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Beauty is something which cannot be quantified or defined. For some nature is beauty, for some the waste is beauty, for some it is materialistic beauty. It all depends on a persons perception. What is beautiful to my eyes may be ugly according to someone else and vice-versa. When you say something is beautiful or someone is beautiful , trace back and observe your thoughts as to why you considered that person or that thing as beautiful. You will be overwhelmed to find that the answer directly links to your attraction towards the object or the person.

We can get live example of what beauty is, as nature depicts them day in and day out. I see a hungry calf feeding from its mother cow and I find that beautiful. Many people find the sky beautiful studded with millions of stars. Some find that one small plant growing in the corner of their house as beautiful.
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Beauty is within. We can appreciate the beauty from external and it is easy to see, but what real beauty means is what we felt to be done by that person. It should not be define by having a hourly glass figure, a fair and clear complexion, the way of makeup they use to beautify their face, the way they walk, they look like a model or a doll. It doesn't have to be that way. Beauty is when you have nothing but you are still sharing. Beauty is like you are judge but you choose to understand the weakness of other people and not doing the same. Beauty is praying for other people during time of life storm or a literal storm. Beauty is when you are selfless, you try caring , loving and sharing and of course, when a person is taking care of themselves, that is beauty too.
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The real beauty to me is the inner beauty which radiates from within and shines beautifully outside.I can't relate with a wolf in sheep clothing and outward is just vain what one really need to exude and be most noticed is the inward beauty.

If one can be nice,godly, friendly,polite,caring, a cheerful giver,a counsellor and a person with a good heart I think those will really show how beautiful one is.

They are people that are cute,handsome, pretty,great looking name it but you cant spend an hour with them without being offended, their behavior stinks to high heavens.in fact their beauty becomes worthless and it like they are the ugliest people on earth.

I will always prefer people of good heart and thoughts than a beauty queen or most handsome man on earth with a very bad attitude.
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Beauty is a relative concept and it 's differ from culture to culture and from time to time. Around 200 years ago in my country, women with apparent mutache were considered an ideal beauty. Having mustache reresented the power of fertility. But now, we never imagine that. Also, it 's true as many individuals have their own description of beauty. For example in my mind shining eyes and soft skin are the main characters of beauty but my friend's beauty characters are : blonde hair with green eyes. I believe that intellegence and kindness can affect the apperiance of beauty. Also natural beauty is more attractive than the fake one. my country has the highest rate of nose surgery in the world and this is again of natural beauty.
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Nobody can define for you what real beauty is. I've said it time and time again. If I tell you what I feel real beauty is, you may not agree with me even if you do, the next person may not. Beauty can be what meets the eyes, soul or a combination of both.

Perhaps beauty is relative. Maybe if we collect the definitions of beauty from each and everyone, we can have a reference and in it we are likely to find that every trait is in fact considered beautiful. Why should we have a standard when everyone was framed to be a masterpiece?

I'd say that you look deep within you, listen to your heart and soul and then you can decide what is beautiful and what's not. There's no such thing as real beauty, that is a delusion. Beauty is what you make of it.
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Beauty or real beauty, whatever you may call it, is just a concept that can only be defined by you. This isn't only subjective but is also changing over time. We look at things or people and say they're beautiful, but time will come when we will no longer see it that way. And since we look at things differently through our personal filters such as culture, experience, education, and religion, then we create different images of beauty in our mind. Some may associate it with physical appearance, while some people look beyond that aspect. But that doesn't mean one is right and the other is wrong because then again beauty takes varying definition.

As Confucius said it, "Everyone has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Hence, we should not seek to find beauty in the eyes of another because we are all unique creations, and we are all beautiful in our own way.

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Real beauty is subjective. It's all based on how you perceive it. True beauty for one person may not seem like beauty to you - as the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

In my opinion, real beauty is inner beauty, since it is synonymous with a person's character. It's not something that they were born with - it's something they crafted and forged throughout their life. Real beauty is how a person holds themself, how they treat others, and how they interact with the world. It is their grace and their heart of gold. Real beauty is not physical beauty, because that is only skin deep. A person can be rotten on the inside but still be physically beautiful.
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Beauty is not defined by words. Everyone has different definition for beauty based on their views. To me, beauty lies in one's behavior. The people who carry smile on their face every time is real beauty.The people who help others is real beauty. The people who have self confidence is real beauty. To me, inside beauty is more important. 
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