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I am not a religious person because i an devoted christian who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord God my savior, not like the religious ones who are like the extremists. I connect directly with my God via prayers and supplications and when i do he hears me. I will call myself a faithful christian not religious somebody.

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It depends what you would consider to be religious. I like to pray and I believe in something much bigger than us humans. I do not think we need to go to mass every single week or even need to show others how much we love God. I think much of certain churches are just like theatrical, like fake, if you know what I mean. What matters is what I feel inside and not what I show others, but I do see more people simply doing things for show. Also charity, some people like to rub on people's faces that they do charity so they feel good about themselves, but if you really want to help you will do it and not have the need to tell anyone or even expect people to be thankful. I believe we need to thank God in our own way and thus answering your question directly I do believe I am religious on my own ways, in a way that I am not fake, in a way that it is pure and genuine.
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I'm not a religious person if you are referring to being a fanatic, no I'm not and don't intend to be one because it always bring more confusion to the mind than clarification especially from clergymen that want to thrown all sort of doctrines to us.

I'm just a simple person that loves God,I just believe there's God and he is in control of all man's affair here on earth and he needs us his sheep to just worship and appreciate him while doing away with evil.I think if people should just follow this simple rule,life will be a lot better than all the religious war we have now in the world.

I go to church and also fellowship with other brethren, care for the sick and also give to the needy when possible. I think I'm just trying to live good above evil.
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It depends on what you consider as being religious. It doesn't mean that your are an extremist or a fanatic. It just shows that you have certain established doctrines and teachings by which you live your life. There are people who do everything in the book and still do not consider themselves as religious. Others say they are religious but nothing to suggest that.
I have a religion a and I try to live by it. I wouldn't boast of being the best at it or most religious. I certainly know that I am spiritual in the way that I pay more attention to the things that affect the soul. It may not be in the way that a religion prescribes. It definitely takes a spiritual person to be religious but it doesn't take a religious person to be spiritual.
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No I don't consider myself to be a religious person but I believe there is something else after this life when we die. I believe in some higher being that we may have to answer to when we leave this earthly life. I don't go to church but I must admit that in my darkest hour I have cried out for help so I guess somewhere deep inside me I  must have some kind of beliefs.

When I see the suffering of little children, the death of innocent people in acts of terror,  it's hard for me to imagine why a higher being would let it happen and not put a stop to it, This is why I question an almighty being who has infinite power.

My parents were not religious and I think for most people this will have a huge impact on how we view religion. Although I was baptized into the Church of England religion was not a topic that was discussed much in my family so I was left to form my own opinions as I grew up based on my own experiences and what I have learned from books and other people.
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Yes I believe I'm a religious person. I grew up with religious parents and aunt. I used to be a Catholic. Our family never miss Sundays. We are involve in ministries in the church and my mother teaches us the Bible.

When I'm 12 years old I accepted Jesus in my life and try to put God in the center of my life. My aunt invited me to worship Mary.

As I grow old I see myself seeking peace and courage in reading the Bible. I became interested in Born Again Christian religion. When I turn 20 we change religion from Catholic to Born Again. I started teaching in a Christian school so we decide to shift religion

But I have years in my life that I turn cold to God I stopped going to church but I'm still praying.

Now my faith is back I go to church again. I pray 3 times a day morning, midday and night. I'm less active in church now. I'm happy being a religious person
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I don't always look at myself from the angle of being a religious person as this life is not about you getting to carry religion on your head as if it is the major thing that is going to bring you closer to the almighty God. One thing that is crucial when we are talking about religion is for us to understand that we should always show the good teachings of our religion to others irrespective of color, tribe, language and religion.
This is the point where I can say that such a person is doing the things that matter when being a religious person is concerned. I have not always been that person that others look up to when we are talking about religion, but I believe that understanding the need for us to live right and in peace with everyone that is around us is necessary.
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I am born knowing God and who is our savior. I go to church every Sunday but hardly read the bible. But one day i was invited to a different religion and since then I learn how to read the bible when in my religion don't introduced. After months of attending this another church I decided to be baptized and change my religion. I consider myself not a religious person today because I have a partner who doesn't believed what God is. But, that's not mean I don't believed anymore. I still do believe but, I don't go to church the way I did before I met him. And reading bible is not my everyday activity and from time to time I read verses. You can call a person religious when he or she will go to church every Sunday, read bible, follow practices of the church, and sharing it with others. That's what I know.

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