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No, not really, it really make me feel boring to visit an amusement park because I don't enjpy being there.

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Yes,I love visit amusement parks especially when the kids are clamoring to get out of the home for fun day out.I know how funfilled it can be so I do obliged them and together we do it as a family. There are so many amusement parks in my location but my kids loved more of theme parks  which I agree with them.

Amusement park is a good place where one can actually unwind by playing games,playing with all the fun toys for kids and enjoy other fun attraction.

I believe from time to time people should take time off to have  fun at the parks, learn to play new games,interact with other families that come around the park too etc.

For me I visit the parks to see some exhibition,see both human and animals display and maybe join in any carnival going on there.
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Amusement parks are quite far from where I reside, and they are usually crowded during weekends (the only time I get to have more free time LOL); hence, I do not go there often. But when I do, I feel so much happiness that I have never felt before because amusement parks make me feel like a child again.

As a kid who grew up in the province, we didn't have any of these. Our version of swing rides were plastic sacks tied in both ends suspended  from sturdy tree branches. An alternative could be an unused car tire secured by a rope. We do not have ferries wheels nor carousels. We get ourselves dizzy by running around the town or in vacant lots nearby.

I remember when I landed a job in the city, I was so amazed to see these skyscrapers and malls and lots of fun places around. When I got the chance to go to the nearest amusement park, I made it a point to try almost all of their rides. It made me reminisce my childhood and realize how carefree I was before.
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To be honest I find them too costly but I do take my granddaughter occasionally as a treat because she enjoys them so much,  This summer, as she was leaving primary school, her teachers took the children from her class to a big amusement park which is very popular here in the UK. The rides terrify me but she enjoys them!

I prefer theme parks such as Sea World because I think they are educational as well as being fun. They can teach the children about marine life and there are also other activities that they can do such as playing in water or in the adventure playground. If you have very young children then I think they prefer this kind of activity although most theme parks cater for all ages. It's nice for families to be able to spend time together and have fun at the same time and amusement parks are a good place to do this.
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No, to be honest, I rather spend time and rest. I have no time visiting amusement park, but if I will be in vacation for 2 or 3 days, I could go to amusement park on the first day and rest on the second day. To be honest, I am not fascinated with amusement park. I think I am growing old. the different rides doesn't amuse me at all, because I hate most of it. i am not truly enjoying it. I am afraid of heights so Ferris Wheel is a no no. I think  I will be having a heart attack if I will ride a rollercoaster, though I tried before and I survived. If I will ride a carousel, i will truly get to sleep. I do not enjoy lots of crowd and the high temperature because there are lots of people perspiring after riding a ride. I could watch them, i could stay but I could not stay for long.
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Not anymore. When I was much younger, my parents like to take us to amusement parks. And we can't wait for that time of the year when the amusement parks would be filled to the brim with variety of bee hive activities. We were so extremely thrilled that we usually pray that such season of festivities never come to an end.

Interestingly, before the yuletide season is dawn on us, the anticipation on our part has already been up in the air, as we expect our parents to observe the tradition of taking us to the fun filled activities at the amusement park. Once the time comes, we will be conveyed with our parents car to the environment. On reaching there, we will be treated to various exciting events like the riding of roller coaster, horse riding, dancing competition, the list is just endless.

 But as I grew older and moved away from my parents, things changed. Those things like amusement park that used to freak me no longer had a hold on me. All the previous experiences become distance memories. Right up until now, I can't even remember the last time I visited the amusement park ever since I become adult. Hopefully, someday I would again, perhaps between me and my own kids.
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I have been visiting parks for quite a long time now since I was a kid. Am actually bored seeing the same things over and over. Of late I haven't visited them unless another animal or attracting thing has been added to parks and museums. What I am now planning now is visiting historical scenes but the problem is that they're scarce and found in very far areas away from my home.
Am working on my savings so that I can visit one of those places soon before  I finish school by next year. We've planned with my friends to visit the place over the December holiday but seems like we won't make it this time round, probably early next year.  Also, am thinking of visiting parks outside my country so that o can see some creatures like kangaroo and tiger since they don't exist in my country.
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I would love to visit amusement parks as often as I did when I was a kid. I'm so busy with grown up life and issues that I don't have the time to go to the park. I know when I have kids I can enjoy the thrill once again with them.

Growing up. We got together with the other kids in the neighborhood during the holidays. We go to the parks and have so much fun. There were ferries, cars, carousels, roller coaster etc. I always hated it when I ran out of tickets because I wanted to enjoy every spot. Those were indeed great times. Kids have no worries indeed.

Just writing about this takes me far down Memory Lane. Perhaps going to an amusement park should be a part of my to do list. However, I would add theme parks too. They seem very interesting, educating and entertaining.

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