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For any relationship to survive, there must be mutual understanding between the both party. If there is no understanding there won't be room for them to trust each other. And there is no trust there can never be love. Love only thrive on the basis of trust. You can't tell me you love somebody and you don't trust the person, it's impossible.

More so, there should be foundation for selflessness. Once we start pursuing personal interests in relationship, you will notice that there would be room for break up because the other person would feel uncomfortable, and unhappiness would inevitably set in. The best way to give in a relationship is to expect nothing back from it, be it material, love, care, tenderness etc. Just let them flow naturally and unconditionally.

Most relationships end up in break ups often times because everything about them was conditional. In one way or the other, one of the couple was in the relationship for what to benefit. It could be money, sex, emotional support, whatever the person was after. Once the person's desire is not met, there is problem. Break up happens basically because of selfishness. And it can only be avoided when the couples are selfless. Then we can start talking about having understanding, building of trust and consolidating on love.
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Its not that easy to quit a relationship or break up someone especially the one you've been sharing much together for a good number of years. We're all different and that's why most people break up. He may want you to act this way and you have your own ways. This is like he's forcing you into doing something you don't want. It all starts by knowing te kind of person that you're dating. Dating some people is very hectic but if you find that match that you've been yearning for, then you're good to go.

The only way to avoid break ups is by trying to understand each other and play cool with the situations at hand. Respect is the core element in any relationship. Also, men want to be always the ones domineering in any relationship. Therefore, as a lady you should always listen yo your boyfriend and give him that manly respect.
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Breaking up is unavoidable. There are two parties that will mainly decide on the future of the relationship and that is the two people in love. What ever the other people say, the two people in love decide if they will want to end the relationship of not.
Challenges in every relationship is common. Sometimes, the challenge is not that difficult but people involved are unable to solve this matter and end in break up. Sometimes, the most difficult problem comes and two strong will individuals are ready to face it and willfully survived he challenges and live happily together.
Breaking up is not something that you can hold or avoid. But as a person in loved, you can do your best for your relationship to make it strong. Every action matters.
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For me, to avoid breakup is a mutual decision. Staying in a relationship is not only happy times, as there would be unavoidable circumstances that lovers may experience as they journey through their relationship. Each person has different individualities and one should learn to accept each other's imperfections. As long as the couples know how to compromise with each other, I believe that breaking up is the last option they would like to take. Having a common vision can also help keep the relationship alive despite arguments along the way. In all situations, open communication is the best way to heal any misunderstandings. Being humble is also the key for making it in tact. Maturity as well has a great role in making relationships work well and avoid break ups
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Love is a divine seed planted only by God and nurtured only by him with his divine grace and mercy. No human on earth have the power to avoid break up except God didn't ordained the Union. Many relationship ffaces a lot or tribulations and yet it wax more stronger in unity while many won't even see anything yet part ways.
However, the union between man and woman requires deep maturity aand proper uunderstanding of purpose beyond flesh. The peace in marriage actually depends in certain factors too. Part Of which is deep spiritual involvement against all evil forces, truthful understanding of each other, tolerance and just to mention but few.

A saying goes thus, no one can teach a old dog, new tricks; courtship is a fundamental ingredient of a perfect understanding of both parties, because it introduce both to a more deeper understanding of emotions and physical reactions/irritation.

Many youths if this days, are never mentally ripe for marriage and a lot actually got into it due to peer influence of not wanting to lag behind. No! Every man or woman has a simple path that must never derailed.

So be truthful to God by keeping his commandments, be trthful to your partner and expect him/her not to be perfect with that your expectations wwill be less.
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You cannot avoid break ups if you are in a relationship. Sometimes we cannot avoid this uf the two person are not meant for each other. If you already in a relationship, there is possibilities that you will experience break up. It's a natural one, from this you will learn how hurtful it is, you will learn also how to forget and forgive.
Experience will teach you a lesson, nothing will not. But, if you really love each other no matter what will happen and no matter how hard the problems are, if you choose to stay and love each other more, then there will be no break ups. The problems will only be a test for a relationship, challenges, misunderstandings, and fights are just the flavors for a stronger relationship. If you want your relationship to be lasting, fight for it.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 70
Avoiding breakup isn't a singular act and we can't just control it because it isn't in our hands because we might want to stay in a relationship against all odds but is the other person willingly to stay too. One thing we can't possibly force or hold anyone down is a relationship instead of going through depression or sadness because the other want out then we have to let go. But then we can still try and don't leave our relationship to chances to avoid break up. The following can be considered:

Discuss and sort out issues amicably

Be in each other's life and share everything together no holding back

Look out for one another and be a good helper

Avoid third party in the affair and love one another genuinely

Pray about the relationship and if possible pray together.
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Breaking up is sometimes a part of life. Marriages fail because a person just gets tired and they feel there is nothing left for them. In a relationship that you are in it is possible to break up and move on. This basically will depend on you and how hard you are willing to try. How hard are you willing to change, love, listen and give the other person the respect they deserve. If you want to avoid a break up and keep your relationship strong you need communication. Always have an open line of communication with your partner. 
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I don't think there is any relationship that is free from breakups is there? I really don't think so, Relationships are prone to breakups for one or another reason. As much as we would want to start up a relationship with that one person, and hold onto it forever, that cannot happen, not in this day and age. Maybe supernaturally but not in the real life we are in right now. Anyway, if you want to avoid a break up please try and understand your friend or spouse. For a relationship to work it needs two people, the feelings should be mutual and the two people should be forgiving with one another at all times. Maturity and respect is key, when you are mature, when there is a conflict between two people it calls for a conversation, when you talk, you bring whatever issues there are between you and your spouse to the fore front and you talk about them. Always communicate your feelings to your better half, never go to sleep angry, there is always need to accept your mistakes and ask for forgiveness. that way no one is going to be angry with another, and there will always be some level of respect and openness. Don't ever undermine your partner work together and you will not have a reason to walk out of the relationship.

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