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There are numerous animals yet undiscovered by human, so maybe yes maybe not.

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Absolutely, think of the sperm whale for example, how huge is that animal! It is incredible how a place in the world can still fit animals that size! They are amazing and they are on the wild breeding, feeding and growing naturally. I love how perfect nature is and hate how stupid people all over the world hunt these animals and destroy nature to exploit and make more cash out of it. I believe nature and huge animals (in fact all sorts of animals, from ants to huge whales) should be cherished and taken care of so that more and more generations are able to see them in the future. People hunting them or even using them in parks is something that enfuriates me to no extent so I do believe these are still there anyways and I do love the fact that they exist.
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If we are talking about dinosaurs and pterodactyls or similar animals then no I think these animals became extinct millions of years ago along with other marine life. However  there are stories where it is thought that some prehistoric monsters do still exist such as the Loch Ness monster which is said to roam the lakes of the Scottish Highlands. Some people have taken photos of a strange creature rearing it's head above the water but it is largely thought to be a myth. There have been eight official sightings of the creature and the photos do not appear to be photo shopped; they show an unexplained creature with a long neck and humps.

Some people believe that certain prehistoric animals do exist because the deep sea and dense jungles are hard places to explore so if they had survived we would probably never know. It's an interesting thought,
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By stating monstrous animals, am certain you're referring to those gigantic animals like the dinosaurs and mammoths. If that's the case, there's no record of such animals existing in our present times. The majority of them died from natural causes like the dinosaurs who got wiped by asteroids impacting the earth some 65 million years ago. Others like the mammoths got extinct mostly as they were hunted by early humans. While the rest probably got extinct by evolution itself. Don't ask me what led to the extinction of dragons, i highly doubt they even existed in the first place.

Today, the closest thing we have to a monstrous like animal are jungle cats and probably the grizzly and polar bears. I chose to call them monstrous like because they are very dangerous animals who can almost not live with humans in the same place without the fear of danger. If they are other animals asides this which can measure up to the definition of montrousity, then I haven't heard of them.

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