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There is no secret ingredient or magic for that. I believe when you are in love and you truly love that person you will do anything and everything for that person.  You will never get tired even if you have to do some action again and again because at the end of the day you will remember and think that you are doing all of those things for her or him to be happy, and that's also the reason why we are always energized. You should always put some extra effort into the things you are doing for her/him if you truly love that person and to win his/her heart. I believe that effort is of the biggest key factor if we have something we want to achieve and to win. It is just the same with love if you put all your heart and effort in everything you do the time will come that you will win that person's heart.
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If the person you love doesn't love you back then I think it's time for you to reflect. You cannot force love. If what he or she feels towards you isn't equivalent to what you feel, then you need to respect that. We are all free to express our feelings; however, I don't think it's right to impose ourselves to others and demand for something in return. You may choose to stay and continue to love him or her, and that decision entirely rests on your hands. Perhaps, there will come a time when he or she will eventually develop feelings for you but that's the risk you have to take.

Just think of a situation where you're the one at the receiving end. Are you willing to pretend you love the person, when you really don't?
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We cannot dictate the love that we are expecting to the ones we are giving our love. We cannot say 'Please love me back' if they don't feel it at all. I think the best way is to do not wait for it or do not expect from the love you are giving to that person. There are person who cannot love you much as you love them, either they already loving some other people or they just look at you as a friend. Despite how hurt you could feel, despite the pain, you should be open-minded and understand their decision. I think it could possible to happen if the love is true and selfless. If the person is a loving one too, they can appreciate you and develop a feelings towards you but again, do not expect from them. Even if you gave a lot to the other person, we are still not in control about their decisions.
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Love shouldn't be seen as something that takes one's a lot of strength, resources and time to give it to or receive it from anybody. We huumans has really debased what love truly is. You see some people in a relationship all the in the name of what to get out of it. They always have this ulterior motives by expect something in return for whatsoever they are giving, and if they don't get it they feel disappointed and next thing for them is to exit the relationship.

Sadly, majority of people have mistaken lust for love. I guess that's why they feel it requires tons of whatsoever to be loved or be in love. We have all lost the foundation of genuine love to materialism and infatuation. It is not surprising we are experiencing high rate of break ups and divorces in relationships we have all at one point admired.

Ideally, love should be pure and unconditional because that's how it has always been and nothing can modify it regardless how humans would try to alter its true nature.
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Based on my experience, it takes respect, understanding, me-time, openness, spending time with that person, and many other factors for your loved one to love you back. Oftentimes than not, infatuation may be mistaken as love. Love should be a mutual feeling and it can be developed over time, sometimes in mysterious ways at an unexpected time. It should not be rushed as loving someone means opening your life to someone else and also entails commitment. Some couples would easily realize that they love each other, while some others would have a hard time to identify that he or she is in love with the other person especially if he or ahe has not been in a relationship. So, just take your time to fully get to know that person before you expect him or her to love you back.
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From your answer, I think love moves in different degree, depending on the effort of the person and how big the love is. It really needs a room to grow and not a forced one. In time, it will become a mutual feeling.
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It takes mostly a love back and you will readily know you're loved. Love is a two way thing you take and give and when once we begin to receive the love we give whether small or big then it has been reciprocated.

The holy bible says love doesn't hurt and definitely no one that loves you wholeheartedly would ever hurt you both in words and in deeds.

From my personal experience it will only take your one loving you back ,giving you a double dose of your sincerity, faithfulness, care,love,peace,joy,loyalty' and understanding.

Loving one back can be so delightful to the receiver and that was what the receiver wanted and expected and of course when once received one can continue loving the given because the receiver would have acknowledged the love received too.
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Relationship is just like communication which is always two way traffic, you love me and I'll love you unless its a forced relationship whereby you're feeling the other person and he doesn't feel you hence there's no existence of love between the two of you.
Secondly,it takes respect for each other. You respect me, I will definitely respect you. This is a major contributor to any relationship. On top of respect, loyalty is very important. Many relationships break up due to disloyalty. If you don't love your partner, it's better to tell them to give give you some rooms instead of cheating on them. Cheating hurts so much more than any other thing.

Finally it's all about avoid being selfish. Most people are self centred and don't want to give back in return what they're given. Love your partner the way she/he is.
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It takes natural affection for you to love and be love back,  this process takes place gradually which mostly begins with admiration to friendship and finally to share of emotional feelings,  there is no way if you grow love that such relationship won't reciprocate.
It is very possible that love could be grown from side of the partners and gradually induce the other partner and sometimes it grows at the second time from both ends.
There are circumstances where lots of effort is been put just ensure you are love back but proof abortive then in such situation it is not love but lust and it is never a good thing to force oneself on another because it leads to hatred.
Love is natural and it takes little or no stress to build it, understanding, respect and comfortability makes love grow in a reciprocate manner.

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