I thought cooking is meant for women.
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Cooking is not only a skill, but it can be a way to show love and care in a household. It's a way of bonding and creating memories through shared meals and fun activities. It's about the love and connection that goes into it.
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Nice one! Thank you very much for your contribution.It is highly appreciated!
Very correct,I like your answer.Cooking is a way of husband showing Love to wife.
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Being going on for centuries, all cooks were men even in the royal kitchens, how you could say it meant for women.

In today's era, where both are sharing equality in all aspects.Even check social media, youtube, Chef, men are cooking with interest and sharing.

2nd thing both should know cooking, don't  know whenever the circumstances could be that you have to cook for yourself, its not possible to eat daily outside.

Atleast you can cook your favourite food for yourself in absence of ladies at your place.

May  be someday you have to cook for your lady also

Boys who are working ,living alone, are cooking for theirselves.
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Thanks a million! I really value your candid answer . Cooking is meant for both parties like you have rightly said.
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Yes, husband should learn how to cook! It is important for husband to learn how to cook as it is a life time skill, and it can be great way to show off your culinary skills and impress your family and loved one's.
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Wonderful! Cooking is skill and we can impress our family and loved ones with this impressive skill.
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Cooking is for everyone and no gender required to be in charge. Men may know how to cook for them to survive too. That's another skill that we must take not only for our family but for our own good too. We know women must do this but it's also an addition to our skill to learn it.
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Yes, cooking is not for women. We are not in a world where only women do the kitchen, the laundey or cleaning the house. Men who are capable to cook should also cook food for their family.
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Every matured person,whether man or woman is supposed to know how to cook.Right here in Africa,it is the responsibility of a wife to cook for the family,not man.
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As per opinion is good for a husband to know how to cook because there might be sometimes a wife might unwell and unable to cook .
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No, husbands do not need to know how to cook. Cooking is not a gendered profession, and anyone can learn to cook regardless of their gender. Additionally, in many households, couples may share the responsibility of cooking, and both partners may learn to cook if they choose to do so.
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