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Both of them are very important from by perspective. Having one and leaving the other is not a good idea. 

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I've always thought that beauty from within  is much better than beauty on the outside. Beauty outside is mostly physical attributes, skin. Both kinds of beauty are important alright. They can attract people towards you. However, you need to stop and ask yourself the kind of attraction it is. Is it the type to just leave you when there's a dent on your physical appearance.
Beauty outside is appealing to the eyes while beauty inside is appealing to the soul. There would come a time in our lives when all the looks will fade. What would remain of us is the beauty that reflects from inside. That is the sustenance so I think we should spend time cultivating that. That is the kind of Beauty that heals the world. The type that makes everyone else beautiful.
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Beauty from inside is so pure according to me. When you meet people who are beautiful inside out, you tend to get more attracted to them than to those with physical beauty.
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This is true for certain kinds of people that look beyond the physical. Others especially in this lifetime are more swayed by physical appearance. This is why young people these days can do anything to look good. They invest a lot in their physical appearance but they forget to nourish the one true thing that keeps us going, the soul. 
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Right. Physical appearance although the first looked at, loses it true color once the one person realises how selfish or bad the other person. Physical appearance is temporary. And it gets us only as far as having fun in life. If we want something to be so true and last, inner beauty matters a lot.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
For me, it is always important to be beautiful inside and not on the outside. I know an office mate and she is loved by all. She is always there to help everyone and always kind. For me she looks good already because of her good attitude. But on the people who doesn't know her, she maybe look regular girls. You gain friends and trust of other people if you are beautiful inside. Beautiful inside means you are selfless, you are open-minded and respect the difference. You are friendly and nice and you do not judge other people that you share it to everyone. If you know how to respect people without judgment that is beautiful for me. My officemate is one of the person I can rely all the time and we became friends. I am glad I have a person like her.
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I agree with you on this as being beautiful from the inside is something that has got to do with how we rate some things. People will get tired of outward beauty, but such won't be said of inward beauty. 
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The most important here is the beauty within and not the outside beauty. People may like you at first sight because they have seen the physical beauty in you. However, when they learn who you are from the inside, they will not like you anymore. People like those who are beautiful from within.
Inner beauty is shown by your character, how you treat people around you, how you treat yourself and how much respect and love you have for animals. Sometimes someone might be so beautiful from the outside but you will find that they have a bad temper, they insult others, they don't have any respect for anyone and they don't even respect themselves. Self respect is so important as it is easy to treat others well if you know how to treat yourself well.
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Well of course being beautiful from within is more important because it's no good looking pretty on the outside if you are ugly within. Being unattractive on the outside shouldn't matter but it does influence the way people initially perceive us.  I think plain people have to work a lot harder to gain approval in all walks of life, romance. friendships and also careers. I remember seeing an experiment where two people applied for a job with the same qualifications, one was attractive and the other plain. Even though they were equally matched for the job the attractive person got it.

I do think that once you get to know a person their positive qualities shine through and although they may not have seemed attractive at first they can become so as time goes on.
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This is a popular question. Many choose the beauty within than outside beauty. Nevertheless we still value beauty outside and so showbiz is full of beautiful people.
When one is beautiful outside she or he must match it with a beautiful heart and mind. It sad to see people who are good looking but wicked and evil minded.
I admire people that look both beautiful inside and out. They are like perfect people.

On the other hand people who are not blessed with beauty but is kindhearted and smart people will look beautiful eventually.

I think we need both to care for our inner and outside beauty. Beautiful people attract more friends. We should have a pleasing outer beauty too to have a pleasing personality. But what really matters is what is on the inside beautiful heart and mind
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answered by ELITE (3,084 points) 3 6 14
The two are very important, both physical beauty and internal beauty are required in the choice of opposite sex or spouse. The physical beauty is about the physical appearance oof both person involved wwhile the internal beauty deals with attitude, or character and Godliness.

The beauty within and beauty outside, are the same with physical beauty and internal beauty. The beauty within is really the most important aamongst the two. Since it requirements of real partner. The humble though, manners aand even courtesy. The ability of an individual to be able to accommodate and do every thing natural to love and be sincere with it. On the other hand, a person might be bbeautiful but or handsome outside but very imprudent and unreasonable inside.

Though imperfection is an attribute perculier to human and no human should be looking for 100% perfection. Rather adapt and go for what he or she can offer. Physical appearance doesn't rreally matters.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 25 92
Well I'm of the opinion that you cannot do without both having inner beauty and outward beauty because both the inner and outward beauty compliments each other. So, it would be an incomplete arrangement to have either inner beauty and leave out outward beauty or have outward beauty and exclude inner beauty.
The qualities of inner beauty is completely different from the qualities of outward beauty but it's very important to keep in mind that both inner and outward beauty are very important for you to become a full and complete human being. Although there are some situations where one would choose outward beauty over inner beauty because it's what's very easily identified unlike inner beauty that would be be seen when you are very close in a relationship with another person.
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 4 13 28
While I was growing, I felt that what mattered most was the beauty that we see from the outside such as how beautiful that a lady is looking and how much they have a nice laps and all that, but as I grew older, I tend to understand that what matter most is the beauty that is inside.

The truth is that there is going to come a time when we won't see the beauty of the outside especially when are thinking of getting married all because of the beauty of the outside.

Those nice hips and nice boobs won't be firm anymore. The pointed nose of the man won't be there anymore while his six packs must have gone flat. This is the time for reality check and a period when we are going to love unconditionally and nothing more. So, it is crucial that we try to analyze behaviors when picking a partner.
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answered by ELITE (3,000 points) 3 8 16
There are certains that can be remoulded to suit your taste especially things that are not associated with blood or that are not hereditary,  I prefer beauty within than beauty outside, because the quality matter much more than the quantity,  people get more disappointed when they discover that it is only the physical beauty that someone posses and the inner beauty is next to nothing, in such cases you tend to get bad image faster because they will give negative reviews about such person to their friends and the news keep spreading.
If someone has the inner beauty to be intact, you will have little to do because you already know the problem from the beginning so it not new nor disappointing, the next step is the right therapy to put such person in best position to suit your taste.
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Definitely beauty within. Beauty on the outside is based on chance - some people are just born physically unattractive. However, beauty on the inside can compensate for that. It's worth more, because it's controlled by the person. It's their true nature - how they see the world, how they interact with it, how they treat others, etcetera. It's something that they've crafted overtime, forged through life and constantly improved or destroyed. Beauty on the outside can be important to some people, but in my opinion, it's best to judge others and choose your friends based on inner beauty. It's the one that shows you the true colors of humanity - whether that be something good or something to be feared.

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