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Yes! Fighting is good as the two opposing sides need to express their ideas and emotions. I, for an instance would not usually go against what my husband says. But when I feel that he is crossing the line, when he decides even with out my word for it, when he follows his parents instead of me, I feel so insecure about it. And with those predisposing factors, I would start a conversation with him. Not in fact starting a fight but for a reason to hear both sides. If the conversation goes to an argument, I would still push it as long as I think I am on the right track. I will persist as long as I feel that my voice should be heard.

There were  times, that this becomes effective and that he would ask for my approval. But there would also be times that he would negatively accept my opinion. Anyways, as long as he loves me, neither he nor me will win, instead it is the LOVE that WINS.
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I see this statement as a myth why would I fight the person I love.Fighting is a violent act and come with pains,battered emotion and injuries.Why would I even want to inflict all of these on someone I love and in a relationship with
I don't think any sane person will buy this myth as fact.So why does these affect kids psych if it was a good thing to see their parents fight,this clearly shows an abusive home and humans.

Why fight over what can be sorted out amicably and in peace. I can  never  see fighting in a relationship anything romantic and loving in can argue all he or she wants at least to make a point and enable the other partner sees reasons  but fighting to bring answers is crazy and such relationship can't work for me no matter the gains afterwards.
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It depends on how often the fight is. I do believe that misunderstandings and arguments are perfectly normal because these just show that no matter how compatible two people are, there will always be differences. Every fights in a relationship should never be used to hate each other but to know each other better. Rather than be the cause of breakup, these should strengthen the relationship, as there will always be a lot of lessons to learn. Even though you've known each other for years, there is always much to unravel because human values and perception change as we get exposed to various experiences.

However, as I said, if the fighting gets too often to the point where you start to lose yourself, then I don't think that these will lead to growth. Rather, both of you will just end up destroying yourselves. There are times when it is easy to lose the argument to save the relationship, but you should always reflect whether it's still worth saving.
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When we talk about fighting as a serious  argument between the two people just to get your opinion across or express displeasure, then yes! Fighting is in fact healthy in a relationship. It isn't always lovey dovey with couples. Sometimes they fall out and expressing themselves isn't always calm. It turns into a fight especially when they both have strong opposing opinions.

This is okay as long as it doesn't involve violence and abuse. The most important thing is to make up afterwards. Usually, lessons are learned and there's more understanding between the both parties. You may find that they'll never argue over the same thing again. We also need to control tempers at such times so as not to do or say something that we'll regret.
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No, fighting isn't right because it might turn out to be a joke and end up being something serious and in the process someone might be injured or hurt and at times it might lead to death. Some people usually say that when your husband beats you, it means he loves you but in this err that we are I don't think its love but rather hatred.

Fighting by words maybe OK but the I don't see the essence of that. In fact words hurt more than beatings. Generally, fighting isn't advisable because we're all human beings and we make mistakes, let's solve out the dispute as mature people instead of fights. In fact fighting always brings a bad impression on the people around you. Besides, I just feel like couples fighting is an outdated practise and ought to be eliminated at all costs.
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What kind of fighting? Is this fighting or misunderstanding. For me, fighting is a physical fight, but yes, there are instances that in a relationship there are misunderstandings that lead to fighting. It is caused by some misunderstanding in the past that haven't resolve. When you are not solving those misunderstanding, it is getting bigger and severe that when you have a new misunderstanding, you will remember those things in the past and it was brought up. Fighting is part of relationship. This only means even if you are a couple, you have differences with belief and decisions. It means that you are growing as a couple. What matters is that you will resolve every issue you have and do not let that misunderstanding to be the hindrance and fall you apart.
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It depends what you mean by fighting. Slight disagreements now and then are normal in a relationship but heated or violent arguments are not healthy. Some people are very different  in their thinking but it doesn't mean they don't love each other. However if they are arguing more than not it isn't healthy for the relationship.

However I think a little disagreement now and then is fine and some people say they love the making up.  I was in a relationship which became stale and boring and neither of us cared about the other so we never argued. We had just got into the habit of staying together and didn't really know how to get out of it. Eventually we parted because we both realised the relationship was going nowhere.

A little disagreement or even jealousy to show you care about each other is fine. It's when it gets out of hand it becomes a problem.
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Yes and no, in the sense that relationship is all about two different persons with different history, perspectives and personalities coming together to coexist. It is of common sense that there is bound to be fighting/misunderstanding based on the differences in personalities of the individuals in the relationship. As the say goes that 'it takes two to tangle'. Meaning that it takes serious efforts between two individuals to live together.

Looking at the 'no' angle of why fighting is not good in relationship. If the fighting becomes intolerably frequent thereby leading to violence conducts between the couples, it is bad because someone at the end of each fighting section would definitely get hurt. More seriously, fighting in this regard, should be discouraged because it is not serving them any purpose in the upbuiding of their relationship.

On the 'yes' aspect, fighting/misunderstanding between couples can be seen as good when at the end of it, hatchets are buried peacefully, and lesson is learnt from the whole misunderstanding. Obviously, this type of fighting would help the relationship to improve because the couples would learn how treat each other with more respect, hence understanding would consequently be fostered as both journey down the path of togetherness.
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There are healthy fights in relationship and there are bad ones. The healthy ones are good and should be encouraged because they help make the love stronger but the bad fights should be avoided at all costs. 
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While I was growing up, I always notice how my dad and mom always find a way to settle their differences when it comes to certain situations that they experience in the marriage and not for once have I seen then fighting over anything. That kind of understanding that they have in their marriage was something that I have learnt and felt that I should adopt.

One thing about relationships and marriages is that there is going to be situations where you will be feeling that they partner is not doing that which is good for you and that is the period where you should do something about it. I always think that marriage is a union between two adults and adding maturity to the marriage is all that matters. There should be constant communication between them so as to avert situations that may result in fights.
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Yes,  fighting is not bad in a relationship if it is not frequent or repeated,  it is fundamental that we are all imperfect people and there is that need to makes some part of us to be perfect though some imperfect things in us are permanent because that is what makes us human being to be unique.
There are some changes that you may want to make in your partner's life which can not be done on a soft pedal unless you go hard on him or her which sometimes may lead misunderstanding or fight,  which after a while you reconsider your togetherness, then gradually amend and the relationship will becomes stronger and more interesting.
When fighting becomes too frequent it is better the relationship be let alone,  let the two partners separate because it pose danger ahead.
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Fighting is good but only with certain terms and conditions.. If we fight in an aggressive and use abusive words, that might really hurt the sentiments of the other person.... The aim of fighting shouldn't be to win an argument..or to let someone down, but to show that you care for the person you love. 
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Yes. Fighting makes relationship even more stronger. It makes to understand each other better. 

Cute fights are make relationship more memorable one.
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Yes.Fighting is also necessary to survive the relationship.After fighting,they regret for it and feel Sorry for it.It happens with the good persons.Bad persons think that they are right and their arrogance ends the relationship.
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Fighting is not good in a relationship, as it can lead to physical damages and emotional heart break. Instead things can be ironed out through communication. If things cannot be reconciled it is better to walk away instead of involving in further damages. 
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