A girl told me I should work on myself. But I am already comfortable being myself. Why do I still need to work on myself
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Being comfortable with self isn't enough to live life, one should also earn and experience other stages of life and interact with different hardships in order to fulfill yourself and know your self worth.
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Ok. If you say so. Thanks a lot for your honest opinion.

It's great!
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Working on oneself is important for personal growth, self-awareness, and building confidence, it can help you in all aspects of life, including relationships. It also means being open to changes and adaptable to new situations.
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Exactly! For personal growth, one needs to should be open to changes and new situations but sometimes it's hard.
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Even though you feel confident in yourself, keep in mind that there is always an opportunity for development and improvement. Make a conscious effort to get better by thinking about your objectives, principles, and routines. This can assist you in achieving you objectives, increasing your success, and leading a more fulfilling life. 
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Interesting! That a wonderful one coming from you. It's highly appreciated!
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While feeling comfortable being yourself is important, it is also important to continue working on yourself to reach your full potential and achieve your goals. There may be aspects of yourself that you would like to improve or develop, such as your skills, knowledge, or personal relationships. Additionally, as you grow and change, it is important to adapt and continue to work on yourself to achieve your goals and aspirations. Additionally, self-improvement can bring you a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. It can also help you to be more resilient and adaptable to life's inevitable changes and challenges.
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It is not bad to feel comfortable with yourself and that's a good thing though. She just mean that you must improve yourself not only for her but for your own good as well. It's not bad to grow right? Although you are fine for yourself, be better will make them be comfortable with you too.
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