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My ideal partner is just having someone to be with, who will be beside me no matter what the circumstance is. That is a very broad idea. I want a person who can stand my mood swings, my bad attitude, my negativities. I believe I won an ideal partner having a husband who fits in to my personality. He works abroad and have to live far away from us for months but LOVE WINS. With love, faith and hope, our relationship goes on and becomes stronger as time passes by.
Setting the specifics of an ideal partner is not a bad thing. But asking a person to be an ideal man/woman is somehow off. Same thing with becoming his/her ideal person just to be with him, trying to change the whole you to satisfy them. Still, being true to yourself is still the best!
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Yes,one can find an ideal partner, it just to be patient and choose the one that befits one but remember we are imperfect and we should just love our partner that way. 
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Yes, we have heard and see stories/testimonies of so many people that have succeeded in their quests for true love. It is not a fairy tale kind of make-believe affair as it is in the movies. I strongly believe we all can relate with couple of movies that their story lines were love based like the TITANIC. Oh yes! I can imagine what's going on in your mind right now. That's just it. Love is a powerful force that nobody can restive or can feel its energy, be it man or woman.

Interestingly, this love of a thing is attractive and magnetic. It's very magical in such a mysterious way that one can't tell when it's at work. That's why one won't be surprised when people are finding their life partners every now and then. Once you find the one you love it won't be hard to identify such a person due to the attractive nature of love. Finally, I believe that there is that special person out there that's specially met for you and I.
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There's this guy had struggled to win for quite some time after we were is relationship then broke up. Things were quite hard and I couldn't withstand such a relationship. Just recently, he started calling me asking whether we can continue where we left. In summary, you cannot force someone to love especially if the feeling isn't mutual. If he doesn't to have you at the moment then I don't think anything will change I the future. The funny bit of it is that, you're really trying to win his heart and he's after someone else.

Love isn't something that can be rushed even if you're desperate because you'll end up being hurt in unimaginable way. You can always tell from the start and how he treats you. That will tell you if he's someone who can stick with you or not.
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Believe it or not, this can actually happen in life. It might take years to find your perfect partner and you might make many mistakes along the way. But when you do you know they are actually the one. I have a friend who has married 20 years ago to a wonderful man. For one reason or another, it ended in a divorce. Over the past 15 years, these two people kept in touch and stayed friends. She ended up moving to another state and he ended up staying where he was. Each dated and had relationships, but neither one of them were married again.
A year or so back they started to talk more frequently and one of them was sick. He had cancer and she came to help. In the end, they realized that they had made the biggest mistake of their lived when they divorced. He asked her to marry him again and she agreed. They were married a second time on the exact date they got married on the first time. So you see it might take time to realize this, but all is possible.
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Whoah. This one's a very beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this. It kinda made me change my opinion on this question. Again, thank you.
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Yes I believe they do. You hear of old couples who have been together for years and are still very happy. I don't know if any relationship is perfect but some people do seem to have an unbreakable bond. I personally don't have an ideal relationship but I have been with my partner for 16 years and I'm not unhappy, I think it's all about compromise and making a relationship work over the years. I spoke to a woman who has been with her husband since she was 16 and is now in her 60s. She said there have been many times when she felt like giving it all up but they worked through their problems and have come out even stronger.

I don't know if I would use the word win unless there were many competitors for the same person at the time but I believe that two people can be attracted to each other and also share many common interests which would make for an ideal relationship.
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I don't think so. An ideal partner for me is sort of like a wishful thinking--a man who has all the quality traits that I've been looking for. But as I realized, no one will ever fit anyone's expectations. You may find that someone is attractive or well-mannered but there will always be a trait or two that you will dislike.

However, I don't think this would matter anymore as long as you love each other. After all, true love means having to grow along with your differences, and making every bit of it as the foundation of a lasting relationship.

On the other hand, what I would like to believe is that there is someone destined for us--that somewhere out there we will meet someone who will make us feel that all the waiting is just worth it.

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