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Maybe I just have to stay calm and act naturally so that I would not make it anger.
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Literally, you can't fight a ghost physically, so the best thing to do when you see a ghost in front of you would be to ignore the ghost and go your way. 

It's only when the ghost engages you first that you should look for what to do.

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In spite of the fact that I don't believe the existence of ghosts but if I ever come across one, I think I just have to improvise with what I have around at that point in time.
First of all, I will pray to God Almighty to show me what to do. That he should give me the strength to conquer the ghost without being overwhelmed by its mostrous look. After this, I will listen to my inner voice for God's answer to my supplication. I can then follow up my prayer with action because the bible said faith without action is useless.

Next to my action would be surveying whatever it is that I can use to defend myself against the ghost, I will go for it. With faith like that of David against Goliath, I will surge forward with that weapon and I will plunge it on any part of the ghost as directed by the Holy Spirit from God knowing that he would never let me down. I am very confidence with this sureproof tactics the ghost will be dead.
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When I see a ghost there is nothing I can do, it will all be done by the Ghost. Just kidding. I don't think I will say conscious if I spot a Ghost, I will simply faint. However, I will try to calm myself and see what the ghost is going to do with me.
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Well, I don't know what's the best thing to do, but I would probably poke it and die a horrible death. Hey, death by curiosity is a noble way to go, and you bet I'm curious to know what ectoplasm feels like. Maybe even take a bite, since I'm a goner anyway. But if I don't die a horrible death right away? Well, Mr. Ghost, if you are at least half as magnanimous as you are delicious, then I'm sure you have it in you to forgive my small transgression.

Here's the thing: afterlife is kind of boring, isn't it? Sure, you get a first-class seat in this tragicomedy we call human existence, but the novelty eventually wears off; the playwright is a hack and keeps relying on the same formulas over and over again. Besides, you've witnessed the birth and death of entire nations, the spectacle of several once-in-a-lifetime events, and lots of really kinky stuff you can't even find on the deep web. But what do you have to show for it? A few blurred pictures here and there. Unreliable accounts of stunts you thought were really clever, but turn out to be indistinguishable from natural phenomena. Hell, it's like you don't even exist at all!

That's where I come in. You've got the spooks, I've got the memes. Yes sir (or ma'am, I don't judge!), I may not look like it, but you're facing a veteran Meme Warfare operator. Fought in three world wars and orchestrated a fourth one. If you want to be truly immortal, living in the collective human consciousness until the end of time, then you'll need a competent memetician. Viral videos, clickbait articles, forced memes, fake drama, you name it. I'm at your service. With my help, the whole world will soon know your name and tremble before it! Incidentally, I don't think I heard your name. We'll probably need to change it for branding purposes, but it's nice to have a starting point.

Upon being prompted, the spectral form starts trembling and twisting itself into increasingly grotesque shapes while a symphony of guttural wails comes from all directions. A thin line opens where its mouth would probably be, spewing a green liquid-like substance. As the line gets wider and the wails rise to a deafening volume, I hear an inhuman voice directly inside my head. It tells me its name. A name composed of unfathomable horrors, embodying all evils, fears, and hatred from humankind. A name which should not exist in this reality, let alone be known by mortals, but nevertheless lingers on the cosmic fabric, bidding its time. One day, it will be fully unleashed onto the universe, destroying all existence on its wake. Until then, we can only pray for this unholy abomination to let us live for another day.

I recover my senses after what feels like an eternity, saying: "You know, I don't think 'Michael' is that bad." I then die a horrible death.

