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I'm very afraid of cats and as a result of this, I find it very difficult to stay in a house where there is a cat as well. My grandmother have a cat, and I hardly stay anywhere near her cat. Dogs are more comfortable to me and they are easier to maintain in my opinion. 
 I prefer cat. They are more gentle than dogs. Our pet dog is so hyper and likes to bite things. I want to cuddle a cat than a dog
I like dog more than cat in my house,because cats shits everywhere while dog you can train them if you have too.
Cats are easier to take care of and they're more independent. Dogs require more attention in general.

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It depends on you. On how you accept their differences. Cats have personalities. They are not like dogs but some of them are sweet and appreciates how you love them. Some are snobs, and they don't care about you unless you have foods. There are cats that are dominant. They will keep on crying for your attention just to give them food. I have cats and dogs and there are struggles of taking care of them both but I still continue to adopt stray cats despite having dogs. On the other hand, dogs are loyal and could be your closest friends. I have a dog that is very close to me. He always hugs me and I know he really care about me because he knows when I am sick and feeling some terrible illness. He licks the tears on my cheek when I am crying. He loves to be always there for me.
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Although people say dogs are the best companions for them, in my view, dogs and cats are emotional support animals for us. Before I adopted my cats, I had a loyal and enthusiastic dog and feared cats because I was bitten by a stray cat in my childhood. I thought cats are indifferent and wild and promised I would not have a cat forever. However, after I grew up, I forgot my commitment and adopted two cute kittens from my friends... I gradually understand the cats and addict to anything about them. In fact, they have rich emotions under the indifferent face and different meows; they could not listen to the commands but observe our emotional changes; they will accompany us silently while we need them; they could ask for our care and attention acting like a spoiled child. My cats give me the sense of security when I live alone far away from home. Because I have airsickness while flying alone, my friend who has traveled with his ESA dog suggested me to certificate my cat to be ESAs, so as to travel with them next time. Thanks to my cats, I turn my viewpoint toward the cats and receive full of love from them. 

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As for me, it is a matter of preference. It all depends on the individual who wants to live with either of them. There are people that have great deal of affinity towards dogs but not for the cat and vice versa. This could be as a result of the pleasure the owners of these pets derive from them.

Some people like the cats because they are very neat and intimate pets to have because if you have them in your house, you barely get your environment littered with poops and urine as they are are known for their neat nature. And they are very good pets to rely on for intimacy especially if you are the type that gets lonely easy. Cats can be perfect remedy for boredom as they provide company for the owners.

On the contrary, the dogs are not the neat and intimate pets. They are very dirty with their poops and urine. And as for intimacy, they are not that close to the owners compare to cats.
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I would say a cat is easier to look after as they do not need as much attention as a dog, I cannot go out for the day and leave my dogs because they would get anxious and start to bark or whine. They also need to be let out periodically to do their business.

A cat however is very independent and as long as it had somewhere to get in if the weather was bad it would not mind being left for the day. I had one cat that used to get in through an upstairs window so I could quite happily leave it for a day without a problem.

At the  moment I have dogs which are both quite old and although I love them dearly I have decided not to have any more when they are gone because they are a tie if you want to go somewhere you can't take dogs.  I have always had pets though and I will definitely have a cat after they have passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
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I prefer taking care of a dog. I find cats very unfriendly or maybe its because I have never lived with any since I was a child. Besides that, I think cats are very dangerous than dogs.
Take an instance of a dog, once you befriend it, that's all and you will  be best friends ever. Dogs can offer you tight protection against strangers maybe through barking to make you alert. Cats on the other hand, they can't do that. All they know is just relaxing on the sofa and maybe hunting rats. Also from where I come from, cats are symbolised as bad sign or omen as especially when they new. They're viewed as evil spirits and some communities use cats to cast spell in people, especially the black cats. That's actually one of the major reasons why I hate cats.
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For me i prefer cats , Cat is better than dogs.. but dog is also good dog is the best for security alerts and dogs can be your friend. But dog is not good all the time, sometimes dog can kill you if a dog has a rabbies your life will risk.. Thats why i prefer cat , for me cat is the best stress reliever.. my cat is so cute, even im hungry and tired when im with my cat i feel so happy and comfortable , also cat can play with you and you cannot die even your cat bite you. cat is the best for stress reliever and dog is the best for security alert.. both dog and cat are the best . But cat is playful and agile, cats love to play. They are quite acrobatic too, especialy when you take out a toy fishing pole or a cat dancer toy. They will reap , run and pounce on the toy, which is great fun to watch.
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Dogs and cats which is easier to take care of, this is tricky, i would have both if i had to. But in this case i think i would choose a cat. Dogs have a lot of work, and if you want to have a good obedient dog it takes a lot of work and patience. It's sometimes easy to manipulate a dog if it has not been trained properly, and you have to start the training early enough so that they can get used to the rules around them. On the other hand cats are easier to take care of. They don't need much training. With cats you need to check the emotions you bring out around them, because they are good with senses. So long as you show a cat that you are scared of it, or you want to attack it it will retaliate in a violent manner. Stay calm and loving around a cat and it will be your closest friend. Another thing about cats they sense danger very first be it poison, or an attack and that way they alert you in good time so a cat it is.
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I love dogs. I am getting afraid of cats. I don't like that " Meow" Sound. I am highly Irritated when I am hearing that sound. So Dogs are good to me. Dogs are friendly, funny, helpful. I have 4 dogs in my home.
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The meow sound, their looks I don't like at all. I do love and prefer dogs so much. Cats can't provide protection apart from just chilling and maybe catch a rat. 
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A Dog is better to take care of than a Cat. Dog can save your House. They are faithful. They eat what the Humans eat. They alert you at the time of trouble.
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Very true and even scientifically dogs are easier to train and are more attached to humans. 
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Is better to take care of dog more than cat dog is a useful pet and must deserve a reward for it cat is nothing but just a pet and dog is a useful pet 
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Both of them can be taken care of by us. It is how we determine the preferences between the two. I had a cat before and enjoyed having it. At the same time, I also have two dogs. There is no difference when giving care to these animals.
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It is better to take care of dog because always loyal to human.he is like a member of always help her owner in trouble.
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Whether dog or cat, it's the same. They are both pet, and needs to be taken care of. But most people especially Philippines, they prefer dogs as their pet because "Dog is man's bestfriend".
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I prefer taking care of a dog. Since I was young I used to fear cats till now. I don't like cats also. And moreso cats can be stubborn compared to the dogs. 
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For me there is no difference to take care of dog or cat. But I love to take care dogs,  Because dogs are my favorite animals. Like dogs very much.
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A dog may need more attention than a cat, but certainly, both of them gonna need the same care, they need you to feed them, bathe them, to take them to the vet.
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I think it would be better to take care of a dog since they are more home friendly and adaptable.  And they are great as pets and can protect your house. Dogs are also known as man's best friend.
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