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What you are expected to do to make heaven is to remain holy and sinless. You must also believe in Christ Jesus as your Lord and savior. Do good to your neighbors and be kind to them as much as you can.
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You should be doing things that are always going to make others happy. I think that you should love one another as this is the biggest commandant by God. 
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That's common question but, we believe what we believe,if we do good and follow our God we will be in heaven.

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Starts to read the bible. I also listen to Bro. Eli Soriano. I am a Catholic but only Bro Eli Soriano help me understand everything on the Bible. I bought a Bible that I able to understand and if you want to go to heaven, you need to repent and ask forgiveness of your sin, read the bible and tell God that he is your saviour. While we are still here on Earth and still breathing, we need to do all these things. Be like Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is a sacrifice. He is given by God to erase all our sins and yet we are still not doing our part to save our souls. Find time to read the bible. Even the internet is guiding us on how to understand it. God is telling us that it would be too late to save our souls as the sign of second coming of Jesus Christ are all happening at present.
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I believe you're a Christian and I am sure you know what it takes to be a good Christian. In short what you have to do is live a righteous life, help the needy, visit the sick and the elderly and pray with them, visit those in prison and give them comfort. But then, you can do all these but if you don't have love then its useless. Love comes first in everything we do, even if you pray everyday and don't don't love your neighbor, then it won't make any difference because its like null.

Also, the Bible talks about baptism. It says that you cannot see heaven if you aren't born again. If you really have to be guaranteed of heaven the you'll have no other way out but going through baptism of water. Also, remember to repent your sins each day, its very important.
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It will be very easy to make a few references to the holy books which points to pecific behaviors expected of all humans by God in order to make heaven. Unfortunately, the reality is not that simple, because this is one topic with the ability to bring forth endless debates and arguments drawing from the different faiths we have. They all contradict each other at some point with every faith believing to be the actual true religion. If we are to go by this explanation, then parallels have to be drawn by showing the different ways each faith considers as a righteous way to heaven.

For Christianity, it's quiet simple as clearly stated in the Bible. You need to be Christ like. Meaning you should emulate the standard of life lived by Christ. That includes being born again, baptism, abstaining from sin and being righteous overall.

For Islam, you need to be a true Muslim first of all, and make certain you comply with the 5 pillars of Islam which are mandatory and considered as the foundation of Muslim life. The pillars includes Shahada (faith), Salah (5 times daily prayers), Zakat also known as charity (giving alms to the needy), Sawm (fasting during the holy month of Ramadan) and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). Note: Terrorism is not a part of Islam but rather radical believers mislead by pure hate for certain groups of people.
They are several hundreds of other religions with their unique and distinctive beliefs on how to make their own heaven. I can't begin to mention all, but I'll state one, that of the Vikings which is rather weird and strange.

The Vikings is an ancient religion older than both Christianity and Islam. Early Vikings were called Norsemen. Today, the majority of Viking believers can be found in countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland and many more. Ancient Vikings believed to make Valhalla (heaven), you have to be a proven warrior, a warrior who has fought and killed several people on the battleground, looted treasures, sailed on the sea and many order mind boggling acts. They believed dying on a battleground gave an even better edge in making Valhalla, hence they fought fearlessly and embraced death gloriously.
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Making heaven is a personal race and it all about accepting Jesus Christ as one lord and personal saviour and when one does this,one will have eternal life.Accepting Jesus means repentance of all sins and living by God's tenets and Principes.

God knows we are all imperfect beings but he said we will be perfect in him if we will repent from our sins and do what's right then we will make heaven when we die.To make heaven one need to accept Jesus,live a holy life leave sins totally and return to God with a clean heart though we might be sinful,he has promised to wash us with the blood of the lamb,purify us if we returned to him, be kind and helpful to another and just do what is good on earth.

Heaven is only a place for the righteous,do right to make heaven when you die.
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If there is indeed such a place as Heaven I hope I will be judged on the way I have conducted my life and treated people in this earthly life rather than whether I went to church or read the Bible. There are many people who kill and maim in the name of religion and they truly believe they will find a place in Heaven for their deeds.
I have an open mind about what awaits us after this life. I don't believe that when we die it is the end and I do believe in a higher being but I'm not sure that Heaven exists as it is portrayed in the Bible, and what happens to those people who have lead a wicked life because Hell is not actually mentioned in the Bible? Some priests believe it was a fictional place invented to keep people under control, so if there is a Heaven but no Hell what happens to sinners?
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Heaven is a place for believers in God and his son Jesus Christ and only those that truthfully and truly love him will get to see him in heaven when they due.

I'm a born again chrstian and I try to follow God's ways and deeds and so everyone that needs to make heaven should do same.Leave sins and bad deeds,go to church,fellowship with other bretherns,spread the gospel, teach others about Christ and bring them to Christ and help them repent from their sins and help the needy.

These are all contained in the Holy book the Bible, we just need to fear God and be holy then heaven will be ours.

Even if you were not born again before now it is time for you to begin the process, repent of your sins and begin to do good more and bring people back to God and be saved now.
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I think it is practically impossible to live a day in this world without at least a sin. Meanwhile, it is tactically possible to adhere to God's commandments to stay strict and focus to making heaven.
In my line of Religion, it is believed that as long as we live, we must sin against our creator, however, what is Paramount is consistently seeking for forgiveness and trying all means to repent from repeating such acts that we are sure are sinful.

Many or a lot of us thinks praying,  going to church or mosque regularly is the only requirements to making heaven. Some will even say with addition of avoiding sins, but only few understands the real ways to worship  God in truthfulness, only few gives charity by lookin towards helping a neighbor and supporting him with little or even if one doesn't have money, being kind and visiting one's neighbors is aa great charity. What about trying to help people to avert harms coming their ways like seeing a harmful object on the road and taking it off?. Seeking or securing job for a fellow etc all this are act of charity. That can earn you heaven.
It is also important to take good care of one's parent without waiting for their demise before throwing a big party and tag it way keep. Let them enjoy you while they live. Everything after death is vanity.

Finally, pay your tithes and always do justice with the tr

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