Many people give up in life too soon.
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I think, may be that is because of lack of imagination. They do not know what else to do but there are a lot of thing they can try. There is just a need to think calmly for a while.
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The moment you stop believing in your ability and how it can improve and help you realize your dreams that will be the same moment you wave goodbye to your enthusiasm about your dream and give up completely
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They give up because the wold had crushed out They will to live and to fight. They gives up because the moment they loose hope. They think life is already meaningless.
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Perseverance is key. Many people may give up because they are overwhelmed by difficulty, lack of resources, or lack of self-belief, but the ones who persevere and push through will be victorious in the end.
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In life we live by struggling to make the ends meet.Many people will and try until they succeed while others will give up early and easily when they see situation not changing and their success is not somewhere near.
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People give up because of pressure.

People give up because he cannot stand the challenges he experience

They give up also because they lose hope on achieving his certain goal

People give up when they feel down and see other people as better and not themselves
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Lack, Failure, Fear, Discouragement

People give up in life for various reasons, one of the main reason is lack of motivation, resources, or support. They may feel that they lack the skills, knowledge, or resources necessary to achieve their goals. They might also be facing failure, which can be disheartening and make them feel defeated. Fear can also be a major factor, people might be scared of failure, rejection or uncertainty. Discouragement can also lead to giving up, when people face obstacles or challenges, they might lose hope and feel like giving up. All these factors can contribute to a person's decision to give up on their goals and aspirations.
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Most people give up due to lack of motivation that drive them to acquire the basic important needs.also many people give up of lack of financial support, spiritual support , phyco-social support and lack of legal representation
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some people give up because of frustrations in life. once there is life,there is hope.there is always a period of trial in life but everything has expiry date.dont give,just pray and trust in God,you will succeed in life
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