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I need a guidance to choose my career path. My dream is to study in Canada, so plesae help me .

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Hi! I have been through this process , I studied in Canada :)

Well it depends what you want to do. The First step is to have $$ as studying there can be costly. If you want to go to university it will be very expensive , especially as a foreigners (they charge more for foreigners).

Apprenticeships are only allowed for permanent residents (these are more affordable)

If you go for just a couple Language/credit courses then you will not spend much.

Studying at the U of A was an amazing experience, though I did not take a complete uni course cuz it is very very expensive and different from some countries they charge per semester so you have to pay everything in advance.

As a student in an uni course you can get a working visa to work up to 20 hours a week...might not be enough but already helps.

Good luck!

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Canada is one of best for Universities and also for higher education. But Study in Canada can be tough for an international students if they doesn't know the right way to apply in Canada. Canada have more than 20 universities which are among  the world best 300 universities.  So for an international student there are some requirement that have to follow to get admission into a Canadian University.

  1.  The minimum requirement for IELTS for an international student to apply for a Canadian university is 6.5 overall. also if a student Get 80 in TOFFEL than he/she also can apply for Canadian university
  2. Then the student need a letter of intent
  3. Adequate bank and sponsor support
  4. Medium of instruction or the language proficiency.
  5. All Academic certificate
  6. A CV
  7. Motivational letter
  8. Proof of economical stability
So at last select an university and apply via agency or firm to avoid hassle. 

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