Do you swim? Do you like swimming?
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I probably would enjoy swimming if I knew how.  Grew up in Miami, Florida.  I have no excuse.  My husband is from The Bahamas and he was shocked when he learned I never learned how to swim.  I distinctly remember, when we first started dating and we went to the beach and got in the water; he looked at me in total confusion and asked:

"How can you grow up in Miami and not know how to swim?" :D

I would have really love to know how to swim before now but some certain things has not given me much time to want to dedicate myself in learning it. It's not too late for though. I am still very young with the desire of learning how to swim once the opportunity presents itself.
I want to learn how to swim because I really don't know how to swim. I am scared with deep water though.

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Yes,I actually love swimming and it has been one of my best form of exercise and I do this consistently because I actually enjoy swimming and I love  its help benefits.

I love to swim because the exercise tend to work on all part of my body as we need to use almost all part of our body, so one is actually exercising every part of the body.Swimming helps one build endurance,strength and muscles.I believe if any one need to build muscles then swimming should be inculcated into the workout routine.

Swimming is a good way to burn calories which in turn means burning fat,so for some people that need to lose weight then try swimming at least twice or thrice weekly. Experts are even of the view that it can burn belly fat as well.
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I can float but I cannot swim. I think I am a person that has no interest in learning to swim but I love be in swimming pool and in the beaches. When I am there, I am only walking, enjoying the water or I will just be beside a friend who knows how to swim. Mostly, my friends that are with me knows that I do not swim so they are there to look after me whenever I am in the pool. I think I tried before. Swimming was not part in academics and my parents never enrolled me on a swimming class, or maybe because I, myself, is not interested to know how to swim because it starts with me for sure. I will only learn what I am liking about. However, it is not too late for me because right now I want to learn how and I want to be in a beaches, swimming under waters.
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I learned to swim at school when I was 12 . It was a very unpleasant experience; we were made to get in a pool with freezing temperatures as there were no heated pools back then.. The water was so cold it took our breath away but if we didn't jump in we would get pushed in with a long pole. It was little short of abuse when I think back but I am glad I can swim now, it was probably the only way to keep warm!

Swimming is something I wanted my children and granddaughter to be able to do because it could save their lives one day.  My children both learned at the local pool when they were quite young and I paid for my granddaughter to have lessons.  She is a very competent swimmer now and loves to go to swimming with her friends at weekends. It's a great activity because any age can take part.

It's never too late to learn and if you wanted you could join an adult swimming class. There would be others who didn't learn to swim when they were young so you wouldn't feel out of place. You could go swiming with your husband then.
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I'm still learning to swim and I'm enjoying it already. I love to float and enmesh my self in the water and that's what this training I'm having now is trying to do for me.

I like swimming because it is relaxing for me,it a good sport for the body,it helps the body to exercise different body parts and can even help one keep fit from.all the stroking and the use of both hands and legs.

There's always a yearly competition that comes up in the locality for swimmers,this has really motivated a lot of people to be interested in learning how to swim even me.I thoroughly enjoy myself when I go swimming though not so good for now but I'm really a fast learner I'm sure I will be a good swimmer by next year to enable me take part in the competition.
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My childhood days are filled with lots of lovely memories which my swimming experiences were among my most cherished ones. I lived in a neighborhood where there was lots of streams and all of our peer groups always flock the stream immediately when we get back from school.
Sometimes, we would head to the stream under the pretense that we are going to fetch water but it's all a lie and ploy to go and have fun swimming. I actually learnt how to swim very well in those streams but I must confess that it's not easy for me because I drank lots of water in the process.
I had one horrible experience one day I had an accident while I was swimming. One kid jumped from a cliff into the river and hit his jaw on my skull which split open wide. I still have the scare on my head till today.
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I would have to say that I am the unlucky one as I am not that good when it comes to swimming. The actual fact is that I have not had time to go near a pool all through my life and it is not because that I never wanted to, but as a result of none being close to where I was living. I always watch those swimmers on TV and it is an act that I always wish to join up with because with the smiles that is always on their faces, it goes to show that they always enjoy it.

Also, one other reason that I have not really taken out time to start going to swimming pool is because of the sad stories that I have heard in the past with the most recent being that the only son of my aunt got drown when he went to swim in a dirty pool after he was back from school. During that week, I couldn't just comprehend what will make me really want to swim. However, if you are an expert on swimming, it is something good to do!
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I love to swim. In childhood I didn't know how to swim. Probably, like many of us, dad tried to teach me. When we went rest to the river, he just threw me into the depths and thought that floundering there, I would teach to swim. Of course this didn't happen. But I was not scared. I also had scoliosis and doctor advised me to go swimming because it strengthens the back muscles. So I started going to the pool. Immediately  into the big and deep pool. I learned to swim very well. II had a very good coach. Since then, I always go on vacation to the sea. I especially like the Red Sea in Egypt. I can spend hours swimming with a mask and look at color fish. I highly recommend teaching to anyone who is afraid or doesn't know how to swim. It is not only healthy, but also a lot os fun!
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I used to represent my district in competitions, when I was younger. I enjoyed swimming a lot because I felt I could fly, I liked the fact that I needed to use all my muscles to get more speed and thanks to those exercises I started having an athletic body at a very young age.

Swimming is a very pleasant and relaxing feeling. I wish everyone could feel how much fun it is!. In these moments I am training Jiu Jitsu but when I have the opportunity I will swim again, since I can have more resistance to my lungs and my heart to feel full of energy and vitality as I loved it a long time ago.

For me, this is one of the most beautiful sports that exist and one of the best things for your health in general, does not require many skills and can also be seen as a way to eliminate stress.
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I swim very well, can different styles, just adore swimming!!! :-) I can lie on the surface of water without moving both on the back and on themac stomach.
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i know swimming very well it has been more than 4 years that i am swim in a good pool and have a best teacher and of course i enjoyit because i swim 
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this was my answer swimming is the best sport ever and ever because it is too easy and you learn it less than a mouth 
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I love to swim. It is my favorite sport.

I have beeen swimming since 1994.

Acttually i prefer to swim on the beach witch calm waters
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I am not really good at swimming but I do enjoy it watching this swimming matches swimming competitions and all the stuff like that swimming should be the very best competition games
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