Laziness can be a huge problem to different people.
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Laziness is disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to act or to exert oneself. It is often used as a pejorative; terms for a person seen to be lazy include "couch potato", "slacker", and "bludger". Related concepts include sloth, a Christian sin, and lethargy, a state of lacking energy.  
There is no food for a lazy man,Human beings are not meant to be lazy,we must work to provide for ourselves and family

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Laziness is the tendency to avoid physical or mental effort or to be unwilling to take action. It is often characterized by a lack of desire to engage in activities that require effort. In four words, I describe as laziness as a "Avoidance of physical or mental effort".

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Exactly! Laziness is  the avoidance of physical or mental effort.
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See, your laziness isn’t so much a condition as it is a symptom. That means, if you’re ever going to get to the bottom of your laziness and start meeting your goals, you need to dig deep
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Wonderful! One needs to dig deep so as to solve the issue of laziness.
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Laziness is something that we try to resist for sometime but eventually it comes back to us.

 LAZY people create tough time.
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Exactly! Lazy people create tough time for themselves. People should not be lazy so as to create easy time.
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Gaining fat on bed.

Watching TV on couch.

Ordering youngers  for your stuff.

Looking at disasters through your bed or couch.

It's  all laziness, when not helping yourself to get any your stuff..just lay down and waiting someone  to pass by you l.
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Laziness to me can be best describe as tiredness and sluggishness and it can be associated with words like ignoring, yes, ignoring something you are suppose to do.
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That's true. Ignoring something you are supposed to do is called laziness.
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Idle, supine, inert, and passive. And this only serves to further diminish the motivation we do have. Having or showing unwillingness to work.
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You are right! The motivation we have is further diminished by laziness.
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Laziness is sluggish, idle, apathetic, and complacent.Laziness is a mindset in which an individual is disinclined to exert the effort required to take the necessary steps to improve their situation. This may manifest in a wide variety of ways - from procrastination, to ignoring responsibilities, to an unwillingness to act even when success is at hand. It is an insidious and damaging condition, which can have a dire impact on an individual's life and well-being. Laziness can lead to feelings of boredom, worthlessness, or even depression, and can prevent individuals from achieving their true potential. Fortunately, however, laziness is also something that can be conquered, through discipline, dedication, and determination.
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Laziness is:

* Losing his will to work and uneager to move

* Not motivated to perform a certain task

* The act of negativity applied to himself

* No efforts shown in him
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Idle, sluggish, apathetic, procrastination.

Laziness is the state of being idle and not doing anything productive. It is characterized by sluggishness, which is a lack of energy or motivation to do things. Laziness is also marked by apathy, a lack of interest or concern in things that are happening around. Laziness often leads to procrastination, which is the act of delaying or postponing tasks or responsibilities. In short, laziness is characterized by a lack of motivation and a tendency to avoid or delay work or other activities.
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laziness is your inability to perform your daily activities or responsilities.A man or woman is said to be lazy when she or he is unable to perforn his or her daily activities or responsibilities
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Laziness describes as a slow, idle, inactive, and dull kind of character. This does not dare to do whatever ones person wants without pushing the person to do things.
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