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If there is a ghost in front of me, I would literally ran away from it. I experienced feeling like there is someone watching me before. When I looked around, I don't see anyone but a cold air touches my cheek like someone is holding it so I ran out of that place immediately and never get back even I left my notebook there. Maybe it is just a cold air touching my skin or maybe a spirit that I do not see, but I will always panic and ran away. If you want to experience seeing a ghost and when it happen, and want to stop by you can do it, but it takes a big bravery if you can do it. To be honest, staying in a place with a ghost is not a good idea. Much more is a ghost is just appearing out of nowhere. It will not give you peace and peace for the ghost too.
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I would try my best to stay in the same position, try not to do anything especially against it and remain as calm as I can be. Then I'll keep saying all the prayers in the book until it is all over. Surely it would be over. Perhaps I am the one who is in its way and it needs to get through. We often paint this monstrous evil looking creatures as ghosts but just maybe ghost aren't the scariest creatures on earth. That is if they actually exist.
I hear that ghosts do not always want to hurt anyone they come in contact with. They are on their own mission and they don't bother with anyone who isn't part of it. Some also have their territory so unless you cross over and they feel it is trouble, they won't hurt you.
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I do believe that ghosts exist and that they live among us. However, I am not one of the people who are blessed with the ability to perceive them. But if there will come a time that I will encounter one, I think I'm just going to freeze there. It doesn't have much difference with being caught off-guard with other things just that it is scarier. Just like what other people here have mentioned, I think it is best  for you to pray.

In an ideal world, though, where I am not the scaredy cat that I am now, I'd like to be able to talk to this ghost and ask him/her about what it feels like to be a ghost. I think they will be a good source of information about life and the after life. Do they still have memories for when they were alive? Why and what causes them to be a ghost? Although it is quite impossible now, I still hold on to that tinge of belief that this is also a possibility.

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I really don't want to see ghosts, because it made me think that I have a third eye. If ever I can see them, maybe I will just pray, of course there is no powerful other than praying. The ghost are the dead people who can't leave in this world because of their unfinished business or someone killed them and there is no justice. Some ghost needs help or just wanted to hang around with people they are attracted to because this person can see them. I have a friend of mine whom can see ghost or can feel them around. She says some ghost help her one time when the house she stays in burn and she collapse but, when she wakes up people found her at the front door, she knew someone help her out and that is the ghost she always seen in the house where she stays. Some ghost are friendly, try to be calm and be nice too to them.
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In as much as I don't believe in ghosts and it's attendance stories I just want to look at it from the point of what if it was real and in front of me. Well I hardly get scare of anything spiritual like a physical thing and I know ghosts from all stories I have read and heard are spirits and not physical being, so I won't need to be afraid or run I think the best way out for me will be to rebuke it in the name of Jesus.
Ghosts are bad spirit and we just need a good or better spirit to overpower them and keep them far away from us. So if  I noticed a ghost in front of me it will be to called upon the name of Jesus to make it disappear. I'm sure it will take off whether it likes it or not, the name will send it back to wherever it came from.
Ghosts can't do anything to those that put their trust in God.
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The Bible made us to understand that darkness and light has got nothing in common, so I don't actually think that there is anything that ghost will do to me when I  standing in front of them. I am that kind of person that has developed the thick skin of not being afraid of anything and no matter what is happening, I always have the brave mind to keep pushing for that which will make me feel okay.

I have heard stories of people complaining about ghosts and how they felt terrified when they had contacts with ghost, but I don't think that I should fear.

I serve a God that never fails and one who is ready to stand by me in the test of time. So, why should I have fears for ghost? I will rather say some fervent prayers and use it as a means to cast those beings away from my presence.
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When it comes to the things of spirituality, it's not something that should be dabbled into lightly because what is obtainable in the spirit realm is completely different from what is experienced in the physical realm. First of all, when it comes to spirits or ghosts as most people refer to the spiritual being, it's not possible to see the spiritual being with ordinary eyes. You have to possess some link with the spiritual nature before you can see a ghost.

Most times, ghosts can't do anything to you unless they have an unfinished business with you which is what would make them be able to have a physical connection with you, otherwise a spirit can't touch a physical human being, so literally you don't have to be worried about having a contact with spiritual beings.

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