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I prefer using mobile phone because it is very handy, and I can use it whenever and wherever I want.
I play my games on any device i am using at that particular moment. It could be laptop or mobile device, as long as i am enjoying the the game.
I love to play in mobile. When I am killing time at the office, I try to play mobile legend. I cannot play with my laptop or pc because it is not comfortable as the boss might see it. 
Playing games on my mobile phone is not an option for me because it drains the phone battery quickly and we don't have constant electricity. 

So, I prefer playing either on my PC or PS4 game console. 
I don't really have favorite game at all,before I was playing candy crush so I mostly playing it on my phone.
As for me I like to use Pc it has a wide screen and also the performance and pc games are highly advanced than the mobile phones. The controls and some of the Ai games make the Pc games more fun and interactive to me.

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My favourite game is counter strike. I prefer to play it in a PC or Laptop. Playing it on PC or Laptop gives me extra privilege of high resolution and better control. Also, the game is originally designed for PC only. Its  easy to concentrate over the game on PC as there is no disturbance on the screen like that in mobile phone in case of a call or message.
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In fact I would answer this question like this: my favorite place to play games is on the playstation 4 console. But between phone and PC I prefer PC. I just like to play word games on the phone, games such as codycross and so on. As for more elaborate games I prefer playstation 4. Now when I was growing up and consoles were so expensive I used the computer, however they got bad because of the games. I have also killed a laptop playing games from steam on the computer so now I only do work on the computer and install as little things as possible on it as I always need it running smoothly. I think the best place to play games is a proper video game as they are built for that, to me they are entertainment units so if they break I will not have issues working for example.
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I play on both PC and mobile but I enjoy more on my Mobile. I like mobile games as I can play it on the go since the device is very small and portable and can be carried around than the PC.
Mobile games are low cost because one don't really need to buy.When once one get to play store different games can be gotten free and it easy and simple to install.

Playing games on my phone is more entertaining and help change my moody state especially if I'm.outside the home without my PC. My Mobile games will come in handy.

It a lot convenient to use the phone when playing games,nothing stressful just click on the game and the game is on already.

Playing on the phone is timely too,Because of the nature of csn be retrieved easily and played immediately.
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Mobile games are always cool for me as this is the time that I can feel relaxed doing so. Also, I have noticed that it is easier for me to play this kind of games as I can do so any where that I am. 
That's the whole essence of using the mobile. One can play games on the go and getting to the end of the game is more visible with mobile. 
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I prefer to play games on my PC or Xbox rather than a cell phone or a laptop because gaming computers and consoles are specially designed and can be modified to play high-resolution games. My Favorites games are Modern Warfare, Street Fighters, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Tom Clancy's, etc. I generally use my phone to stream Youtube and other programs when I have a free time. Especially, Netflix Series, KODI Programs, Live TV Shows and other stuff. There are endless possibilities while you are using a cell phone to get yourself distracted or entertained. But as far the gaming is concerned, I would never suggest nor do I personally use a cell phone to play games on a small screen, low-res device which is not intended for this cause, to be specifc.
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As far of gaming is concerned, I can play games on both mobile phones as well as on my playlist station 3 at home or go out and have fun playing on PlayStation 4 that my friend bought. There are many advantages and disadvantages of each of the options that I listed above and they are:

While playing on mobile phone is going to give me the best feeling of having to enjoy that good time of playing the game no matter where I am at that moment, it is also important that we don't forget that excessively playing games on our mobile phone is always a threat to the battery performance of our phones which is one of the reasons we should always mix things up with playing on consoles.
I understand that many of us are always okay with having to play on gaming consoles as it offers lots of guns especially when you are on a multi-player version with your friends, it is pertinent for us to understand that this electronic limit us from getting to do some of the daily tasks that we set out since we will he stuck at home playing the game instead if having to go out there and make things better.
To me, I can always play on both methods as the situation requires.
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One thing that I have come to understand is that gamer companies and developers are always looking for the best ways and all possibilities to make people get hooked up with playing their games any place and any time which is why they have almost made every single game that is on both PC and consoles all to be available on smartphone devices. By, following this business plan and marketing strategies, they have seen lots of people getting into playing games at odd and wired places. I can remember some of the times I have taken my mobile smartphone into the toilet just to play my games in their while I do my other business.
But as much as it's very fun to play games with mobile smartphone, I try my very best to resist playing with my phones because it drains battery quickly. I prefer playing with my Playstation 4 console.
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I play my favorite games on both PC and mobile phones because games can be played any time and almost everywhere depending on the gadgets to be used in playing it.
If am traveling in a car, I can decided to go gaming on my phone without any inconvenience since my mobile phone is handy,  if am less busy at work I can decide to get busy on my phone with the game without any one knowing what I am engaged on unlike PC  that every passerby will know what you are engaged on. The only challenge is that the images are smaller when playing on mobile and sometimes some games are not mobile friendly they get hooked sometimes as a result screen resolution or other factors.
If am at home and less busy I will prefer to play my games on PC because I will see the images clearly and I will have access to pads such that I can swing freely without making contact with the PC.
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It really depends on what type of game I am playing. If i want to play computer games like Runescape I will use my computer. But if I want to play mobile games I will use my mobile phone. I don't really play games everyday, I only play games when I'm bored and nothing else to do. There are so much games coming out in the market , and it is handy to play it on mobile phone. The only problem is that it will take the phone battery drained easily. And some mobile game makes the phone heat up because of too much playing. So, I think its computer are better to play if  nothing else to do. Playing games takes more time than any other. If tables is good in battery capacity and doesn't heat up, maybe will use it among the mobile phone and computer.
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