There are situations in which any company has to take care of the destruction of any material, and in advance the risks that imply the improper use of these products in unfavorable or non-conforming conditions, without complying with the regulations or that is confidential, they want to certify that this is the case. They can combine from solid or liquid food products in any vessel to manufactured products such as toys, electrical equipment, and hygiene products. For these services, the equipment provides a crucial transport and a destination that, depending on the merchandise, will certify its integral destruction and its adequate environmental treatment.

As always, once the procedure is finished, a certificate of destruction of all demolished merchandise is issued. The consultants will prepare a budget for the destruction of merchandise free of charge and without any promise on your part. An authorized waste manager is an enthusiastic company providing environmental services to organizations, businesses, and individuals. Waste management is an area that has been knowingly changed in recent years. With years of history and with a group of specialists in the transport, management and waste treatment sectors, the team has positioned itself as a solvent, flexible and efficient service provider.

The activities that the team can obtain have increased to offer a complete range of potentials that resolve any type of prerequisite that the company has in relation to any waste. The dedication and effort team creations will work for your company. The team is dedicated to essential waste management that has extensive experience and a full catalog of resources for their work.

Global solutions:  The team can work with any waste that your organization can produce.

Reliability: Thanks to the wide fleet of trucks that the team offers a fast and efficient transport service.

Professionalism: Advisors are competent in technical and economic areas to offer the best solutions in terms of environment and productivity.

The widest range of products:  The team has the widest range of products for recycling to respond adequately to any state.

Flexibility: Rapid response to changes and new customer needs.

Continuous monitoring and advice:  Each of the clients are assigned an advisor whose objective is to allow an immediate and effective declaration that resolves any doubt or demand.

Traceability:  All waste is documented and the destinations for which it is destined are specialized so that the client knows what is done, how it is manufactured and where it is extracted. As an official waste manager, all destinations are official.

The equipment provides all the documentation required by the Department of the Environment: authorizations as authorized administrator for each waste, the document of application and admission of waste. Destruction of promotional materials is the service that customers demand the most.
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Each company has a way to deal with this, but making everything simple all that has to be done is use a paper machine to tear the documents that need to be simple as that.

As for what needs to be destroyed and Who will Destroy it the company will be the only one able to tell. Before you Destroy make sure you are allowed to do it, otherwise you could get in trouble.
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