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Not all girls will say yes if her boyfriend ask for a marriage, some girl will definitely shocked and that they are not prepared with.
It's not a must that every relationship should end up in marriage. So, it's your choice to say yes or no. If you love the person so much to get married to them, then it's alright to say yes. 

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If the girl was not ready yet to answer yes, she can say no. Having your boyfriend proposed to you is such a good indication that he was dead serious in relationship with you and wanted to put his relationship to you to the next level. But if you aren't ready yet, you can say no. This could result to a disappointment or depression to your lover but this does not mean break up or the end of the world.
If you would say yes, the wedding and marriage would be planned. It may be planned early or even 5 years to wait. If you would say no, just say it with out ever making your boyfriend feel ashamed about it as he might not want to propose again to you in the future due to fear of feeling ashamed again. Just be with him, if you still love him. And if you no longer love him, be honest.
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Nope. Women should not say yes, if they are not ready. Marriage readiness comes from realizing that both parties are mature, compassionate, and understanding enough to be able to create a lasting relationship. After all, marriage is a life-long commitment; hence, it should not be taken lightly. I do think that there should be mutual understanding and that both parties are sensitive enough to perceive whether both of them are ready for the commitment of marriage. Words uttered cannot be taken back even with the swiftest horse. And taking it back will not only pose conflict but worse may also jeopardize the relationship.

Saying no, on the other hand, doesn't necessarily mean that a woman is unsure of the person she's in a relationship with. Perhaps, she still has a lot of things she wants to do before actually settling down.
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It ought to be if the feelings between the couples are mutual. There is nothing wrong in a man proposing to girl he thinks he loves.. And if the unthinkable happens presumably, the girl decides to decline the man's proposal it can be likened to lack of consentual reciprocity.

This could be attributed to so many reasons why the girl is not accepting the man's proposal. Maybe the girl has figured out that he is not the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, which translates to the man has been deceiving himself all the while thinking otherwise. Or the girl never really love the man, and she was only with him only for what to get out of him during the course of their dating period.

It's not an ideal thing if it a proposal turn out as unexpected. It could portray so many things especially if the man has invested a lot of time, resources and money into the relationship all in a bid to be able to marry the girl.
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Yes that shouldn't be the case always although most ladies usually say yes. Some men are crazy and will always lure you into into saying yes without realising that that is a trap you're entering. Before saying yes, ensure you know the person well. On the contrary, many a times it comes as a surprise to many ladies. Maybe you've been dating the man for such a long period but he's never shown any interest of marrying you one day. In such a scenerio, you'll probably have to say yes because you might never hear such from him again.
Caution comes in when you're dating the person for the first time less than a month and he's proposing marriage to do. You really have to think because that person is probably on a mission and the only person who'll be hurt is you.
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What kind of proposal? If the proposal is a wedding proposal, they can always say no if they are not prepared for it. It is a big change in their life that they will be facing and needs to experience. If they are not prepared to be a wife, to accept the challenge of being one, to be a mother and to be living with her own family, she can always say no. If she say No, the boyfriend should always understand. It is a big discomfort saying yes to something that is truly a No. It is hard to fool ourselves when that happens. If she loves her boyfriend and she knows he will hurt his feelings, it is for her to weigh her options. It is not bad to be honest about the reason of saying NO. At least you are not fooling yourself, you are on your peace states but I just hope the boyfriend will understand.
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Certainly No,why would a girl always say yes even when not convenient.i know it can very embarrassing and maybe depressing for some guys when the one they love gives the negative response notwithstanding, it should be taken in good fate.

A girl is never mandatory to say Yes to any proposal unless it really who and what the girl wants.i have witnessed a scernerio like this and I know it wasn't an easy pill for my guy to swallow but life must go on.No need pressurizing a lady to say yes when her mind isnt with you and saying yes should be a matter of personal convictions.

