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God knows the best thing for us. Sometimes, what we ask from him is not answered and it's not because he can't do it but because he knows it wouldn't serve his purpose in our lives.
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Definitely what we might be asking for isn't in our best interest and he will bring even a more better option for us beyond our imagination.
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I believe God knows what is best for us, thus the reason why he don't always answer yes to everything that we ask.
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Definitely,he does of course he declares the end from the beginning,he is always in the know so he is always in our business.

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We feel that God doesn't answer all our prayers because sometimes we want Magic. God works in mysterious ways in our lives. When we pray to him for what we need, we need to show how bad we want it. We don't say we want to get into shape and then we visit the gym only once.

We need to create that relationship with God first and as such when we need something, we already have the medium through which we can ask. We should not pray to God today and stay away tomorrow it distorts the connection.

There are times that what we pray for aren't really the things we need. God knows what's best for us and that's what he gives us. Better than What we asked for. Plus other times, blessings come in disguise. We should not be too carried away to notice.
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Your last statement is loaded with fact,we are by always carried away with what we need to that we can really appreciate what God has really blessed us with.
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That is true, God sometimes will test how far or how much have faith in him.Same as he did to one of his disciples.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
God answer all our prayers, and he even gave us what we needed the most but we are only looking on the answer specifically for the prayers that we wanted. He answer it on his best possible time. He answer it more that you think of it. He answer even those questions that you failed to say to him. We are just pressure and stress from all the happenings around us that we fail to see it. I am praying to God and asking him to make it easier for me day by day at work. However, he is not giving it, but he gave me more strength to face the day to day challenges because he cannot control free will but he can give you enough strength to face those challenges. I realized it when I was praying so hard, crying so hard to him and it seems he is answering my prayer that time.
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Yes,he always gives us the strength to carry on even in all our weaknesses.He always provides at all times.
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That is great elaboration on how we understand how God works in us, and the fact hat God really answer our prayers in accordance to what is best for us.
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I believe some things we asked for might hurt us in the long run so the best God can do is to keep it away from us. Which I know is the best for us.
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God don't answer all our prayers only because many things which we actually wished and seek are not best for us. There was this young man who actually shared his life experience with quoting why he will always praise God always. He said while he was growing up, he met a particular lady and they both got along and started planning future together even at college. Suddenly, destiny seperated them due to distance. All they were both seeking from God is to being them back together and get married.
So for a very long time they couldn't get accros to each other to the extend that he went into 40days fasting and praying. But it was all like zero effort. After few years, he had to let go of his faith and he met another young lady whom he fell in love with and got married to.
Exactly 5years after his marriage, he had to visit abroad with his family for the holiday. So right there on one of their outing, he and his family just run on to her first love. She was not even changed. She is now a slot who sleeps around for money. When they got into talking. He thanked his God that he didn't even marry her because she was actually tested HIV positive even while they were both together.
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Wow, that's really interesting God works in a mysterious ways. That's why we should always leave his feet, he will do a better job of all our wants and needs. 
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The truth of the matter is that it's not everyone that actually knows how to pray. There are so many things that should be taken into consideration before and when praying in order to ensure that there is a higher possibility of that particular prayer to be answered by God.
Now, before going to pray, it's not proper to just jump into the prayer requests on what you desire God to do for you immediately. Remember that it's said that God doesn't do well with a sinners prayers for favor. So, before jumping into making any prayer requests from God, you must ensure that you first ask for your forgiveness of sins in any way whatsoever you have wronged God. After making all of your prayers requests, it's also very important that you ask God to let him will be done.
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You're right we can't force God to act or give we should just submit to his authority by leaving all our stress at his feet.
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answered by ELITE (3,009 points) 3 8 16
It is literally and morally wrong for every believer to have the Mindset that God doesn't answer all prayers but because we are  humans and emotional I try to understand when people makes such statement but in reality God listen to all our prayers and He answereth the prayers at the right time.
As humans we see things to be the best for simply because we don't see beyond those things and God does this best for us all the time, it is very for you to ask God to bless you with a particular thing now and He knows when you are blessed with now it will affect your health,  He will not grant you but may be replaced it with something you never asked or with nothing and wait till the best time that you will enjoy it and live longer with it.  Impatient has always been our problems as human being.
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I totally agree with you.God will always be there to give us our heart desires in accordance with his will. He is more than able for us. 
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The reason as to why GOD does not answer some our prayers is because so many times we are always selfish, we just ask GOD to do something for us and yet we ourselves do not want to conform to HIS commands. Again it also depends with how we pray, sometimes we ask GOD for something and promise the LORD, if you do this for me i will serve you with it for example, and when you get that specific  thing you forget the promise you had made to GOD so do you thing next time HE will fulfill your request? I don't think so because that is hypocrisy before GOD.

Also GOD knows about tomorrow and HE knows if HE grant you your heart desires, it might be the cause of your death tomorrow and hence HE is protecting you for your tomorrow.
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If God was to answer all our questions, we would be living a care free life, and that would be a disaster in this world. We as the children of God we have to go through struggles, pains and sufferings in this world so that God can make himself known. Sufferings and pain are what get us closer to God, because it is that pain that we go through that will make us go on our knees and pray, the same pain and suffering will put us in a place of joy and peace. This is when God's name is exalted and glorified. So when God doesn't answer our prayers he knows why he does that. Some of the reasons why he doesn't answer isbecause, it is not yet time for you to have whatever your asking for,  or God already knows why that whatever yoir asking for is not good for you or it will harm you, so he keeps it away from you so that you don't get hurt.

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