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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 67
Yes. Definitely. As an environmental science student, we do play close attention to birds because they are good indicators of biodiversity. For instance, when an area is occupied by several species of birds, this means that it is highly productive and that the ecosystem functions properly making the area habitable. This also reflects how rich a particular species is, which is predominantly useful in accounting for biodiversity loss. If you have ever heard or read Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, she narrates the huge decline of bird species due to the massive use of DDT. This flagged huge concern and brought awareness on the harmful effects of such pesticides.

Moreover, there are people who are bird enthusiasts. These people take notice on the birds they see whenever they are outside. Some even use binoculars to observe them while others devote their  time to capture images of birds.
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It is good to hear that there are still groups that taking care of the birds and still putting their attention to it, it is very rare to have a people like you.
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I do wish more people will realize how birds as well as other organisms help in maintaining the ecological balance of the earth. They're not just there for us to adore. They're in fact key factors for our survival.
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You are right, that's a good point you have there. Every organism has their own role in this earth, a role that is very essential in maintaining the balance of all non-living and living things. it's good to have a discussion or talk with you let's do this and share thoughts to every question we answer :)

replied by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 67
I do agree with you. Once people realize that, they will stop being so egoistic and will not only think of their own wellbeing. I always look forward to the day when we will start to genuinely care for species other than ours.

Yeah. Sure :)
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It's good to hear that, through this, we can discuss a very good topic and let the others join us too. It would be more interesting to know different point of view. 

Thanks to you also!
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
Yes, I think so. Whenever I am outside, I love to see birds flying in the sky. It means they are happy, I just assume though. I love to see whenever they are forming something like letter V, sometimes letter Y. I think they are too smart to think that way. Also, some birds are in the land sometimes because they are picking food. If I see one, i truly look at the color and the size of the bird. If it is cute I will take a picture and post it on my social network. On Instagram, when there are post about birds, I usually check the quality of the picture. I love the different colors of the birds. I do think birds balances everything and they are there for us to appreciate. They are an example of flying high when you fall from the ground, it means you still have chances regardless of failures.
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We are the same, I really do love looking at birds when they are around and whenever they stepped on the ground, I just wondering what's their thinking.
replied by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I really wish I know. I want to feel how they feel when they are flying. I love watching birds forming a shape while flying. It makes them look free and happy. It makes me happy too.
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Wow! It feels like your telling a story. Now that you mention it I also want to feel the wind up in the sky, I want to fly very high and touch the clouds. I wonder what it feels to fly in the sky.
replied by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I want to feel that way too, the problem is that I am afraid of heights. I can't even go to highest buildings and look down. That is why I get a relieve watching the birds because for me they are brave and happy creatures. 
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answered by ELITE (4,084 points) 7 27 72
I absolutely adore wild birds, I am fascinated by them, their beautiful plumage, the way they soar and sometimes their trust of humans when they know we will feed them. I used to feed them on a regular basis until I realised the food I was putting out was attracting rats too.

When I was young we had a family budgie which we trained to mimic. He was an unusual shade of blue as the breeder had been trying to breed a violet shade which hadn't quite worked but he was still beautiful. He could say "pretty boy" and would spend hours talking to himself in the mirror.

Some people are afraid of birds and I guess the large variety  with hooked beaks and  sharp talons can be a little unnerving. I had a friend who owned an African Grey parrot. He would let it roam free around the house in the evenings and once it pecked his ear so badly that it made it bleed and he had to go to hospital. Not a pet I would choose to own!
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Wow! you have experience in petting a bird, how about now? Have you tried to pet some birds? now at your age? 
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 18 73
Yes I do pay attention to birds I think there are really beautiful creature that can make one smile and be happy when the fly around.I took interest in watching birds right from high school can remember spending time behind my dormitory balcony and enjoying breeze and nature while I watched the birds fly over my head and make some crazy noises but in a playful way. I just sit in awed watching them go by.

I like the very colorful ones even when I was little I know I enjoy catching some birds with my catapult and keeping them with me.I had a small bird cage where I kept them and tend to them.it was like a hobby to me.

Birds reminds me always that I can be happy despite what I might faced because with zeal to move higher I can soar higher with my wings.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 3 11 21
yes i suppose there is someone. am sure therre are people who have pets like birds. let me give you a short story, when i was younger the school used to take us on trips to go and visit the museums, and animal orphanages, and parks. while there we used to see all kinds of animals from crwling animals, to birds of the air, big and small animals you name it. this gave us a lot of exposure as children to know the differences in their habitats and how they relate with humans and themselves. so anyway one day we were taken to se different bird species, and how lovely did they look. the numerous colors, the small ones and the big ones, they all were so unique. this birds are fed and taken care of by people. and it's amazing how we have so many bird species in the world. yes we have bird keepers just like we have people who rear sharks!

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