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Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses. I love her movies but my all time favorite is 'Pretty Woman'. I have watched it so many times. Which is your favorite Julia Roberts movie?
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I love Julia Roberts! I super super love her in Pretty Woman! and Notting Hill!

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I think I like all of her movies. My favorite are Erin Brockovich and My best friend's wedding
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I like Julia Roberts, but I rarely see her in some movies that is why I am excited to see her new movie "Ben is Back."
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My faourite movie with Julia Roberts is Notting Hill. She is a wonderful actress, I love all her movies because she has talent and a pretty smile.

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Julia Roberts is a "Goddess" of an actress and one of my all time favorite. I have seen a lot of her movies and the best that stands out for me is "Notting Hill" , where she stars opposite Hugh Grant. It is a one of its kind romantic movie, which so much emotions involved. She has done a great role, playing the Hollywood actress Anna Scott, where she meets Will , played by Hugh Grant accidentally and they fall in love. The movie goes on about how the actresses stardom is affected due to some controversy and how she is being torn between love and her job. I have personally watched the movie around 5 times for the its beautiful screenplay and for Julia Roberts herself. The park scenes when they jump the fence and hold hands is the most romantic scene ever.
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Hey Padma! Good to see you again  Notting Hill is another favorite of mine. Apart from Julia Roberts, it also has the dashing Hugh Grant. I loved the scene towards the end when Julia comes to the bookshop professing her love for Hugh Grant.
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Hello Shaloo! Greetings. Yes. It is an absolutely amazing movie, so romantic. 
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I was tempted to say pretty woman but no, my favorite Julia Roberts movie of all times right now is "Wonder." she played the role of a mother to two kids. One teenage girl and a boy facially deformed from birth. She had so much passion for kids and writing but she had to put her dreams on hold. It was such an emotional movie as she struggled with life, bringing up a special child, home schooling him and trying to get her life back on track.

She starred alongside Owen Wilson as her very supportive husband. It wasn't just Julia but the entire touching and inspiring story. It teaches us that nothing can really stop us from achieving our dreams and that every single soul is unique with a different purpose in life. We all deserve to be loved and respected.
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I have not seen Wonder. Added it to my list. Will watch this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
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I think I share the same feeling as @keibah on the favorite Julia Roberts movie. But the movie Pretty Woman will have to come first for me followed by Wonder.

It was a classic. A perfect usher into the 90's movie world. The story line isn't your usual kind of Hollywood movie. I think that was what gave the movie an edge.

Julia Roberts who played the night woman actually played the role in a way I doubt anyone would have done better. But credits can not go to her alone as her co-main character, Richard Gere gave an astonishing performance too. It was a hit and the box office came through way more than anticipated. Pretty women still remains one of Julia's best movies till date.

Wonder doesn't need a detailed explanation as it has been detailed in full by another Julia Robert movie lover.

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One of my favourite movies with Julia Roberts is probably not one that many people would choose. Flatliners (1990) had an all star cast with Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon and William Baldwin. It was about a group of medical students who conducted a dangerous experiment to see if there really was anything beyond death. They each took a turn in being taken to the brink of death and were then revived to see if they could remember anything,

Unfortunately they each brought back with them sinister incidents which related to their past and were all forced to come to terms with what had happened. Kiefer Sutherland had accidently killed a young boy as a child and suffered terrible repercussions as the child returned to haunt him and physically hurt him. Julia Roberts had to come to terms with the death of her father through drugs and the others had less serious incidents. They were eventually all able to make peace with the people they had hurt or had issues with through their past traumas and transgressions.
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It is my favorite movie too. My favorite movie of Julia Roberts is Pretty Woman. This is my first Julia Roberts movie. On this movie, I only watched because i have a huge crush on Richard Gere. It is my all time favorite movie. When I was growing, as this movie grows with me, I realized how beautiful Julia Roberts is. I even wonder if the two started a relationship while doing the film because they have good chemistry and they look good together. That is my favorite film because I love the chemistry of the two celebrity, the story is simple and Julia Roberts is so beautiful. I even began day dreaming about Richard Gere when I was young because I developed a crush on him. I really like his eyes. It is an all time love story film I would love to watch over and over.
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