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The main reason for break depends on the two people involved.  Being a married person who had break up before, I could say that incompatibility is the main reason for my break up. There was one guy who asked me for break up after a week of relationship. I do not know his reasons. But you know, after several years, I think I understand him now. The physical attractions were present, as he was my crush. I thought that could be enough for our relationship to survive, but problem arises: we were in a long distance relationship. He was not ready to be in a serious relationship that time. And because he was my crush i was expecting too much romanticism in my head. Our relationship ended with him asking for break up. I think he was man enough to deal with that as months after, he messaged me that he was going to marry soon and that he asked for forgiveness if ever he broke my heart. With that, at this moment, I can feel that even if we see each other again in the future, I can greet him with nice words and smile in my face. We broke up, yes. And that broke broke up proved to me that even he was the one who asked for it, he was a man who knows how to apologize. And that makes a lot of difference to other break ups.
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Break up happens in so many ways depending on what isn't working well for each relationship.

Breakup can stems from
Emotional abuse

Lack of love by one partner

Partners not being compatible

Irreconcilable differences

Irresponsibility by one of the partners

Unproductive partner trying to be a leech in the relationship

Genotype problem

Tribe differences

Religion problem

Parent's and family manipulation

Lack of support for one another

Violence and abusive partners

Non serious partner

There are so many reasons for break up but I think the one that suit me and believe such relationship should end is if the partners are not compatible in terns of genotype, please that relationship should be quitted to save the agony of birthing a problem child and making the child go through any unhealthy stress.The rest can be worked on or break up.which ever way.
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People do break up for several reasons and one of them and a major reason includes cheating. Most people are fond of cheating maybe because they're no satisfied by their spouses or maybe want something different. This has been the main reason why relationships and marriages causing break ups. Another reason could be lack of respect.  In any relationship, respect is very important and it can only exist if both parties are commited to each other making the feeling to be mutual.Some other minor reasons include, someone not being your type, doesn't have good characters, relationship not being approved by parents among others.

Despite of all that mentioned above, relationship is all about sacrifices and committing oneself to each other. There will always be scandals but its just a matter of enduring all that.
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Break ups happen due to a multitude of reasons. Some couples may choose to break up for very petty reasons while be caused by accumulation of differences.

I have known couples who've broken up because of difference in religion, or that the family of the other won't approve of the relationship. Some may also decide to stay single because he or she has other priorities. Some may just lack the maturity to keep the it going. Physical distance also causes relationship to fall apart. Worse case scenarios involve cheating, falling out of love etc. Break ups don't happen due to a single reason alone. Usually it is a combination of several factors just like what I've mentioned. But the bottom line is that the two parties chose not to be together anymore.
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There are many factors that could lead to break up in a relationship. I believe that a couple should have understood each other, seen potential to a large extent before they began dating. Unless it was based on deceit, lies and illusions.

Love is a strong feeling that is hard to break. Some people go into a relationship not for love but for what they can get out of it to satisfy their selfish desire. When this comes out in the open, it is usually the end of the relationship.

There are social, religious factors that can put a halt to a relationship. These types of pressure are so strong that some couples just give in.Could be social class, tribe, race, religious differences, family etc. Even long distance can be the cause of a broken relationship.
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Lack of time for each other are what I observed the main reason of breakup. When you have no time for love, both of you started to change. The difference will get bigger. Some misunderstanding can be resolve if you see each other and not through chat, message or phone calls. You need to see eye to eye. That is why Long Distance Relationship does not work on some because of lack of time. Even how much they adjust on each other, if you are in different environment, different sets of people you meet everyday, and you can lie to each other or make white lies just to make excuses because you are not seeing eye to eye. Relationship is like a plant. You need to watch it grow and take care of it. If you will not allot a time for it, then you are preparing to fail your relationship.
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There are so many reasons for break up and everyone has his one reasons. But the most reasons which cause break up are listed at follow:

1-Betrayed in love: sometimes people find out that their love get diminished and they try to find another hot relationship. Thougth there can be no forgiving cheating.

