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As an introvert, I spend most of my time alone but that does not make me to be lonely because i do get myself engaged in series of productive activities that actually keep me going. But if there is need to be among people, and there is provocation that will lead to flaring of temper, i would rather walk away or keep mom in the face of such irritation. With this time tested method of anger management, i have been able to deal with problematic situations that would have escalated if not wisely managed.

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If keeping quiet more than 50% of the time, enjoying solitude, shying away from large gathering, making less contact with people and using my thoughts and feelings as a get away qualifies as being an introvert, then am definitely one hell of an introvert.

How do I control my temper as an introvert? An introvert rarely gets angry to begin with. When you're not just occasionally but always exhibiting the personalities and known characters plus behaviors of an introvert, then people will barely get you angry as you can always be found alone. But in cases where it gets to that point of anger, I simply just walk away. I like to think that most introverts react in the same manner with exceptions to rare cases where you can find an introvert going to an extreme. I've come to realize that an introvert tends to keep things in mind and can endure quiet a lot and series of hurtful events. But when it becomes unbearable, an introvert can be hard to handle as their tempers flares above any other personality.

I think the best way for an introvert to handle their tempers is by simply walking away from potential situations.
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Yeah I just walked away after 3 weeks of being with loud roommates who wouldn't want me to sleep until almost midnight because of their nonsense talks. I almost flared up at one point but good thing I was still able to zip my mouth. But it really stressed me out keeping my anger for that long.
Exactly the point I was making. Introverts are good with taking shit for a long periods of time. It only gets messy when it piles up and doesn't seem to stop...whereever the anger is coming from. I've also endured a situation like yours living in an apartment with everyone else being an extrovert. Mehn, was i frutrated?  Yes... and at the first opportunity, I ran. 
Haha yeah and it made me thought that next time I should take my own room, but it's more expensive. But really I can't believe it's giving me a hard time adjusting with people and it seems it's getting worst as I get older.
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I think being an Introvert would mean that we won't get angry on someone and of course, won't tell them to do this or do that  It's easier said then done but we should keep calm in these situations as an angry mind cannot think properly.
We should try to take deep breaths and if possible count from 10 to 1 and try to think about the consequences if we did something in our anger and that can help. I have seen many doing that and I have learnt from them that we should think about the consequences before committing anything and 90% of the times it helps us to stay calm.

This cannot be achieved overnight or in a few days so we should try to be patient and keep working towards it. Success cannot be met that easily and mental makeup is so much important in these sort of scenarios. So we need to be mentally ready and should try to keep calm on all situations and it helps a lot in the long run.
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As introverts, I think we don't get mad over trivial things. It will take the greatest offense or a huge amount of annoyance for us to engage ourselves into conflicts and arguments.

Personally, I have had the phrase, "This, too, shall pass." as an everyday mantra. This helps me calm myself whenever I get fed up with people around me and the environment where I am at. Whenever things get worse, I will just walk away and distract myself to avoid thinking of all the troubles I've set aside. I don't think this is the best, but I guarantee it works.

Oftentimes, I will just lock myself in my room, write about what happened in my blog, and just let things be. I always think that even if I am to argue, I still won't be able to convince them to act the way I want them so better not do it.
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Am personally an introvert and I like doing things on my own. There's a time back I was very fond of losing my tempers every now and then and you'll find that I used to engage on arguments with my siblings and mom too. With time, I realised how this affected me because you couldn't have any strong relationship with my siblings.

I later on resolved to so my own stuff and whenever an argument erupted, I could just walk away, ignore what someone said or even just remain silent although the later was hard because I might sound as a loser. 

Nowadays, am more into my online stuff and if not, am watching a movie, just keeping myself busy so that I don't find myself in a situation like before. Its been almost a year now and I feel like my life has been very happy and peaceful.
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As an introvert I spend most of my time in solitude I have less friends and I don't socialise much.

Sometimes I wanna go out and have fun but I prefer been at home reading books or watching movies.. I also like to live in my head visualize a lot of things and travel to all four corners of the world in my head.
The best way to control your anger is to always be calm in every situation, don't let your emotions get the better of you. Learn how to do yoga and breathing exercise it is very important and an I the thing is to walk away from what is making you angry at that moment 
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