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What is the meaning of do not make promises when you are happy, and what will happen if we promise something when we are happy?
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Because if you are happy, you are elated. When you are overwhelmed, you usually say things which are impossible to do.

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I understand this way of thinking. It's a bit like shopping on an empty stomach. If you are hungry you will buy all kinds of junk foods you might not normally buy. The same goes for making promises when you are happy because you are on a high and might make all sorts of promises that you are not able to keep.

One of the things I used to do in the past when I was in a good mood is I would promise to visit people I had not seen for a long time and then when my mood changed I really couldn't be bothered so made an excuse to get out of it. It's a bad habit I know but at the time I made the promise it seemed like a good idea.

Now that I am older I am less likely to behave this way but when we are young we are more impulsive and likely to make rash promises. It's better to think it through beforehand before committing to anything you might not be able or want to follow through.
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The same goes with me. Like when I am happy, I will remember my relatives that lives far away then I will tell my mother to make a day to visit them, but when I am no longer happy, i don't remember that I said that.
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People say that because when you are happy you are hyped, so you think everything is possible, on the rush you say things that you might not really be able to do. When you are happy you are positive and you are not really thinking things through or even critically, which can pose a true problem. It is ideal to seat, think and then make promises that can really become true. You should also not make threats or even promises when you are angry either, because it can hurt people and it follows the same idea of hat I said before, the only difference being the fact that the feeling taking over your body is the opposite of being happy. So make sure you do not make any promises when you are happy as this saying is pretty true in any context that you apply it.
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Very true. It happens to me too. I remember promising my mother that I will pay her contribution. It happens during my birthday. But after all of it, when I found out I have an additional payment in the household, I really regret it. It is pay to be cautious.
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You know the heart can be so merrier when in a happy mood and if anyone comes with a request at that point in time we will want to help to make the person feel or be in the same  State of mind  with us but the problem is always about making it happen and keeping to the bargain especially if it really something we can't really do.

It just like a child doing well at school and in the heat of that moment seeing your child's exceptional brilliance promised him or her a trip abroad, you just want the child to be estastic and have the same happiness you're experiencing then but in the long run you can't fund the trip,that child will become sad even with a good result because of your failed promise.

So promising when the heart is happy without being able to fulfilled brings pains,disappointment and frustration. It better to think through before promising.
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I love that, promising when the heart is happy. I think that when you are happy, you are always positive so you started to share that happiness to other person but you cannot fulfill it for sure when you started to feel sad. 
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This is your frame of mind a the time you are speaking with another person and promising them the world. I've seen this happen what a person has discovered something new, a way to earn more money, gotten a new job, or had some wonderful happen to them in their lives. At this time they aren't considering anything else and this is all they can think of. So when another person has an issue and they ask for help this person is in such a positive frame of mind he is willing to do anything for everyone around them.
When the time comes to fulfilling these promises it is impossible for this person to follow through. They did not consider the request and if it was possible they could follow through and complete the task. The person was high on happiness and this is all they thought of at the moment they made this promise. Afterward, when the happiness wore off this person realized that the task he had promised he would do was not a task they could complete at all.
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Yes we forget to be realistic. We forget to think first if we can do the promise. Every day we have piles of changes happening in our life and we fail to expect that too so we fall down to our promises.
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It is easy to fall into this trap when something good happens in your life. You just want to share it with everyone and you want to make everyone happy. 
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It is believed that promises made when one is happy is not taking to heart. Such promises are made under the euphoria experienced by the  promise maker. Promise made when one is happy is like a steam of vapor expelled into the atmosphere which literally would not be accounted for as part of the boiling water.

However, people have the propensity of making flimsy promises that they cannot fulfill; generally speaking now, even when made under unexcited mood. What can one expect then of a promise made when one is super exited about something? You will know that it's like a weightless words uttered by a drunkard, and if he's asked the next day about what he said, he won't be able to recollect his words.

Advisably, never rely on the promises made by someone that is not in serious mood, because if you do, it might just be your undoing by the time your expectation of such promise is met with disappointment.
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I agree. Never believe in the promises like that because it happens to you too. They are not true and most of them are easily forgotten because they assume you forgotten it too but for real, you always remember that promise.
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