Name the person you love to be with...whom you want to be with you forever...

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My special one is my husband. He is the love of my life and I want to be with him forever.

My husband is my best friend, my confidant, my rock, and my biggest supporter. He loves me unconditionally and is always there for me when I need him. He makes me laugh, he inspires me to be the best version of myself, and he inspires me to be a better person. He is my partner in life, and I always want to be with him.

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Firstly thanks for answering and I love your answer 

I think it's best thing when your life partner is your special one..

Be with him forever 
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My special  one is my MOM(mother).

I love her so much or I can say I love her the most. She loves me unconditionally,takes care of me, cook for me,choose for me the best things,take stands for me where required.

She is my good friend.She shares all details she have about any topic, gossips.

We enjoy together  alot, shopping,  eating, sometimes arguing also..but later laugh hard together.

We face all situations together and tackle the hard ones.
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Literally l just love your answer I also love my mom...

I think every parents love their child unconditionally..
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My special one is my family. They have been my support system throughout my entire life. They haven there for me through every joy and every hardship. They have taught me values, love, and how to be a good person. They are the ones who always believe in me, push me to be my best self, and make me feel loved unconditionally. They are my special one. 
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I think this is the best thing that you have a good family and they are your support system 

They are with you in every ups and downs of your life ..

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We all harbor a profound craving to accompany somebody exceptional. At the point when we meet that individual who makes our heart skirt a thump, life turn out to be more gorgeous. These unique individual statements brief us to ponder that one individual who means everything to us.
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My special one?

Well I would say my grandma, she does everything for me since i was small and still does. She really cares for us and at the age of 70 she still works hard so she to me is very inspirational and special.
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the special one for me is my crush who motivates me to study. eventhough i have not made my move iam being very consious that because of any reason she not reject me. according to this my crush is "THE SPECIAL ONE"
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My special one is my family, all I want right now is to see them happy and enjoying their life. Because  they grow older so always make the best ouf of it. Cherish your day with your family
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My special one is my mom. Everything I am doing now is for her. I want to eventually be able to buy her a house, and have it ready for her as her birthday gift.
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The person i want to be with  forever is my partner/husband. He's my supporter and always there for me to protect support me and our baby. He's giving me courage to get back up and start trusting my self again.
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My special one is my daughter. She is my strength to work hard everyday. Everytime I got stress she notices me Ang gives me a hugs and kisses, sometimes he make a coffee for me. I never get bored the whole day in the house because she always share her daily tasks  from school and everything.
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We met online, I hope he's the one I've been waiting for and been praying from God.

I can be myself with him, I can express what I truly feels, he's my secret keeper there's no need for me to hide my true self. 
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My family. I've been with them through ups and downs. Our bond has been put into tests for so many times. They are the only ones I can rely on and I know who will always be there for me no matter what.
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My mother is my special one,she has been taking care of me since my birth and even presently,i can't compare the love of a mother with that of wife or husband.
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