2-Different goals and aspirations: when to people's goal and future planning don't concide and it maybe goes to break up.

3-Imbalanced in the relationship: it happend when two people have different social, educational or financial situations.

4- Isolation: fear and insecurity comes when couples isolate theselves from friends and family.

5-Problems in bed: unhealthy physical bahavior, emotional abuse or incompatibility are the most reasons for tbreaking up.
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While there are countless number of reasons for break ups but one out of them all stands out. Lack of love is the primary cause of break ups in relationships. Once love is there the couples can withstand any storm trying to destroy the relationship. Inarguably, love is the greatest force of all.
Unfortunately, most people go into relationship without having proper understanding of their love for their partners. They often misconstrued this love with material things, negating the fact that love is immaterial and it should be treated with utmost sensitivity. Often than not, these people claim to be in love with their other half not because their love is genuine but usually what they are to benefit from the relationship. And if their expectations are not met breaking up becomes an option.

Other factors that are cause of break ups are societally related such as religious differences, race, tribe etc.

In conclusion, love will always prevail no matter the circumstances, be it long distance relationship, bickerings, misunderstanding, financial setback etc. So therefore, it's only the practice of true love that can prevent break ups in relationships.
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There is a lo of reasons why break up usually occur. And the whole reasons boils down to fracture in the relationship or lack of sincere love or even lack of truth in a relationship.

I stumple on a love story of recent that talked about two love birds who actually met in a supermarket and exchanged numbers. The guy was actually of age searching seriously for a wife and the Lady was equally in the same shoes. They started calling each other and things was going smoothly as expected. They sstarted visiting each other and both parents equally go hooked.

The Lady have always being telling the man before he took her to his people in Lagos that,she desire to marry a rich guy, she said she can't marry a poor man. So the guy took her home and she saw wealth.

After courting for two years, they decided to get married. So without delay, the marriage went on flamboyantly as desired by the lady.

Her expectations is to be taken to that luxury house and enjoy her honey moon. But the guy took her to another place that looks old and not tuished. She was baffled and decided to play along as if the guy is testing her. So in the morning, she decided to ask when they are going to the big house. It was then, the guy sat her down and told her this is his real house. That the other place us for his boss and they decided to stand like or as parents for him on their wedding day because they promised him such. So this is who he is, on that same day, she quit the marriage and it all broke apart.
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Break up  can be caused by different factors that are always in opposite to the good of any relationship.
No relationship is perfect but the inability to manage each others imperfections can leads to break up.
A relationship without basic background checks of both partners could lead to break up,.

A relationship where only part is interested in the success and progress of the relationship could lead to break up.
In a relationship where understanding, maturity  and tolerance does not exist will definitely break up.
In a relationship where the bride or groom's s parents over interferes in their affairs such that privacy is not guaranteed will lead to break up.
In a relationship their is no submissivness such relationship will lead to break up.
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Breakups will happen because of a number of reasons here are some of them.

There is lack of communication, where people will always sweep issues under the carpet instead of talking about them.

Disrespecting the other person like mocking them in front of people or in public places.

Not honoring them when you should. this may not be very common but there are some people who feel like when they are not honored they feel like they are not loved enough.

Putting too much pressure on the other person. this especially happens with the married people where one partner feels that the other partner is the one who should be doing most of the things while the other just sits and waits to receive, i think that becomes too weighty on one person.

Disagreements on money issues and responsibilities very crucial, if not discuses things can get very ugly.

Being with someone who does not share the same values as you can cause a drift which would end up in a breakup.

Distance also plays a big part, especially when people don't take time to talk to each other frequently.
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For me, I think it's the Absence of Understanding each other. Mostly break-ups are made from Misunderstandings, Jealousy.

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According to me, trust issue is the main reason for break up. The trust is very important in any kind of relationship.

Next misunderstanding may leads to end the relationship.
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Immaturity is likely the number one cause, followed by lack of self-awareness (understanding what you want and expect from the other person), and objectivity (otherwise known as 'Love Goggles Syndrome'). Lastly there is 'Repetition Compulsion'.
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