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In fact I have been getting payments through the web and I can tell you for certain that there is nothing easier/better/cheaper than paypal to get payments from people from all over the world. This is especially true if you are a freelancer and you need to get payments from people from all over the world. This is possible with only a couple of clicks, no need to worry about stupid problems or even system malfunctioning, I never had a single issue with paypal. Yes, they do charge some fees that can make you unhappy (depending on the country where you get payments from), but mostly the price they charge is fair for all the hard work that they do and how reliable they are. They have amazing service when you need help and I often get payments the next day when I withdraw to my bank account.
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Yes, payoneer has always been my best alternative to PayPal although i have never used it before but I have an account and its dormant. First, payoneer charges very less fee unlike PayPal. The problem comes in when I want to transfer the cash from my payonner account to local wallet. The cash must pass through the bank before I convert them to my local wallet. That's very costly unlike PayPal. Also, I just noted that only few sites use payoneer as means of cashing out and they're always high (minimum threshold) unlike other payment processors.
My second alternative is skrill although have never used it as well. The good thing with skrill is that I can converts the dollar to my local wallet directly unlike payoneer. Am not sure about the fee because lately have been getting mixed reviews some saying it charges much others say it charges less.
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I'm personally quite happy with PayPal and never tried anything else, but here are some alternative payment systems you might want to check out:

  1. Venmo: A payment system intended for transactions among friends and family members. You can send money from your bank account without any fees or pay by credit with a 3% fee. Plus, you and your contacts can leave comments on each transaction.
  2. Google Wallet: Transfer money from your bank account to an email address. You can also make purchases in some establishments and online stores.
  3. Payoneer: A good choice for freelancers, since it has many useful tools and integrations with popular freelancing platforms. You also get a Mastercard debit card.
  4. Skrill: Similar to Payoneer in that you get a debit card. It's often used for gambling, since betting sites on US don't accept PayPal.
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I don't think others can really replace PayPal since it like the giant for payment processor but payoneer come a bit close and it is highly recommended because it stand out on some good features but the one that is most outstanding is it accepting all countries to use their platform which is what PayPal don't accepts which I find appalling.

So while some countries can't actually received money with PayPal gate way but it isn't same with payoneer.

With payoneer one can easily have a US Bank account and also given a bank account MasterCard which money can easily be accessible using the card with any MasterCard ATM in ones location.

One can easily buy things and make payment online with the MasterCard from payoneer. It really that easy with payoneer.
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When it comes to online payment processor, PayPal has been the best there is in the business field. Even though there are some issues and problems with using PayPal payment processor, it's still the very best in my opinion which I have used so far.
I understand the reason why some people would seek to have other online payment processor for sending and receiving payments with some of their online freelance work and which some of the reasons would be as a result of the fact that PayPal isn't available worldwide. There are still some countries where PayPal services isn't available and it makes it very difficult for freelancer living in such corners of the world not to be able to make use of payment processor.
I would recommend using Payoneer, Due, Stripe, and BitPay.
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To be honest with you, there's really no other payment processor that can be labeled as better than Paypal. This is because most people prefer using paypal. So even if you find a very good payment processor like skrill for instance, you might still be faced with problems in the process of transacting with others since most people prefer using paypal.

The unfortunate problem with paypal is that it doesn't extend it's full services to all countries. Paypal has placed restrictions in many countries. Some countries are not allowed on paypal, while others are allowed to operate only a transfer account with inability to receive funds. This is probably the reason why online operators seek an alternative to PayPal. Am guessing you're probably from one of those paypal restricted countries. If so, then they are quiet a few other processors who can almost meet up as substitute for PayPal.

Skrill is one good payment processor which is gradually becoming more accepted and used online. Although it is yet to be accepted by all, it still can be of great services like paypal. It's services are fast, reliable and of low charges for transactions. However, there's still the problem of transaction fully with it like said above. Some merchants do not use skrill, hence, you'll need some type of exchange services to be able to transact with paypal users.
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