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As we all know plastics are not good for health when it comes to food packaging what kind of plastic bags can be used as food grade to keep the food as healthy as possible?
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The best containers should be glass, but if you prefer plastic:

Be careful when choosing your plastic pot! Some containers may contain compounds that are potentially harmful to your health. Although these materials are considered "safe for health", several studies show their effects as endocrine disruptors (xenoestrogens).

What does that mean? Some toxins, which can be released into food by plastics, enter the body and behave like estrogen, the female sex hormone, influencing the action of some glands and increasing or decreasing the action of various hormones.

The release of these toxins by the plastic happens when you heat food in your pot or when you put a very hot food inside it.

So if you are going to use plastic pots, make sure you bought a pot without these subtances. At the time of purchase, be sure your pot is indicated for heating indicating that it is free of Bisphenol A, usually indicated on the pot label.

What does Bisphenol A do in the body?

Most famous of the toxins present in plastic materials, BPA has been the target of studies for years. Following the ban on its use in baby bottles and baby products by the European Union in 2011, several countries adopted the same policy.

Harmful effects to health:

Men: their absorption is associated with poor quality of the sperm, infertility and incidence of cancer, mainly prostate.

Women: infertility, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and breast cancer.

In both sexes: studies also suggest alteration of thyroid hormones, alteration of insulin release by the pancreas, fat cell enlargement, inflammation and oxidative stress.

How to Identify BPA in Your Plastic Pot:

Many brands currently add the "BPA free" stamp on their packaging.

When this information is not present, I have another tip: All plastic materials must have a number on the packaging or on the manufacturer's website that indicates their recycling code. Only products with code 7 may contain BPA. So if you have any other number, you can rest easy: it's BPA free!

The good news is that many brands are becoming aware of the health effects of BPA, and have abolished that compound of their products.
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