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According to the two major religions, Islam and Christianity, God created man and sent them forth into the world to multiply. What they didn't say is if Adam and Eve the first humans where black or white. 

Ifimage Adam and Eve where black and went into the world and started multiplying till it got to over 6 billion people today, Where did the white people come from? If it's the other way around and Adam and Eve where white, where did black people come from? 

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All beliefs are not truths. Just beliefs only, whether Christian, Islam or any other religion.  
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I gathered you're saying all believes from the religious views are probably not true. So what's your own view? 
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To think that this topic is racist is simply a display of prejudice. This is probably the most overlooked and unanswered question in human important one by the way. I pick my words carefully and if you had taken the time to go through the topic's narration, then you'd probably give me a better colored flag. It's quiet sad to see that certain people still live in the past, trying to fight a battle that's already been won by their direct descendants. 

Pardon me for using the word naive for it only describes this situation better, coming from your angle. It is a fact that racism against black people surely comes from a white skin and some other, but definitely not a fellow black skin person. Am not only black, am from the most black concentrated country in the world, am African, a fully blooded Nigerian. 

This reminds me of a post I came across a few hours ago on the homepage thread by probably one of the best commenter on this forum, she gave a literal breakdown on how this forum's output is being drawn back through lack of deep thoughts, reasoning and the ability to put out intelligent and compelling questions by some persons. Maybe I just got acquainted with one. 

To think that we can't ask certain questions which you believe has too many conflict (conflict by the way is a literal element that creates challenge), is just funny. Where do we then leave debate in a forum like this. Isn't it the driving force for getting different opinions and eventually learning from different perspective? I refuse to reduce myself into asking questions that appear simpler than A B C. 

I implore you to go back and read through the question again, not just the question but also the narrative. Then tell me if it isn't worth asking? 
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I think this in an interesting question. I never thought of it until I read this question. However, instead of relying on religion, perhaps we can also look at the science to explain how the color human skin changes from the time of evolution to the present.
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That's a good suggestion, science seems to have answered so many question on history undoubtedly. This is the kind of approach expected to always pop up in tackling issues. Not comment that deviate from the subject.The human brain is vast, so no opinion is ever wasted. 
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I agree with you. Religion and science has always explained things differently but both views are fascinating. We'll learn a lot if we stay open minded and not dismiss other people's perspectives.

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We don't know for sure the skin color of Adam and Eve. If Adam and Eve were the first people on earth and there skin was considerably darker, we can say that as they multiplied and began to spread all around the sphere, they stared to adapt to environmental conditions. The melanin in the black skin is anchored by sunlight. However, places for north were much more cooler hence the paler skin of the people. This goes vice versa.

Scientifically, man evolved in the heart of Africa from ape like forms. They were dark skinned and subsequently, evolutionary adaption occurred into what we see as white, black, brown etc skin color, genes, race. I think the further away they went from Africa cope with environmental changes, the more visible difference there was.

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