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I don't really upgrade my phone because I can't afford to do so. I only buy a new phone once my current phone is I am not satisfied or got broken.

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To be very honest if I could I would never update my phone/computer/video game, I know this might sound silly or even stupid but what I notice when I update these gadgets is that they become slow or even add a ton of things that are useless and that just take up too much space. Sometimes the updates on the phone cannot be undone and so the style changes and everything else does so i have to relearn how to use it and to find things that were so clear before. I really hate how nowadays they keep changing things that do not need to be changed, especially in phones. I like these gadgets to be functional and not full of crap that will only take up space, burn my battery and make me wanna buy another one (which i believe is their goal anyways).
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Yes that true, and only companies can get benefit form doing it.We,as a consumer should know our limit and not because others do these things.
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I don't always upgrade my smartphone. If it doesn't work well for me then I buy a new one which I rarely do. I mostly replace my phone after two or three years. As long as I don't experience any storage issues or doesn't hang or anything to do with screen, am always good. Most of the times i usually do mere repairs like lately I replaced my inbuilt battery and changed the screen. Its now cool till two years from now is when I'll replace my phone.
About upgrading to buying a new one, its very rare. The next phone I'll buy will be a trendy phone and should be 6 inches to serve my online activities better. There are certain kind of people who are fond of buying new phones after every year or months and I fail to understand why they are always doing so. Anyway its non of my business.
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The truth is the upgrading of my smartphone is not something that I have total control over because every now and then they send me notification for update. And even if I refuse to update it at the first time it's sent by discading it, they will continue to send it until I will finally decide to upgrade it.

There is something I've come to observe with my phone after upgrading it, the device becomes completely different from how it was. And this changes to me most times seem to be cool while other times it's just like waste of mega bite used in upgrading it. For instances, previously, my gadget wasn't having scientific function on the calculator. To my surprise, after upgrading it, I noticed this function was on the calculator(positive side of the upgrade).

But what I dislike a lot about the upgrade is the installing of apps that I don't want. The only thing they do to my phone is take up storage up, draining my battery and popping up annoying notifications I don't have need for.
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I don't always upgrade my phone  because I always prefer buying a new phone with some new features maybe a totally new brand than updating to fix some bugs which might be minor or major upgrading.

Well,some people upgrade their phones so as to get the phones up to stadand of the new features put forward by the manufacturer,issues that were present in the previous would have been fixed in the upgraded version though might show minor changes,the upgraded version might just have some different like  to aid the security of the phone but buying a new phone still seem best to me.

A new phone will have all the specification one is  looking out for,right from the word go and one don't need to have the features from upgraded it and sometimes one just get bored with an old brand of phone and might need something very different.

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