In order not to focus too much on your partner, you should care less.
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Set yourself as your number one priority and remove others that don't give value to you. 

And it should add a step of don't feel guilty of removing them to your list. That's when you get peace of mind. 
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Do not love someone more than you love yourself. Sometimes people tend to give everything to their partner, and if their partner leaves them, they end up badly hurt and broken in to pieces. Another thing is, learn to appreciate your own company, this will help you not obsess with your partner too much.
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1. Change Your Perspectives: Try to take a step back and assess the situation objectively. Ask yourself if it's really worth worrying about.

2. Practice Self-care: Make sure to take time for yourself and engage in activities that make you feel relaxed and happy.

3. Actively let go: Don't dwell on what you can't control. Find ways to accept and move on.

4. Stay busy: Focus on energy on things that make you feel productive and positive.

5. Seek out support: Talk to friends and family or a mental health professional if needed.

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I think care is one of the most precious thing in every relationship... So it is quite necessary..but as we know everything is good until in limits... You should care others but give some time to urself because self is also important in person's life:)

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Stop apologizing, remember what is important to you, get ouf of your head, right dosage is important. Learn to appreciate yourself more.
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For the sake of your mental comfort, you must accept that you can’t care about everything. You have to pick and choose what gets your attention.
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It is not easily taught because your heart will mend it. For you to care less sometimes is to trust your partner. Just do your thing and expect him to come back and like nothing happened and the relationship is still on. 
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I don't know why you have to care less on your partner. There is nothing wrong with too much caring at all, you just have to learn how to manage yourself and emotions, caring too much specially on your partner is inevitable. Anyway, if you do not want to focus much on him/her, I think you just need to keep yourself busy and more productive. Trust him/her enough that he/she can very well take care himself/herself. Place much value on yourself instead on your partner.
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To do this, you should try to focus on yourself, your interests, and develop a healthy sense of autonomy. Avoid comparing yourself to your partner or worrying about their actions and opinions. Spend time with friends, practice mindfulness and self-care, and try to have a positive attitude. Be honest with yourself about how you feel and make sure your needs are being met. If your partner isn't meeting your needs, consider talking to them about it or finding other sources of support.

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Caring less about something can be difficult, as it often requires a change in perspective and mindset. Here are a few things that may help:

Identify the source of your concern: Understanding the root cause of why you care about something can help you to understand and manage your feelings.

Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness techniques such as meditation and deep breathing can help you to stay in the present moment and to let go of negative thoughts and worries.

Set boundaries: Learn to set boundaries and to say "no" when something or someone is not important to you.

Focus on your own priorities: Make a list of what is important to you and focus on those things. This can help to shift your attention away from things that don't matter.

Seek support: Talk to a trusted friend or family member, or seek professional help if you're struggling to manage your feelings.

Reframe your thoughts: Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, try to reframe them in a positive light. This can help to shift your focus and to change your perspective on the situation.

It's important to remember that caring less about something takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
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Be more focused on yourself and your priorities right now, don't mind those people or things that cannot help you to grow or be a successful. Smile
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