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I have been to three different countries: brazil, México and Canadá and i can state without that without a doubt Canadá is the best one of them and also probably one of the best places of the world to go to. Below I will say the main reasons why:

1) Canadá is an incredibly safe country that welcomes people from all over the world. You feel welcome and not judged by your color, religion or even personal tastes, People simply let you be

2) great cities that are clean and spacious what is very different from brazil and México for example. Everything is very organize

3) People are welcoming and even though it seems they dont really care about u - which probably is true - they will give you directions if you need and be very polite, polished and helpful

Thats is why i love Canadá and their people!
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The best country I have traveled to is Italy. I have spend a week to Rome, and I can say that that was one of the best weeks of my life. I loved their architecture and how rich they are in art and culture. They have greatly displayed that there is, in fact, beauty in ruins.

As I went for a walk, every corner has jaw-dropping attractions be it a garden, park or some old churches. I was amazed with every turn I take. And even though I am clueless with the place, I didn't mind getting lost, as it will be another opportunity to explore a new place. I made it a point not to take the same path when going home to make sure that every walk I take is an adventure.

What I also liked most are the displays of art. I enjoyed watching street artists do their crafts or musicians perform. There is also much to be amazed of with the food they offer. I think nothing can compare to the taste of freshness that their dishes bring to food lovers.

Here's one of the photos I took while strolling around the city.

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I have heard so much about Italy and how many of those that are in the place are nice people. This is a great way for us to see how nice it can be when we are talking about going to foreign countries. 
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I would love to travel around the world someday if I can,but for now I only visit and given an opportunity to live in this beautiful country, New Zealand. It's been over four years ago when I start my journey here. It is very peaceful country forme compare to my own country. The beauty of the nature is really mesmerizing over here, I can visit any beautiful beaches and go for a swim for free. The only I am facing is the cold water though. Even during summer here the water is really cold. There are a lot of things that I love about New Zealand. It is a multi-cultural community, fresh cow's milk, free beautiful garden and parks to visit, there are four season to experience: spring,summer, autumn, and winter. I love how police men are active wherever we go, we always find police strolling on high ways making the city safe. And I am looking forward someday to travel in any diffrent country.
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I haven't travelled to my favorite location yet but it in my bucket-list to storm Paris with my family any time soon. I know Paris is a city of love and it a good place for one to rekindle love. I just want I and my partner to have another honeymoon after five years of being together. I know it going to be a great surprise package for the family.

I love Paris for all it's iconic sites like Eiffell tower, beautiful Notre-Dame cathedral even lofty majestic arc de triomphe. These are notable places worth visiting.
It will be exciting to go skiing, visit the cinema houses, get to the beaches, taste their cheese and not forgetting to have a fill of their delicacies.

I will have to  lock up my love here if possible and throw the keys away where nothing can break open.
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I have traveled to different countries but a few of them have been my favorite place to have been visited for holidays and vacations. The first country which I visited to was South Africa for my honeymoon when I got married with my wife. Back then South Africa was a very popular place where tourists were flooding to, so I deemed it very necessary to use the opportunity of my marriage honeymoon to visit the country with my wife when we got married. It was such an amazing time and experience we had over there in South Africa. There people were lovely to stay with and their food was very good as well. We also enjoyed their music and dance culture. South Africa people seem to love music and dancing so much more than any other thing.
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I've never have the privilege to travel to White ccountries but iI've being privileged to visit Gambia country, located in West Africa. I actually went there for Continental Students Summit and Assembly. We left my country by plane and we arrived Gambia at exactly 10am in the morning. I was accually amazed with the kind of standard I met with such kind of third world country. So the following were my discoveries;
Gambia, is a third world country yet blessed wie of the most beautiful island. Where you can always feel comfortable like its not Africa,

Gambia citizens are the most accommodating human I've ever seen on earth. They are sso free and read to do anything for us,

Gambia happens to be fun to us because we were taking to their great to their tourist centres like KINTA KINTTE island and zoo.

It was never a mistake to have chosen Gambia at all.
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I think is China. Four reasons:

1. China is big enough, you could find any style of tourist places you like. For example, if you are interested in history, you could choose Beijing, Xi'an, etc. those historical cities. Or if you are after Buddhism, you could travel to Tibet.

2. Chinese are friendly. Chinese are always friendly to international travelers. Besides, nowadays, most of the new generation could speak English. It means you could travel to China easily.

3. China Tour is not expensive. You could afford a trip to China at a reasonable cost, like joining in a China Group Tour. 

4. China Visa is not hard to get. You could just provide the international air tickets and the itinerary from the travel agency, then you could apply for the China Visa. 

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