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Can you also share how this book changed your life?
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The only book that has really changed my life for good is the holy book -- bible.

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I love reading books a lot and the one that really influenced me a lot is one known as "who moved my cheese." From the tittle, you will think that it is one boring book of a child complaining about his/her cheese. The characters used in the book can also make you leave the book with a curse for being so vulgar. However, when you learn about the moral lesson behind it you will be surprised and it will influence your life greatly.
The characters in the book includes two pairs, a pair of mice and a pair of little people. The mice are Sniff and Scurry and the two little people are Hum and Haw. The four characters run around a maze in pairs searching for cheese and when they find a pile of cheese they settle there and feed on the cheese. So one day the cheese finished and they had nothing to eat. The mice were clever enough such that they had already known that the cheese was going to finish soon. This is because Sniff had sniffed the situation and Scurry initiated the decision to run and look for more cheese. The little people kept complaining and blaming nature for finishing the cheese and took so long to decide that it was time to look for more cheese around the maze.
The lesson that was being taught here is that we should learn to accept change and move on. Most of the time when change occurs in our lives, we start compalaining instead of accepting it and moving on.
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I am an avid reader and read a lot of books. But if I have to choose just one book which has influenced me the most then it is ''Bhagvad Gita As It Is' by Srila Prabhupada. Bhagvad Gita is a revered scripture which contains the precious wisdom imparted by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. You can get answers to all of life's serious queries in this book. A sincere seeker will find all his answers within the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna has talked about the mysteries of life and death, rebirths, soul and supersoul, life on other planets, creation of life and so on. He has also elaborated on the bhakti yoga. Transcendental loving devotional service to the Supreme Lord is the ultimate path to liberation from the endless cycle of life and death.
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I wouldn't say they changed my life, but two books that greatly influenced me were Candide by Voltaire and Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas (also known as Epitaph of a Small Winner) by Machado de Assis. As a teenager, I fell in love with the wit, unforgiving satire, and masterful sarcasm of these authors. For a while, I couldn't help but mimic their writing styles and themes in everything I wrote; sometimes without even intending to do so. Nowadays I'm trying to find my own voice, but there's no denying their influence won't go away anytime soon. Anyway, these are excellent books by excellent authors, so I would recommend them to anyone. They do feature a very particular brand of humor though, so it might not fit everyone's tastes, but I'd still urge you to try.
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Well, i don't know about influenced behaviour because no book has turned my personality around after reading it, but I can definitely list a few that has impacted and developed my knowledge, i call it influenced thinking.
Davinci code has to be number one on my list of influenced thinking books. The author (Dan Brown), killed it completely. I can't say I've come across any other book that is as compelling as this one. The book's focal point is centered on two ancient societal groups ( Opus dei and Priory of Sion), their activities revolving around the holy grail and hidden messages left in so many Christian pictures like the last supper.
Opus dei happens to be a Catholic prelature under the holy see who are tasked with the responsibility of finding the holy grail (the supposed cup used in the last supper) and stop it from destroying Christianity. Priory of Sion on the hand is more of a centuries old cult tasked with protecting the location of the holy grail from getting into wrong hands and their arch enemies Opus dei from finding it and completely erasing true history we don't even know about. During the course of the whole story, the book begins to reveal some of the most guided secrets about christianity, amongst them are the most common pictures we find in the bible of Christ and his disciples during the last supper. The book points to hidden clues and messages imprinted on the pictures by Davinci who was the original creator of the pictures. Some of the messages are mind blowing,  unbelievable things you never thought was. The shocking twist at the end revealed the holy grail to be quiet something other than the last supper cup. It turned out that the holy grail was Mary Magdalene and her final resting place. You'd then realize why the Opus dei seeks the holy grail so it won't reveal the truth about Jesus Christ actual life. Some of the truth like how Mary Magdalene wasn't a prostitute as history has made us believe, how the Romans twisted history and made so many false insertions into the religion and then adopted christianity as a means of world control thanks to Constantine,  and above all how Jesus Christ got married and fathered kids with Mary Magdalene. I can't even begin to think how Dan Brown came about all this information. The book sparked a lot of controversies when it was published. They even made a movie of it sometime ago...I turned okay but a lot of information wasn't in the movie as the book.
NB: Before you start attacking me with responses after reading this, just remember am not making it up, am only saying how it is in the book and I suggest you look it up.
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I have read so many books but the one that inspired me a lot is " Making your life" by Steve Ben a very good inspirational book that will makes the reader to begin to imagine greatness and want to see it happen in no distance.time.

It a  115 pages book written in  a very simple way and language and while reading makes you visualize life in no small way.The book makes one see greatness from a different perspective.

The book is an inspiration to me.One will be encouraged,comforted,supported and largely push by the book to do exploit in all ramifications  of ones life.The book makes one understands that to a large extent being successful is in our hands and we should strives to be what we ever wanted to be.
This is a most read book for everyone.
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The book that influenced me a lot is the Bible. When I was still young, we have been using the bible to read the scriptures and to learn about religion and God. I am a Roman Catholic and whenever i feel the need to read the bible, I just read especially to those time when I am troubled or when I feel that I am very bad. The old Testament and the New Testament are of two different views about God. When i realized that I knew very little about the old testament, I started reading the Book of Genesis. There are few more pages to finishing the book. But hopefully, with energy and great effort I can be able to finish reading the whole Old Testament.
I even wanted to serve God when I was a little. I felt that the people around me wanted me to become someone else. Things changed and I became a nurse.
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I can introduce myself as a bookworm, with over 500 books behind me. That's how many books I have read so far. Very recently I read this book called "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F" which is written by Mark Mason. It is such a great book, a life changer I would say. I have changed my outlook and my thought process and the way I lead my life, after reading that book.

The book stresses about how we must do what we want to do, and why we shouldn't be worried about what other think about what we do. The messages from the book are very strong and practical too. Applying some of the ideologies of the book to real life can benefit us in a very fruitful manner. It especially stresses on how everyone goes through some bad phase in their life, but how we deal with it and move on is what matters. The narration is very funny, such waggish analogies to real life situations. Overall, an amazing and must read book!
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For me it is Chicken Soup for the Soul, Inspiration for Writers. This book has been very influential because it is inspiring. It really inspired me to do well in writing. I am a blogger and now I am not that active, but every time I am seeing that book on my table, it makes me think that I am a writer, I should write. That is why I never stop to be active in forums and in blogging. This book is about stories of writers. The stories that you thought they are untouchable, they are gifted and never get rejected. This book shows the transparency. They showcase how many times they got rejected. They shared how they fall a lot of time until they pick themselves and start over. This book advises that if you love to write, never stop writing. One day your story will be read by a lot of people so never stop writing.

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