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Fights and arguments are healthy in a relationship. Believe it or not they keep you stronger. when you don't fight, how are you supposed to know when you have done wrong, or you have hurt your partner? They have to tell you so that you can say sorry and not repeat the same mistake again. they don't have to be physical fights, those may not be good for a marriage because then it will mean that you are a batterer which is wrong.

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You're very correct because I have first hand knowledge of this.Sometimes love can be so complicated and you wonder why.

I had to question a young girl why she fight the partner all the time and the relationship has been on for a long time.Well,her answer was weird in a funny way. She was like love without fight is very boring and those fight shows the extend of love the partners have for one another and the sex after such a fight is always the best,I couldn't just wrap my head around that. I was  like could this be normal or there's a problem somewhere.

I can't just imagine thinking about sleeping with someone that just inflicted bodily injury to me or being abusive. Funny enough relationship like this last longer,they fight and make up all the time. Well,whatever makes one sleep well at night is fine by me.
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Simply because there is no perfect relationship. No matter how much you see yourself in your partner, the truth of the matter is that you are two different persons, with different ways of thinking, perception, and opinion on things. How do you think relationships last? It is because they are able to overcome all these differences and choose to be together despite having different ways of thinking, perception, and opinion on things.

However, there may be times when the fighting would be too frequent, and I think that's the time you need to reflect if you two are best suited together. I won't advise you to stay in a relationship if it's so toxic and is draining the life out of you. So if the number of days that hurt are far greater than the number of days that don't, then I think it's time to leave.
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It is normal for two different people with different beliefs, background and orientation to have misunderstanding. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That does not mean  they don't love each other. Even the tongue and teeth in our mouths do fight once in a while but that does not mean they can't come together later to work harmoniously on the food we eat.
Same is with relationship. The fight that is being experienced by the couples helps to strengthen the bond between them especially if done appropriately. The love can't be dwindled by the fight but it rekindles the amber of the love they have for each other, if truly the love is genuine and unconditional. But the fighting or misunderstanding shouldn't be happening frequently and when does it should be treated with utmost wisdom so that it doesn't get blown out of proportion.
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They fight because there are misunderstanding. When some problems occurs and even with full explanation, one party cannot understand it, surely it will lead to fighting each other. If the  problems are still unresolved and they choose to not talk to each other, for sure when they see eye to eye, they will going to fight again. Fighting is part of relationship. One gets angry or both of them exploded their anger on each other. I just wish it is not something physical though. Fighting is like having dominance of anger than understanding. One should give way if one is angry and do not meet when they are both angry. One should give way and just listen. Mostly men are doing that, but sometimes they cannot stop to defend themselves if they really know the truth about their actions.
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Exactly my friend. Misunderstanding leads to fight in love relationship but as long as the fight is carried out with love and respect, the two love birds will definitely make up and make fun of the fight later on. 
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I remember when I first met my partner now a husband, we have misunderstood  at an early stage. I never realized not  until we live in together and know each other well. Every couple is unique some people can get along with each other, and some are don't. And that's the reason why relationship ended. I believe if you don't know each other well and you don't accept each others differences, relation won't last. My current husband and I always fight every day even it's just a simple matter. I don't know but we never get along. The reason why we stay together is for the sake of our children. It is really hard to stay in a relationship in love all the time. I believe you have to love your partner again in times you found out that you fall out of love. That's how the relationship last.
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When love is true, the truth is always its guide and protection. Two person who genuinely love each other must at all time never hide truths from each other. Because love is the only thing that binds truth together no matter the extend of flaws. Both parties were born and breed desperately with different mentality and social economic bbackground. If they must both understand each other, they must first disagree to agree. It is however called test if love.

I've witness two lovers whom people or friends always kook up to that they dibt fight at all. But in reality they fight a lot. Meanwhile, what they master is ability to hide each others flaws before friends and public.

And I've seen couples who during their courtship they don't fight or have misunderstandings at all. But now, they fight alot. The only reason is, the love was never real during courtship. EEverything was staged and acted like a script. But now they face the reality. When love is real, fight must exit.
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This is a very good,  sensitive and a bit funny questions. There is an an adage that as close as tongue and teeth sometimes the teeth bites the tongue either intentionally or otherwise. We are humans created in a unique with different ways of understanding and doing things.
Lovers have to fight despite that they love each other because two makes the imperfects in their lives to be perfect through corrections which sometimes may not be in  soft voices but in tensed voices which sometimes show the level of seriousness in both partners.
Almost all love relationships becomes stronger and successful when there are little misunderstandings that last for a while because it makes the partners to know each other likes and dislikes to that they can amend and live peacefully.
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Lovers have to fight with each other even if they live because the fighting is necessary in the relationship.It maintains the relationship.
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We can't read our partner's minds. So, it's important that we speak out and express what's on our minds and feelings. And we do our best to hear and listen what the other person is saying. Together, we help each other sort things out. This way, we avoid quarreling because of misunderstanding.
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This shouldn't be the case, though when two people come together they bring alongside a lot of differences which play out during the relationship, this should be settled through communication instead of fight, when people fight it shows the level of maturity is still low,
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It's not fight it's only love, lovers never fight each other if you saw any where that lovers are fighting here just go to him and ask them why are you fighting. They told you we are not fighting and he asked you says that we are fighting
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Sometimes a fight and argumentation can prove that each person involved have attention to each other life, doing arguments is another form of communication. If a couple doesn't have argument, they can't indicate if they have done wrong things or not.
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