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There are those who managed to house snakes as pets. I presume they have charms they use in taming them. Or they have means of removing the poisonous part of them, which makes them harmless the pet rearers.

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If you are into snakes and you already know everything about it, even petting them and calming them down, then you can have them as a pet. I had seen a lot of people having snake as their pet and they seem enjoying it. Their pet seems loving them as well. They had build a certain owner-pet connection just like the regular domestic pet we have. If you love to have snake as a pet, then you will take advantage of the internet reading about do's and don'ts of having it as a pet. You learn to adjust to your pet if you have one. You learn about its nature for you to understand each other. Just like people, pets will only hurt you when you hur them and if they assume you are about to hurt them. It is their defend mechanism. Before you hurt them, they will hurt you first.
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It depends on the type of snake. Some snakes are dangerous and others not.  One of the deadliest snakes on the planet is supposed to be the water snake Hydrophis which has a very venomous bite so you would not choose to pet this kind of snake. Other dangerous snakes are the Black Mamba and the Cobra.

Not all snakes are poisonous though and can be kept as pets. The Corn snake, Kingsnake, Rosy boa, Gopher and Ball Python are among those that people like to keep in their homes and are great for beginners  as they do not require a lot of looking after.  Some research would need to go into their care such as housing, feeding etc. but they can make a nice feature in a home if you like reptiles by keeping them in a glass tank which should be secure to make sure they can't escape.
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I never knew that not all snakes are poisonous anyways. But even at that, I don't really feel that it is good for me to start having snakes as pet since I don't like that animal. 
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Honestly speaking, for myself i don't think its a good idea to have a snake as a pet. Why would you want to have a snake when there are so many other animals that you can have as a pet? To me its more of a concern really. I know there are people who actually tame snakes as a hobby and keep them as pets. Snakes are so creepy they are also very dangerous. Lets say you have a snake as a pet, when it finds a way of getting away and ends up hurting someone else, it will attack because it doesn't recognize anyone else what would you do then? This are some of the questions people need to ask themselves before they take up some pets. I have seen people in documentaries that have been attacked by their so called tamed animals and the same has also happened to the snake charmers as well.
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To be honest snakes are not good to pet, but some people want to keep pet in their home. I remember my cousin when she was living with her partner, they have this python baby snake that they always holding it. It sounds a bit scary for me because I really hate snakes. You can pet the snake not unless you know what are the consequences you could get in the end. Snakes should be feed once in a while especially during full moon.I heard one of my friends told me that if you don't feed your pet snake, they will be more aggressive. I also read from this article about of the big python pet snake she has. She wonder why her pet snake doesn't eat for couple months now. And friends told her to let the pet go away from her because, her pet starving herself so she could eat her. The pet snake is just measuring how big she is so it would fit on pet snake tummy. Snake are more tend to be friendly at the same time,traitor.
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I always see the act of having a pet animal as a decision that we all always take individually and there is no way that anyone will end up forcing me to start having a particular type of animal as a pet. For instance, I don't feel comfortable being around where dogs are and that has been the major reason I hardly go to some places where dogs are being kept as pet.

I have also looked at some other situations where those that kept snakes as pet do so all because this is something that they feel that they should be having as pet. It is all about nature and what we feel that it is necessary for us to work things out. Snake is a wild animal and when someone wants to keep it as a pet, such person should also be ready to face the consequences of the actions that they are taking such as being bitten by the snake.

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