imageEven while sitting with family or friends, some people are in the habit of checking their phone every other second. They are more interested in the phone than the conversation that's going on. I find it highly disrespectful. Are you addicted to your phone?

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I am not addicted. But I was addicted before. Remember the old phones? I was in college when I had my phone, and that my classmates were sending group messages. There was no facebook before and the means of communication back then was thru SMS- Short Messaging Service. There was no LTE or 4G that time. There was so called "text mates' for people who are so much into texting one another. Relationship happened just by texting. But for me, since I was still studying, I have never gotten into relationships. I just had few textmates. And with them, I texted whenever I feel I need someone to talk to. Definitely, it was a past time.
Nowadays, smartphones and tablets are being used and a lot of apps are being offered mainly for entertainment. I had to stop using those as my daughter , who is still very young who is becoming addicted to it. I do not want her world to just revolve around the use of gadgets. Of all the many good sides about using phones, there are still a lot of disadvantages to it.
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I think most of us have come to a point when we became addicted to our phones. And this isn't just true for mobile phones but with all the gadgets that offer us a way of distraction from our usual life. Like every bad habits, phone addiction is hard to break.

We oftentimes get so fed up with the routinary lifestyle that we have so we tend to seek for something new--something variant and more interesting. And there comes our mobile phones. Since it's equipped with apps and other tools that can easily grab our attention, it is often too late when we realize that we are devoting too much of our time to it. In fact, we get so dependent not only to the comfort but also to the companionship it brings. I admit that I'm guilty of this. But I do believe that no matter how addictive our phones are, there is always a way to get out of that habit.
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Yes I am, but that was the time where Nokia 3310 does still exist. I was a very addict in texting and calling the girl I'm courting that time, I remember that I always stay up late at night just by talking and texting to her, even though there are times that she is not responding to my text. But now, I'm really not addicted to my cell phone anymore and as a matter of fact, I only use my cell phone very rarely, most of the time it is powered off as if I didn't need it anymore. I only use it when I need to text or call my family and my girlfriend so I didn't have to use it very much. Since I've got my tablet and laptop my cell phone seems to be in the  Bermuda triangle because there are many times where my cell phone is nowhere to be found when I needed it.
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Yes am so much addicted to my phone and not only a phone but rather smartphone. I cannot stay the whole day without having a touch at my phone matter how busy I am. Smartphone has really impacted my life for instance, most of my earnings I earn them from online working. I cannot get even $50 per month just sitting on my back or using Nokia 310.
In addition,am kind of an introvert person and having a smartphone is like having company. I can Facebook, tweet or even watch clips on Instagram or watch videos on YouTube and the  day ends. This has really impacted my life in a great way. Many a times I just wonder how the world could have been without smartphone. The only problem using smartphone is that its expensive and buying data is quite expensive too.
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I think I am on the average. When I am home, I click and open the Wifi and I only browse for an hour because I will be using some of my time for online work and some rest. There are times that I can watched and download movies in different sites, but there are times that I can use it limitedly. For me, I can organize my time with social network and browsing. I can do it during the time that I have so much time to be wasted, like Sunday. In the morning, I can check on my phone immediately because I use my phone with alarm. I do not mind some messages as soon as my brain is already charged up. I am not into my phone when I am not working but when I am working, I need to have a ringtone to know if there is a message or someone is calling. All in all, I think I am not addicted to my phone.
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I like to have my phone with me at all times but that is only in case of an emergency call. I might play around on it in an idle moment at home but if I am with my friends when we are out I keep it in my bag  because I think it is rude to keep checking it every two minutes. It annoys me if I see a friend only half concentrating on what I am saying although I don't mind if they answer a call as it could be important,

There's nothing wrong with checking it if you are on your own say waiting for a train. No one would bat an eyelid if you were reading a book and it's not much different to that but I think in the workplace or at school a phone should be switched off as these are places where you are contactable by others means such as the company/school phone. Phones are a distraction while you should be working and it means you are not concentrating properly on your work.

I love the sign in the picture but unfortunately people have mobile data so it wouldn't make a lot of difference to someone who was really addicted to their phone!
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The most of the people are facing the problem of phone addiction in their life. This is because in the modern world it is very handy for them to use, there is everything available on one click on the internet. But I am far away from this addiction. I have restricted myself for using the phone upto a certain limit. I always remember to only use it for a certain limit only. That restriction on myself helps me to stay away from the addiction.
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Due to current corona lockdown situations,  addicted to phone, spending Allmost 2hrs extra at home on phone by browsing personal finance videos/blogs and very frequently checking whatsapp messages. 
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I would like to say "NO" . But reality is " Definitely YES" .  Yes I am addicted to my phone. No matter how I am busy or not, but I used my phone. Many times I have tried to not to use phone. But I have failed all times. 
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I am not addicted to my phone I fact I can go for days without even opening my phone unless an important call or message am waiting for, an email to reply or a chat somewhere which is very important. Otherwise, my kids are the ones who usually use my phone for playing games and watching videos kids stuff.

I even stayed for two years without a cell phone when my kid damaged a certain phone gifted to me by my husband. It was a cool phone and I lost interest in buying one earlier enough. 
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