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I am married now and right now, my heart broke when I had my miscarriage to my supposed -to -be second child. i already have my first child, but having another is like an impossible thing for me. This is my second miscarriage trying to conceive for a second child. i am totally brokenhearted now. I am somehow desperate of what else to do to understand my situation.

I thought having a baby in the family would help my daughter develop accordingly. She is a bit delayed: late talker. But she can read at age 3. I expected so much about this pregnancy but my pregnancy was critical. I spent my 2 months in bedrest.

Maybe this is just not the right time for a baby. If only can know the best way to deal with this sad emotions I am in. Thanks in advance for people who would answer.
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What did I do is i try to encourage and convince myself that it's okay and everything will be fine in the end and to think of my children first before my emotions.

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It's quite touching experience you have gone through in losing two pregnancies via miscarriages, I must admit. But it is not the end of the world, you just have to be strong. If not for anybody but for your little daughter. We had at one time in our lives experienced heart breaks of varying experiences. The truth is, we are not defined by what happen to us but how we manage to get ourselves together and move on from. And this takes a whole lot of courage to do especially if there's no shoulder to cry on.

I once found myself in a heart broken situation too but quite different from yours. I felt the world was on my shoulder when my girl left me. And to make matter worst, it happened when I was about to start my exams. I was completely devastated. I cried like a baby for some days. It was really a  heart rending experience for me

God so kind, I was able to pick myself up from the heart break, and I started preparing for my exams. I took solace in not wanting to fail myself and my people, which really did help me to move on.
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In the past, I had an LDR boyfriend. It was a day before exam when I just knew he already had a child and was about to marry another woman. my whole world was turned upside down. I took the exam brokenhearted. Thankfully, I passed the board exam and got my license as a nurse. Moving on was difficult as he never asked sorry. 
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That was another horrible experience there. Thank God you didn't get married to him before you find out the truth about him. It would have been worst. And as for the nursing exams you passed, it really went a long way to show you're a strong woman.
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The biggest heartache I had so far and hopefully the last one was when I discovered that my boyfriend for six years was taking drugs only on our 6th year together. His behaviour has changed apparently and that made me decide to move to Thailand to think things out because the relationship has become stressful and unhealthy for me. There, I started traveling alone across the islands and provinces, and I just loved my freedom and being alone. Another thing I did to help me move on was joing dating sites which allowed me to know different people from different places and it helped me to divert my thoughts. I didn't regret a thing because it made me realize what I love to do and that is traveling, and thru the dating site, I found the love of my life after two years of searching in the net.
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I think my biggest heartbreak was when I discovered my son was taking hard drugs and had become addicted. I was so naive back then and put his erratic behaviour down to puberty as he was then around 16. I didn't think for a moment that a child of mine would turn to drugs as we had talked about the dangers and he assured me he never would.

I can remember the exact moment that I discovered he had been using heroin, it was the police that informed me after he started to steal for his habit. I couldn't believe it, time stood still while I tried to take it in. How could this be?  You have this precious little baby that you love with all your heart and try to bring him up to know right from wrong and then this happens! It just seemed unreal.

Since that time I have adjusted. He is 37 now and clean of drugs although he has turned to alcohol. I have custody of his daughter and I know he will never be any more than he is now. Sometimes you just have to accept that things will never be the way you hoped and live your life the best you can,
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My major heart break was when my father died. He passed away August 7 of last year and it was the most heartbreaking experience I had. I never expected he will die. I thought we will able to get him home. He promised he will get home. When he was in ICU, we visits him and he always promise that he will go home with us and we will have a normal life again. But it didn't happened. Instead, we bring him home dead and I was like dying inside. I can't talk, all i can do was to cry. For a week until the time of his burial, I was crying. When he was buried, I calmed down. Sunday is my first day of accepting he is already gone and I observed I really calmed down. I think day by day God is healing everyone of us in the family. It was so difficult in this situation. I am still hurting but I think God wants me to move on so  I follow.
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The major heart break I had was when my only lover left me for another guy. I met this young lady at my year one in school and as my hear pleases and directed me. I walk up to her and made my intentions known. After which we both got along and started dating and we we're best if friends. We eat together since she was always wwith me in my house. Everyone around were jelouse if our union.
It all continued till we both gotgotto our final year in school and I decided to propose to her, she agreed and I was happy that better thing is coming between us. So after graduation we both go back home and she got a job immediately through her uncle.
Later after then she started reacting and ignoring my calls and messages. It all continued and each time I asked her, she kept saying we are good. Till the day I saw her wedding picture on Facebook. I was heartbroken.

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