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Try to research first what is bitcoin so you will have an idea how bitcoin works. It is necessary so you would know if you need bitcoin or not.
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No, its necessary for all of us. Its personal choice if you want to have one or not.

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I do not really think so as I do not see a lot of use for bitcoins. I do not use cassinos or do weird things online so to me bitcoins is something that could disappear and I would not care at all. In fact bitcoins is good for me cause I have work (writing about them all the time), that is the only way bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies were ever useful to me. In fcat the whole hype on bitcoins seems to be gone now so I do believe if they are gone it will not be so bad as not much depends on them. They are too hard to get and just cost more than whatt hye are worth. Of course I aware of the boom they suffered a while ago but I do not think that thye will ever reach those values again and I o not think they are so useful anyways. In fcat getting them and the market where they are accepted seem quite iffy so.
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I do believe to you too, I can see that the interest in bitcoin is slowly going down. Its popularity is going down also. Do you know the reason behind of its slowly dying?
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Don't get it twisted people are still making huge fortune from bitcoin. In spite of the buzz around it dwindling its market value is still at all time at peak level. I am very confident of what i am saying cause i am a beneficiary of bitcoin investment.
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Oh I see, so bitcoin is still active and kicking. I really wanted to invest in bitcoin mining but unfortunately, there are many scams out there it is really hard to find a legit one. I'm amazed at you people who found a legit one. I also want to find a legit bitcoin or even just a Litecoin mining site. I really want to invest in crypto.

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The answer to this question depends on your knowledge about bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a digital Crypto currency used for online transactions,  it is legally accepted in some countries where they used it for their daily transactions,  in such countries you can make transactions involving bitcoin on ATM using bitcoin card.  However in most part of the world it is not yet accepted as a result of it volatility and anonymity.
Bitcoin wallet are more like bank account where you can store your coins in,  the wallet could either be online wallet or offline wallets (hardware Wallet? They have address attached to them which is more like your bank account number.  If you plan to invest in bitcoin or work in sites that pay in bitcoin you will need to have bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoin but if you have nothing to do with , it is not necessary for you to have it.
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Yes you are right, a person who wants to venture in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies must have an extensive or a lot of knowledge about it. Because it would be a waste of time if later you will stop doing crypto when you already put some of your time on it.

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Yes,it is very necessary to have a Bitcoin wallet because it is the only storage unit for Bitcoin and without having one, one can't store his or her Bitcoin since it a digital money.

Without a Bitcoin wallet, we can't send or receive Bitcoin, Bitcoin isn't like physical money that we can leave in our pocket, so as virtual money we also need virtual wallet to transacts any business with.

Bitcoin wallet help our Bitcoin to be safe and secured.Leaving our money on different Bitcoin earning site isn't safe because sites can go down any time and our hard earn Bitcoin would be gone with the site.

Bitcoin wallet helps us send money anonymously. The wallet just generate some code for us to use as our address, no need using ones actual name.

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