, the only way is to look at things in a different way.

Problems come and go. Find happiness in solving the problems rather than sulking about it. People will hurt us. Try not to hurt them back. Show and grow some love. A hundred things will be lined up in the cannon like death bullets to hit you everyday. Don't concentrate on the 100. Solve the 10 you can do, and make peace with your accomplishment. Everyone wants more out of life, but its time we give life a chance by giving in more love, finding happiness in everything and making peace with our life.

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