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When you search pretty much anything on Google, the first few results are usually somewhat distinct from the rest. These are paid ads that companies use to target certain keywords and drive traffic to their websites. We call this model of internet marketing PPC, standing for "pay per click". SEO (search engine optimization), on the other hand, consists of a set of techniques to improve the ranking of your page on the organic results; everything that comes out after the paid ads.

There are lots of SEO techniques, some of which might cost you some money depending on how you go about implementing them. Once you have everything set up though, you don't have to pay a single extra penny. You'll get a constant flow of organic traffic for the work you put in. That said, it does take lots of work and time, and even then it might be difficult to overtake the competition if you're in a competitive field.

PPC gives you results much faster, but it can cost you quite a bit depending on the keywords you're targeting. Naturally, as soon as you stop paying, you stop getting visits if you're not doing anything else.

So which is better? It depends, but generally, a strategy combining both accomplishes the best results.

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SEO and PPC both are different. If you want to boost you traffic, have enough money to spend on business and get clicks as well as leads in short time, PPC is best suited for you. But if you intend to get long term traffic, nothing can beat SEO. Both results are shown separately on the search engines and should not be mixed together. You can see PPC ads on first top 3 positions and bottom 4 positions on Google Search Engines Result Pages(SERPs). The results that are shown between these top and bottom PPC ads are called organic search results which are achieved through your SEO efforts. SEP results stay long on Google SERP and of course are free, whereas your PPC ads stop showing in Google SERP as soon as you stop putting money in your PPC campaigns.

Big Companies and brands hire reputed digital marketing companies who assist them to set up and monitor their PPC campaigns as well as take care of their SEO efforts. Most of the business put money on their SEO campaigns as the conversion rate of SEO visitors is higher than that of PPC.

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There are various advertising model for digital marketing, or internet marketing to be precise. Some of the common advertising models are PPC, CPA, CPM etc. PPC which stands for Pay Per Click is an internet advertising model where the advertisers pay the publisher for the clicks generated by the publisher's website. For instance the advertiser will not pay the publisher just for displaying his ads on the website, he will pay only when the people click the ad voluntarily.

SEO is a way to optimize your website and web contents for a better visibility on the search engines. When you do SEO, your website will have high chances of appearing on the search results. When the website appears on the search result, your chances of getting search traffic substantially increases.
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SEO and PPC both are different things. SEO represent search engine optimization and it provides the ways of optimizing site and which become cause of top ranking of your site in SERP and if one is doing white hat and organic SEO then you no need to pay at all.

While in PPC you have to pay per click in this technology your ads are placed on the desired places and these are appeared on the sites and search engine. You have to decide a bid value and it is completely paid services.
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The difference between SEO and Pay per click. SEO and Pay per click  PPC is that traffic coming from SEO (Organic) is free while traffic generated from PPC is not free (as the name implies you have to pay a cost per click)
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