Love sometimes comes with bitter sweet experience and not having a Yes from a girl is one of it. So men shouldn't always expect the Yes answer always a No can be all the girl need to say.
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It depends on how she feels about the relationship. If she feels that he is the right man for her and wants to commit herself to him for life then yes she should, but if she has any doubts at all then it is best to hold off. It may be that she is not ready for such a big step which means that in the future she might say yes but if she does not feel 100% sure then she certainly shouldn't.

It is often every girl's dream to meet that special someone and have a lovely wedding. I know someone who had the wedding arranged in a different country but changed her mind at the last moment. All the guests had flown over for the celebration but she flew home without telling anyone and left the groom at the altar. It should never get to this stage as I'm sure she must have known before this time that she didn't want to get married. It would have been better to be honest when she first realised it was not what she wanted.
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Now, there is a way to this. Whether we like it or not, there are ladies out there that are into one relationship or the other as a result of financial constraints and not about how much love that they have for the man and when you ask this type of ladies to say yes to that man when it comes to marriage, then you know that you are looking for trouble.
My point will always be that when there is no true love existing between both partners, then there is no need for them to go into marriage since that kind of marriage is definitely going to have setbacks and even divorce being the other of the day. So, it is imperative that the lady analyze some factors such as is he a man that can respect me? Is he someone that can satisfy me sexually? Do I have a cordial relationship with him?  and other questions. Giving answers to those questions will make the lady take a final decision even when they are still dating.
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Seriously, it's never written anywhere that you are supposed to get married to someone whom you are in just a relationship with whether you are a male or a female. Although, it's encouraging to try as much as possible to get married to someone whom you have probably dated over a course of time in order to be able to understand the person's personality, attitude, behavior, both positive and negative traits because it would help you to fit it well with your choice of partner to start a new family.

But it's still your choice to say yes or no when being proposed to. Marriage is absolutely different from boy and girlfriend relationships. So, before saying yes to any proposal, it's very important to remember that it's for better and for worse.
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It is not compulsory for a lady to say yes when her boyfriend proposes to her because it is easier to say yes but very tasking to maintain the yes status.
Not every relationship that exists between a guy and girl leads to marriage,  there are certain qualities that makes people to be compatible as boy friend and girl friend relationship and also there are qualities that are responsible for marriage compatibility,  if a lady feels you are not secure enough to take care of her as your wife she can decided to turn down your marriage proposal while you guys keep dating till when things are OK or live you for another person.
In a situation where you both always have e misunderstandings almost all days then such girl can decided to say no to your proposal because you both May Find it difficult to manage eachother.
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I have seen on social media every time a man asking his girl friend to get married, they always said yes. But there are also some people who don't always say yes. When a woman is ready to settle down he definitely he would say yes to his man. And if a woman is not ready yet, she will doubt the answer to his man when he ask for marrying. Every situation is different  and every answer is always differ.

The first time my husband ask me to marry me, I said no. I answer to his question a no because I know in my heart I am not ready to marry him yet, there is something bothering and there is something that I need assurance with, to be love and respect. If a man cannot respect the woman's answer to his only one question which is "will you marry me?", how can he respect the entire relations questions and answer and personal views with each other? I believe each parties has freedom and has their own decisions.
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Proposals are tricky affairs i must admit. You are truly taking a risk on this one, You can never be sure about it. you could either end up as a loser or a winner it's one of the two. Being prepared is key, just be ready for anything, otherwise you could end up getting hurt. It's not a must for a girl to say yes to a proposal. What if i do not want to marry you, what if i feel it's just not the right time to get married,or there is somebody else i am considering to get married too? The person proposing needs to have their facts right and be totally sure that the person they are proposing to is on the same page as they are. But again surprises can come up, having an assurance is not enough proof that they will agree, talk constantly and weigh your conversations, that way you are most likely to know if its going down or not.
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I would say no to this question. You do not have to say yes to the man that asks you to marry him if you have any doubts about your relationship or the way you feel about this person. Do not get married just because a person asks you to get married. Get married to a person who you feel that you can spend the rest of your life with, share a bed with, make love, have a family, and most importantly be their other half. If you feel this man can give you all of this and you feel that you can give him all of this then say yes, otherwise say no. 
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