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You have to let her go, you don't have to stay in a relationship or ask beg someone to stay.

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It takes two people to tango. If you have expressed all your feelings to her and she still doesn't feel the same way about you, it is time to let her be. Give her some space to clear her mind and think. If the outcome is the same, you should let go.
Love is attraction that comes from deep inside you. Perhaps she doesn't have such feelings for you. You can't force it and some things are never meant to be. When the stars finally align in your favour, you'll have your one true love. It could be the same woman or somebody else.

Don't sweat it. Pushing harder will only make her to further move away from you. It may irritate her and put her off. Even if you love her, like a bed in a cage, set her free. If it finds a home in you arms It will surely comeback. If not, move on.
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The first thing you have to do is respect her decision, and understand where she is coming from. I do know that this is easier said than done but you should try and do your best for this is what's necessary. Love is always entailed with risks. We cannot predict whether the love we are willing to give to the person will be reciprocated. If this has always been the case, then there'd be no broken hearted and sad love songs will never make a hit, as no one will be able to relate to it. Unfortunately, this isn't the case.

If you still want to be friends with her despite this, I advise to make things clear to her the moment you confess or admit your feelings. Telling her that you don't expect her to love you the way you love her will kind of sooth the situation and make things less awkward, especially if you two are friends.
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Well, rejection hurts but the truth is that love cannot be forced. You just have to accept the fact and move on. Feelings can change over the time too. So the woman might be interested in you after sometime. So you need to give her time and space to make up her mind (if you are willing to wait). And besides, love should always be unconditional and without expectations. I know it's easier said than done but unconditional love is actually the way to love. When you don't expect anything from the other person, you save yourself a lot of heartache. Your soulmate is out there waiting for you and will come in your life when the time comes. If this woman is in your destiny, then she will respond favorably sooner or later. Or else someone else will come along to fill your life with the myriad colours of love and happiness.
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Simple let go and have your peace before you wreck yourself.This is like embarking on an adventure that wouldn't be productive from the word go and it funny when the same person begins to rant later on when it still didn't work out at the end.

It understood if one is led on by a partner just unknowingly at least you didn't know you have been deceived but when it openly pronounced even with the body's language please let go,don't remain to enslave yourself.

Love shouldn't be one sided and as such shouldn't be by force because nothing will ever be done naturally by the Lady unless you complained and rant about it even at that it might not still be done why? Because she isn't in love with you.

So final answer move on and find one that love you unconditionally.
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This is a forced relationship and the only way out is to let go of that relationship. You'll be hurt of course but its better because she won't waste your time and neither would you be hurt when you see her with another man. I have seen some people end up ruining themselves simply because of a forced relationship. What I always believe is that you cannot be single forever and neither you'll never miss someone whose your type and mutual feelings exist.

Love is something crucial and you have to think well about it before rushing into harsh decisions without doing some analysis. Some people actually never told you that they're not interested, only their behaviors will tell you. When this happens, don't wait to be told its over, just quit without telling her either.

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I must say what you have here is a sensitive and serious situation but it is not weird at all. There are so many instances that can be liking to yours. Most times we find ourselves in a tight corner where our love is not reciprocated in the same measure we expected. We are being faced with the harsh reality on what to do.

Some people might advise that you should give up on the girl. My question to such people is, what if the girl wants to be chased by playing hard to catch like most girls always do? It could be you can't tell. That's why I personally would not advise you to give up on her. If you truly love her and you feel there is hope for you getting her in the future, keep at it with determination of doing that. Winners never quite and quitters never win. Period!
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People are not meant to be owned. And love is not meant to be forced.

If you truly love someone, then you should be happy with whatever makes that person happy. You can't force someone to love you back if they don't. If someone doesn't like/love you the way you want them to, all you can do is let them go. Some people are not meant to stay in our lives. No matter how long or short they have stayed in our lives, they are just passersby who share a part of their lives to us.

A passage from Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist says: "We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. A little parenthesis in eternity."

This is of course under the assumption that you have told the person that you love them and you want to pursue them. If not, tell the person about your feelings first and if the answer is still no, respect their decision.

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Well, there are two things you can do whenever there are girls you love don't love you, it is to decide whether to continue your love to her or just give up her and abandon your feelings with her. Now if you choose to pursue your love for her and show her how sincere your love is, then you should do everything you can until she notices you. I believe that we guys don't court girl because we know that she is already in love with us, but, we are courting girls because that girl is not in love with us and doesn't really love us. That's why we are trying our best to show the girls how sincere our love is and to proof to them that we really want their love and we deserve to be loved also. Now if you truly love the girl push hard and make extra-effort.
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This is such a sad reality when you realize that you love this girl so much and she has no interest in you or has fallen out of love with you. Basically, there isn't much you can do to change her mind. Forcing a person to be with you, love you, or stay in a relationship will only end in a disaster. It is best to move on and let her go because this is what she has already done. Giving you the advice to win her back will only make things worse in the end for you. I know your heart is hurting right now and you feel at such a loss. A broken heart is hard to deal with when it happens, but I can tell you over time it will heal and you will move on.

As for now, you'll need to talk to her and hopefully, you can remain friends. In some cases, this is even worse than just walking away. You are hurting yourself each day being around her and trying to even force a friendship. When in the back of your mind you are hoping she will change her mind and come back to you. I don't know if this one will ever happen.
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For what reason does a woman doesn't like you. Disliking a person should always have a reason. Did you try asking her? I think you did something that she dislike or maybe you are do not have a chemistry at all. A woman disliking a man, doesn't go for forever. They have their reason of disliking you for sure. But you should not surrender to that. If she doesn't love you, then find ways to make her love you. Talk to her friends. Ask them what she likes and dislikes. Or you can relax for the meantime and stop pursuing her. There are times the time is not right for both of you. Maybe she have plans and you are not part of it at all. You need to know her plans. You need to know what is really happening to her so that you can understand her for now and disregard why she doesn't love you. We need to be understood first before anything else.
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Love and relationship is such a complicated affair that it's doesn't always go the way one plans. There are still some people who are very lucky with love and relationships that they get someone who loves and cares about them exactly the same way that they do for the person and in such relationships, it's very hard in fact it's almost impossible for them to break up.
But on the other hand, there are some people whose their own love life and relationships are built on sandy foundation which makes it easily prone to break up and it's all as a result of either parties in the relationship not have exactly the same feelings for each other. So, my advice to anyone who is so unfortunate to find himself or herself in such a wired relationship would be to quit and wait for the right person to fall in love with again.
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You let her go,probably she have someone already in love with.  You should also note that  love needs to be compatible before it can work between two people though naturally a woman that you love may not just accept your offer immidately but when you push consistently but when it becomes excess and the result still maintain negative it is advisable to let her go,  there is always  a better replacement in.life provided you are just. Also remember that not gettinghat you want is sometimes wonderful stroke of luck.
It is even possible that it is at the point of letting her go or when you space her that she may realise the your sincere intention and if she doesn't, I am optimistic you will be fine and get someone to fill her space conveniently.

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