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Bitcoin's high volatile price is a great question mark for me!

In what ways it could be good or bad?

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Bitcoin is an another name of fluctuation now-a-days because of its high volatility and fluctuations. In security's point of view, this high fluctuation is very risky for all investors. This volatility is only virtual and not actual. Any time this fluctuation may be run in negative direction. Current prices of Bitcoin is only for trading purpose and the basic price of Bitcoin is very low. So according to me, this fluctuation is risky one.

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These days privacy has been very difficult to protect over the internet, especially while dealing with cryptographic currencies. But gives you a full privacy because it does not store any information about its clients and does not request any identification information to use its service.
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From my point of view Bitcoin volatility has never be a good thing,I wonder how something that risky will be associated with being good when in essence if one isnt careful good amount of money could be lost in the process and people are actually losing money because of its non stability nature.Bitcoin  price fluctuates all the time and makes investors to always be at the edge of their seats because they're never sure of their investment. I think any good thing that would have emanted from Bitcoin volatility is somewhat drowned by the big negative nature of it's volatility.
So many factors come to play that makes Bitcoin so volatite and as such investors should always look at the market forces to really know when to invest to make a profit.
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Well, in my opinion and analysis of the cryptocurrency exchange trading market, it's the volatility of cryptocurrencies that actually enables those that made investments in the digital currency to make incredible profit from trading their cryptocurrency when the price skyrocket to the point where selling or trading would be very beneficial to them.

If cryptocurrencies aren't volatile, it's not going to be very lucrative investment because it's price would be fixed and there is no way of getting to manipulate the market to earn more money from investing in the digital currency. Even other commodities changes in price but not as volatile as cryptocurrency. Is the volatility of cryptocurrencies a good thing? Yes, it's what sets it apart from other commodities in the world.
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You should understand one thing and that is the fact that lots of traders are in the market to buy bitcoins. Out of all the coins that are in the market, bitcoin is one that when you invest on it, you won't have to be afraid of making much loss on the investment in the future as long as you are patient and ready to wait when the price appreciates.

You can liken the price of bitcoin to what happens on the stock exchange market. When I watch the news every day, I see the price of companys' shares falling and rising. This is because there are buyers and sellers in the market and they make decisions based on what they feel is going to happen in the market.

This is how the crypto market works as there are buyers and sellers that make decisions based on what they feel happen in the market.

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