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imageGratitude - How important is it for happiness?

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Being grateful is considering the blessing you are receiving and by thinking about the things that we receive in life, one must be happy enough that we are not left alone. 

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There's an extensive literature on the effects of gratitude on mental health and general well-being. Gratefulness boosts happiness, reduces negative thoughts and feelings, increases your self-esteem, improves your relationships, etc. It even has workplace applications: managers and executives that practice gratefulness are overall better leaders due to better decision-making and motivational abilities. Of course, since mental and physical health are closely connected, it's no wonder that gratefulness has also been linked to better sleep, blood pressure reduction, and faster recovery from conditions. These are some fairly impressive benefits for what amounts to simple practices you can implement right now. If you want to know where to start, this article has some suggestions for gratitude exercises. Even simple journaling for a few minutes can already make a huge impact in your life.

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I firmly believe in the power of gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal where I write down my gratitude list every night.
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It's a universal law that states that only those that are grateful for what they have are those that will experience abundance of peace and happiness in their lives. There is always a feeling of peace that goes with contentment. And with contentment comes happiness. You can't be happy if you are not satisfied with what you have; be it little or plenty.

Gratitude is a magic that has the magnetic force to attract blissfulness to those who learn to be filled with it. Sadly, many think that you can only be grateful when you have heaven and earth. Perhaps this line of thought is as a result of the society we were raised in where premium is placed on materialism over life itself.

The magical power that goes with gratitude has a multiplying effect as it wields the potential of transforming the soul who practices it. And it will not only multiply the little you think you have but it will also make you to experience inner peace in all you do.
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Simply being thankful of what you have and not looking for what you don't have create happiness. If you are counting all the blessing you are getting, then that one by one on the list will put a smile on your face. It puts you to a feeling that God never abandon you. He was there all the time. You might not get what you expected but you are getting what you are needed. If you put on the lists of what you have, you will realize those things it did to you. You will realize you are lucky too. That happiness will comes from within. That happiness will comes from your heart. If it is deeper then the happiness is internal and will give you the best feeling. That is why it is advisable that we always be thankful so that we will not feel bad when we see the blessings of others.
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Happiness isn't always about getting what you want but what you deserve. Sometimes we can be grateful for what we have and content but not satisfied. We would strive to have more and be happier. I'm trying to say that being grateful doesn't totally equate happiness although it comes with a level of joy.

Yes the feeling of gratitude is accompanied with happiness and can be used interchangeably in some contexts but there are instances where these two feelings contrast and exist in an individual as separate entities.

What ever the situation we always find ourselves in, we must be grateful because even though there are people who have it much better than we do, other people have it much worse and would even give anything to be in our shoes.
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Showing gratitude is a virtue we should all posses because it brings happiness both ways both to the giver and receiver. Only a grateful heart can show gratitude and the receiver will be so happy that someone he or she helped in whatever way has showed gratitude and this will really gladdens the heart.

I'm writing this out of experience. I like people that shows appreciation in whatever small,medium or big thing I did for them. It never easy to help anyone especially in this bad economy, so being helped  and not showing gratitude is really a rude thing to do.
Showing gratitude for a little gesture received will definitely make room for bigger blessings. Like me I do blessed people around me that appreciate my little efforts.
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Yes, definitely it is part of and important of happiness. If you have everything and you are not grateful for having it,it is useless.For less people, when they are grateful for what they have even if it's not a lot, but when gratefulness exist, happiness arises. The act of gratitude is part of our life for having what we have while others can't have what you have. It is a simple thing to achieve the happiness.  For example, you see those children on the street, they look so dirty while playing with their friends,but you can see the smile in their faces. That is the innocent gratitude that they are happy of what they are. While we see them as poor, but we thank and being grateful that we have what they can have and this will encourage you to look at and help those children to give smile on their face.

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