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I don't believe I'm ghost and whatever that has to do with me. So, on that note, there is nothing that ghosts are going to do when I am the person that is coming in contact with them simply because I am being covered by the blood. 
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If you don't have any unfinished business with a ghost, I'm pretty sure that the ghost can't hurt you in any way whatsoever. 

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I watched a film about Poltergist and those are the ghost that can hurt people. In a worst way, they can follow you everywhere if they want to hurt you, Have you seen the movie Conjuring, there is a ghost that possess a mother and she wants to kill her kids. There are ghost that breaks glasses, windows or they will throw something at you to hurt you. I am not sure of the reason, but as the other people says, they are kind of envy because you are still living and they are now spirits wandering. They are stressed ghost that wants you to experience the kind of pain they are feeling. Some ghost will only scared you but those that hurts are those you invade their privacy and wants to shoo you away. We need to respect even those entities that we cannot see.
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If you go by the religion, ghosts can actually hurt people. The religious books from different religions and faiths explain what exactly are ghosts and how they can harm people. There are even rituals mentioned in the religious books on how to chase away ghosts and demonic possession. Science has not been able to answer properly about ghosts. Time and again we heat about ghost sightings and ghostly possession, science has by and large been unable to explain such phenomena. However, it is also true that in most cases the ghostly sightings are just hallucination and the ghostly possession are just a form of multiple personality disorder.

Psychics explain that we humans live in one plane and the ghosts belong to another plane. Sometimes the line that divides these two planes disappears and ghostly sightings occurs. Whether this is true or not will not be known until you experience yourself.
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To be honest with you, I believe in ghosts and their possible ability to hurt people. Am talking about Ghost not in the context of how movies make them look.

I don't want to sound primitive but believe me, if you were down here in my country, you'd know ghost actually do exist. Am not talking about ghost as in aparitions of dead people, am talking about living being who transform theirselves through spiritual means. These kinds of stories are all to common here and not regarded as something new. Hardly a day goes by without one or two weird stories on subjects like this.

Again, not to sound primitive, but i've also had encounters with something that can be regarded as a ghost. It's a white creature that has no end to it's height. I was walking out late from the house when I spotted it. I froze, then slowly walked back into the house. I wasn't drunk neither was I high on anything. I knew exactly what I saw.

The next day, just across the street, we heard a story of how someone died after being knocked down by the same type of ghost I saw.
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I don't know anyone personally who has been hurt by a ghost but I have watched programmes where paranormal activity seems to have been present and where objects have flown across the room physically hurting people. It's unclear whether it was staged or not but it certainly looked real.  Most of the programmes I have watched where people were hurt or killed have been fictional.

However I believe they can seriously frighten people because we are naturally scared of the unknown and I have experienced some kind of energy which terrified me while I was away from home. I suppose in some cases it could cause heart attack or cause a person to hurt themselves while trying to escape but whether they can actually reach out and harm a person physically I don't know.
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There are so many myth about what ghosts can do and what they can't do but under normal circumstances, a ghost shouldn't have any power in the physical world except when there is something or an unfinished business which keeps drawing it back to interfere with the living and might actually hurt people.
Now for those who don't believe in the powers of the supernatural, it's not possible for a ghost to hurt the living but that not entirely true because I'm a living experience of ghost or evil spirit attack one time in the past. This happened around 12:00 am as I was walking home when I felt like I bumped into something and was covered immediately. On that spot, I almost fell down but I staggered and regained my balance but fell ill immediately.
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Sometimes I really wonder if ghosts are real let alone hurting prople, Come to think of it why would they even want to hurt anyone than blessing people.So people can hurt another as humans and even as a seem hurting one another is inbuilt in us, because even in the world or on Earth here people are more prone to hurt one another than help.

I see ghost stories as a fairy tale because people hadly accept of ever seeing a ghost that's if there's anything like it,so thinking about it hurting someone is absurd.i don't think something that isn't real can hurt anyone.i really doubt this.So my answer is No.Ghosts aren't  real and because  they're not real can't also hurt anyone.Every other thing is just the figment of our imagination.
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If I understand correctly, ghost are supposed to be the souls of people who have passed. These souls have left the body and refused to move onto the dimension where they ought to be. They still linger among the living but we can't see them unless there's a medium or they have a certain connection to us.
I believe ghost have the capacity to hurt people. I've heard stories and watched a lot of documentaries on paranormal activities. However, I don't believe that these ghost just go on a hurting spree and hurt everyone they come across.
I feel like unless you are part of their  mission back on earth or you somehow happen to be in the way of what they want. They will not hurt you. I believe there are many around us and we just can't see them.
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I really don't believe that ghost can hurt people not unless they will go inside the person and use his body to hurt people.The ghost is already dead, and they can only do is show themselves to people who have the abilities to see their kind. There are many type of ghost, black,red, green, and white. And every color represent meaning and who they are. The ghost are dead people who died not intentionally, the one that has unfinished business in the living world. I believe that they are still exist in this world because, their family cannot let go of them. They cannot hurt people. though they can make people scares and if people scare at them , they more likely to show up with that person. The ghost who always show themselves to people are the dead whom I assume died tragically.

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