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If you are an observant type you will notice the prevalence of divorces in marriages. What could be responsible for this ugly trend? Is it that the love has wax cold or what?
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There are lots of divorce happening because of wrong decision. Maybe some of the married couples thought they are ready for marriage, but they are not. They are weak that is why they choose to do divorces than to stick together. 

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This is at least in part due to changes in legislation that now allow people to divorce even if their partner doesn't consent. This is a great thing, of course, because you shouldn't be forced to stay in an unhappy or abusive marriage. That said, divorce coach and marriage educator Cathy Meyer offers some reasons based on her professional experience:

  1. People try solving marital problems on their own rather than working together as a couple;
  2. Couples think there should be no fighting or criticism in a relationship, so they get resentful when a fight breaks out. They have a hard time seeing discussions as a healthy thing and cultivating forgiveness;
  3. People have a hard time yielding to their partner, seeing the other person as an enemy competing for control;
  4. Infidelity. Pretty self-explanatory;
  5. Marriages are viewed as a disposable product rather than something that needs to be worked on;
  6. Unrealistic expectations of marriage.
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I have noticed the trend and I want to believe we have all turned to lover of self and no longer self less. Everyone is looking out for what they can get from a marriage and when it is not forth coming then the marrisge is tossed aside and dumped.

People have deviated from what marrisge was all about,it no longer about companionship but pure bliss and urge for comfort. Materialism have taken over and when once marrisge isn't providing this of course love is out of the window.

Marriages were lasting few years back because there was tolerance ,endurance and faithfulness in the marrisge but now no such thing when once  there's a little misunderstanding the foundation seem to be on the verge of collapse and a little more pressure leads straight to dissolution.
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Great answer! People are now more interested in what they are to get from marriages is no longer about making sacrifices. Marriages are now partners of interests. What do you think is to be blamed? Society or the individuals?
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Probably because there's little or not enough love to go around these days. Lol. But come to think of it, there's actually alot of divorce cases recently and although I haven't experienced divorce before I think i can relate to some of the reason which can be blamed on selfish desires, lack of trust and above all, impatience.
Selfish desires is probably one of the major reason for divorce as it can be broken down to cheating. The habit of not satisfying yourself with what you have and needing what's not meant for you especially in a marriage is one too common behavior that leads to cheating and eventually divorce. The same goes for lack of trusting  your partner and always allowing minor or unreasonable suspicions come in between.

Another common reason and most important aspect of marriage that every couple should employ is patience. No two persons are the same and as such there's always going to conflicts and disagreements in behavior and other ways of execution self morality. If you can't find it in you to be patient and try to endure the other person's bad habits, you'll get a divorce everytime you get minor irritation from your new married partner.

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