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I'm a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Jesus came to earth, preached the Good News, completed His mission and returned to heaven.  Before leaving, He said He would come again.  During His ministry while He walked the earth, before He was crucified, He told His disciples "If you die in your sins, where I am you can not come."  So if I want to assure where my soul goes after death it's simple.  Don't die in my sins!


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I don't think we can assume but we can assure if we will be following the God's command to us, repent our sins and be like Jesus Christ. If we do what it takes and start now, then God will see it. We still have chances, that is the bible is trying to tell us. We just need to follow God's rule and do not attempt to sin again. However, since we are only human, we are prone to making mistakes. Once we make a mistakes we just need to ask forgiveness from God. Pray to him to save our souls because we want to go to heaven. If you are a sinner and you are not doing anything about it, then you can assume where your souls is going, but that is not what God want us to think. He wants us to be with him and he want us to receive his gift to us and that is eternal life.
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Yes, it is determinable by an individual where his/her soul is going to abode after death. This is very much possible through the activities one engaged in while sojourning on earth. There is no difficulty in ascertaining where one is going to spend eternity because one can easily judge his/her self from sum of all the good or bad one has done.

Meanwhile, it could be a vague affair if one is not self conscious where he/she is going to in life after death. These group of persons could be correctly adjudged as suffering from spiritual ignorance. They are those that obstinately refuse to pay attention to the yearnings of their souls. And there is nothing that can save them on the judgment day, not even their conscious ignorance. And they are going to fall under the category of those that did wrong, which are going to be thrown into the lake of hell fire.

As for those that are good doers such as those that are clean at heart and harm nobody, are those that are going to dwell eternally in heaven.

It's very easy to figure out where one's soul is going to after death because you can tell when you are doing good or bad with the help of your inner compass.
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This question has been asked morethan a million tines. Christianity and Islam, the two major religions have without any doubt assured humans of life after death, which will begin with God's verdict on individual souls, also referred to as judgment day. Hence, all souls will be sentenced to either heaven or hell depending on their earthly deeds. It is only right we choose heaven or hell to as the destination of afterlife.

However, not all humans are Christians or Muslims who believe in heaven or hell. This is when uncertainty comes to play as many other minor religions have different narratives on life after death. Vikings for instance believes in Valhalla, an un-earthly heaven like place, where warriors will be brought in by valkaries to live amongst gods for eternity.

Science can not be left out on this topic, it qualifies as system of belief in someway. I think the religion of science is called Scientology. Even without mentioning Scientology, science has made believers out of every other religion with over half of the world using it's instruments. But unfortunately, science is yet to give any solid answer on the subject of life after death.

The closest science has achieved to explaining life after death lies with people who have experienced, N.D.E (Near death experience). These are people who actually died for some short periods of time but was awaken. Most of them shared similar stories when they returned to life. Some claimed to have crossover to a place with unlimited space and time. Others like Anita Moorjani, a cancer patient who slipped into a coma in 2006 said her's was a beautiful place, so incredible it took away all her pain. She experienced herself above her body giving her 360-degrees peripheral view of the entire area. She said she also got united with her late father on the other who told her to return as it wasn't quiet her time to be there.

Be it heaven or hell, Valhalla or a magical place of unlimited time and space, whatever you may believe, the after life surely does exist. I guess someday everyone will find out which belief has it right on afterlife.
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No we're not assured where our hearts will go but they normally say that it usually goes to 'pagatory' a place where all the dead souls rest as they await for the second coming of Jesus. No one knows whether this pagatory really exists or not because no one has gone there and come back to prove to us that in real sense it exists. Its just a matter of believing and having Faith. As a Christian its good to be hopefully that after death we will be resurrected.
Actually, lots of things are indicated in the Bible and are said or believed that  one day they'll come to pass. Generally, when we die our souls are placed somewhere by the Angles to rest.The moment you die, your soul paves way because you body is clay and will soon perish. It's just a matter of being  patient as we await the second coming of Jesus.
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As a Christian I will answer in the affirmative that each soul knows where it will be going because the bible let us know that only the righteous will inherit the kingdom of God and of course the righteous are those that have repented of their sin and have stopped sinning and have declared that Jesus Christ is our lord and personal saviour.

Sinners will find themselves in hell where gnashing of teeth and suffering is found and the righteous will live a glorious life in heaven.So our deeds on earth will show us to our place when we die.Inheriting the kingdom of God is simple, we all need to refrain from sin,obey all God's words, principles and commandments. He said even though we are imperfect but he will makes us perfect in him so that we can make heaven.
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We are not allowed to know what happens when we die unless we are to believe those people who claim to have experienced Near Death Experiences or what we read in the Bible. I am not a particularly religious person but I don't believe it is the end when we die  and I have this notion that we could be accountable for our actions, judged on how we have lived and treated others when we are on this earth. I'm not perfect and I haven't always been kind but I like to think I did my best so if there is a place we go to after death I hope it will be a good place,

I read quite a lot on reincarnation and I am of the opinion that at least some of us are sent back to an earthly life until we have learned certain lessons.  Perhaps those people whose lives have been cut short through no fault of their own or maybe those who need to correct serious mistakes while they were here the first time.  But it's just a notion because none of us know for certain what will happen after we die.
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The decision to what is right and wrong is giving to men while the onimus of judgement is supreme to God. It might be possible to ascertain tthat someone is going to heaven or hell. Though, I doubt if anybody will wish his/her deceased family hell, but since heaven and hell are both real, they will surely be filled with inhabitants on judgement day. However, it is possible to presumed that a person will make heaven judging from his/her doings or deon earth. Some person actually lived a selfless life of humanity and in fear of God. They don't act unless it us right commanded by God. People look upon them for advice and guidance to the right paths. And on the contrary, some person will also be known to have clinged the free tickets of hell since they wouldn't or didn't see or think about anything beyond evils doing on health
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Well, I'm of the opinion that talking about where one's soul would go when death comes is something that actually concerns only Christians or Muslims much more than other religions in the world. Since it's only Christians that believe in the existence of heaven and hell fire as the last destination of man's souls when the person dies leaving the earth behind as it's written in the scriptures that once death takes place, judgement follows immediately which determines what happens to the soul and where it's sent to either hell fire or into heaven.

But for the non believers, they don't get bothered by where their soul ends up. In fact, they only believe that everything ends here on earth and possibly don't believe the soul even existed.
It's only Christians that works on being righteous to prepare themselves for heaven.
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There are two places that the soul could go after death, and that is heaven or hell. Where one goes depends on how he or she lived his or her life while here on Earth, also one's believe in the existence of after life plays an important role. We experience more of what we believe but are limited due to unbelieve.
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