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How to get rid of pain around heart, which takes place usually after consuming food and/or drink water or something? After eating something, pain doesn't happen that often, but after drinking water, especially just after eating something, definitely makes the area around heart pain considerably, so much so that medicine for saving the heart from heart-attack has to be taken. What medicines do you suggest? What eatables and drinkables can you suggest? What other recommendations and/or suggestions can you provide? Any similar example you have of someone else, who dealt with such a problem, and got rid of it somehow or the other?
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There are many types of chest pains but the one associated with food intake is I think what they called "heart Burn". My suggestion is go seek medical assistance and if you have heart burn, possibility you have GERD or the acid reflux resulting to pain in your chest. I hope it is not heart problem. 
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I believe the condition you are referring to is called heart burn. It can be avoided by abstaining from certain foods that has the potential of triggering it. And also make that your eat long before you go to bed at night. That way the food can digested properly before going to bed. Consume herbs and spices that contain Allium compounds e.g, onions, French shallot, scallion, garlic. They can help in regulating foods that cause heart burn.
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You need to go to doctor and get check up, and avoid certain foods that it will cause the pain.

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The First step is to see a doctor to Ensure what you have is nothing serious. That sounds like a lot like what I have: heartburn. Heartburn is a terrible feeling that happens especially after we drink or eat. It is always a great idea not to drink while you eat, avoid coffee , carbonated drinks and oily goods such as french fries and pizza. Of course these are some tips my gastroenterologist gave me because i have been dealing with heartburn for endless years now, but the more you cut foods that make you feel bad the better it gets. You should also avoid to eat a lot of food right before going to bed and also avoid eating too much canned food, ketchup, mustard and Pepper. These are terrriblefor heartburn. But before anything make sure you visit a doctor

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