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I do not believe that ghost exist but if they do, maybe it is our loved ones who are dead and are checking on us. 
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I don't really think that those ghosts are the people that have we know who have died. From the way that I look at this, I don't really believe that the ghost of those that has died still move around. 

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I didn't get the question. What do you mean by that? Or maybe you are asking if our loved ones could be a ghost one day when they passed away and could visits us? I have seen a transparent figure, maybe a spirit or a soul, but like a ghost in the movie, I haven't experienced that. It could our loved ones or it could be a spirit or a ghost of other people's loved ones. If you ask me, I really don't know but I do believe there is an energy with us here on Earth that came from the people who passed away. That energy is left here because they became part of this world. Since they are spirits now, they are just wandering. Your passed family could be one of the spirits. I wonder if my dad is one of them too but I haven't felt anything since he left us.
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When you believe that ghosts exist, you'll know that ghosts are the souls from the people that have passed. One way or other they were loved before they passed so it is safe to say that ghosts are loved ones.

I like to believe that you are asking in relation to particular ghosts that hunt certain people. Perhaps they are their loved ones and perhaps not. I've read that ghosts are souls that left uncompleted missions before they died.

So if a ghost is hunting you or trying to reach you, may be you were somehow connected in real life or you are just in there way and they are seeking to get through. Ghost are said to be everywhere but they can only affect you if connecting with you is part of the bigger picture of their mission. Funny as it seems, it is a conceivable idea.
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If we go by the standard definition of the word ghost, then any possible encounter with an apparition, shade, specter or whatever you may call it will likely not be a loved one.

Why? Because anything out of the ordinary that appears in a human like form with probably some degree of illuminating characteristics are generally termed as ghost by all. This goes to show to a degree that we actually can not say for sure if that thing is a ghost or not. How then do we consider that thing as our loved ones giving our limited knowledge and experience on ghost.

I've read about different cases where people were said to have had encounters with ghost. In saying so, I want to agree with @grecy095 below who stated that certain energies are present with us which she believes to be that of our loved ones who passed away. This can probably explain to a certain degree situations where few people have had encounters with the ghost of their loved ones, if it really was a ghost.

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Some people have said that when they have lost someone close to them their loved one appears to them shortly after their passing. Personally this has never happened to me. I have lost both my parents but although I often feel that they are guiding me through life I have never seen them. I guess it's not impossible as some people are more sensitive to the paranormal than others.

There are photographs on the internet of apparitions appearing in family photos, usually children, but in this day and age it's possible to photoshop images so it's difficult to tell if they are real. If you ask me whether ghosts of people who were close to us can appear I would say yes even though it has never happened to me. I believe there is another world after this life and sometimes those worlds overlap.
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Yes, they are! I would like to explain my point of view on this question from metaphoric angle. Ghost in this context, I presume is preferring to those people cause us harm emotionally and psychologically. Today, so many dreams have been truncated due to the trust betrayed by our loved ones.

Now, for my point to be driven home properly, there is need for me to touch key areas of our live to buttress it. Proverbially, it's only the rat that is familiar with one's house that can go and tell the outside ones there's food inside the house. it's obvious that nobody can cause us hurt except those that are close to us.

Additionally, familiarity they say breeds contempt. And nobody can make you look inferior without your consent. If truly, we want to remain unhurt by keeping ghosts at bay, we must strive to make sure we are careful of those we allow into our circle of influence. With this simple principle, we can prevent ghost-like betrayal and backstabbing from those we call our loved ones.
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NOT all ghosts cause harm. I am curious to know where you got that information from because it is incorrect. Demons are the ones that cause harm.
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While spirits of our loved ones can sometimes, or often, pay us a visit from the Spirit Realm, other spirits may not be our loved one. There are spirits who do evil workings and can make us think that they are our loved ones.

A good example of a spirit that can trick us are demons. Demons can take on the shape and form of any person, whether dead or alive.

Poltergeists are spirits that cause a lot of noise and are not the deceased of our loved one. 'Polter' is German for "noisy" and 'geist' is German for " ghost". Giving the term noisy ghost or poltergeist.

To not believe in ghosts would mean that you don't believe that a heaven exits. It would also mean that you don't truly believe that your loved ones are watching out for you.
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Loved ones cannot haunt. Haunting in itself is not a good thing. It is scary and tends to drive people away. I have not heard of ghosts who love.

Ghosts do not exist. They exist in the mind of loved ones. They develop the images and fantasize till the images spear real. We have been mixed and cheated.

I wonder why loved ones should wait till death to come and disturb us. Why can't they love us in life?

The bible in Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 days that the dead have no memory. Only the living know that one time they will die. The dead do not have any association with the living. A person was made in the likeness of God. God is a spirit as per John 4:24. Tberefore, we are spirits too. When we die our bodies are buried but the spirit goes back to the maker. Maybe bad people are bad ghosts.
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First,I never believe in Ghost and I don't think they ever exist,I just believe all these is in our head and a figment of our imagination.Maybe my belief as a Christian kicks in all the time.The Bible says after death comes judgement and  then one is either taken into heaven or thrown into hell. So I wonder how then we can't still have our loved ones roaming the Earth either haunting or protecting us.

So basically I don't think ghosts are our loved ones that's if they're real because I don't think and believe so.The fact still remains that some people use the idea of fairy tales and other flying things we see in the movies to build up stories that sounds credible but are mere fiction. I don't know what others see and termed ghost of a loved one but I don't believe it.
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If the ghost you see is one of your family who had pass away, yes of course they are your love ones. I believed ghost does really exist, I remember when my late aunt wake, one of our relative see her as a ghost walking around the house. She is wearing white dress according to the one who see her. During 40 days since the day they pass away, they are still here in the world, and when they are ready to go, after 40 days you won't see them again. Sometimes, they will be in your dreams, telling you something or just letting you know to remember them. I have once dream of my late grandmother and grandfather, I saw her in my dream standing right at the door when suddenly there is bright light shining. I saw my grandfather, and my grandmother went over him and they just gone.
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Disclaimer: What I am going to share is just a belief of a religious leader.

According to him, ghosts are not real. When we see ghosts of our loved ones, they are not actually ghosts but rather demons taking the form of our loved ones. So if we see one, we should be cautious and pray hard. We should pray for our safety and for the soul of our loved ones who passed away.

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